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  1. I have LG tv, worked fine with other devices too, but not with my Rx570, best advice for you would be to check TV settings, maybe something will help, or get displayport to hdmi 2.0 adapter, its 30 $
  2. I had same problem, fault was in Tv settings unchecked "True Color" and everything worked
  3. I think it was renamed to 280x then 380x and then something in 400 series (not sure about last one).
  4. I would get buisness grade one with 75Hz refresh rate for 250 Eur and would be supper happy.
  5. https://www.notebookcheck.net/Redditor-offers-Cyberpunk-2077-CPU-utilization-fix-for-Ryzen-processors-potentially-doubling-minimum-framerates.509224.0.html
  6. Check internet, there is a fix that enables hyperthreading support. Your CPU shouldn't be too bad.
  7. RTX 3080 ~830 Eur in Latvia (EU) https://www.salidzini.lv/cena?q=rtx+3080
  8. @Benji ohh, my bad for not checking links. Thanks for correcting
  9. @nathanyule ryzen 4300U is faster, check model with atlest 8gb ram, because lowest end stuff have soldered ram
  10. There are diodes near cmos battery which won't allow battery to drain fast, but you could sue AMP meter to check
  11. Can't you use TV control board to power monitor? As much as I know monitor connectors are standart, there are afew types but other than that shouldn't be a problem
  12. It shows that It can support V2 XEON processors. If you are thinking to buy it, better go ryzen, will get better performance with 6 core