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SSD Upgrade/Compatibility

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello everybody,


Q1:Does anyone know if i can upgrade this Pro desk 400 G3 with a M.2 SSD to have dual drive(fast boot and mass storage)? It currently has a really slow 500 GB HDD?


The second question is only applicable only if this pc works with two drives. I don't want to have only 1 small drive.

Q2: Does it work with normal sata m.2 or only M.2 NVMe drive?

Ignoring the price difference( they have different prices in my country),does anyone know if it's compatible with this normal sata drive  or only with this NVMe Drive? I want to invest as little as possible into a boot drive.



P.S. Under the HDD i found the M.2 slot(see picture) left slot is for SSD, right slot is for WI-FI module (sorry about the quality)




P.S.S. Sorry about my bad English

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That's M-key, it supports both NVMe (PCIe 3.0 x4) M key SSDs and SATA\NVMe (PCIe 3.0 x2) M+B key SSDs.

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You can install either an M.2 SATA or NVMe drive into that slot (assuming you get one of the proper length, you have two different options for your board)


I'd advise installing the m.2 drive, then either new OS install on it or clone your existing drive to the m.2 (assuming capacity isnt an issue) so the M2 drive is now your boot drive then you can use existing 500gb for slow storage

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