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Computer won't power on

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Posted · Original PosterOP

OK, so I have an Asus B450 MoBo.. I just built the computer two days ago, and now it will not power on. The day I built it, it powered on and was able to POST. I was able to get windows installed with no problem at all.. After that, I replaced the CPU cooler with an AIO pump and finished connecting all the cables. Now, the Asus logo on the MoBo lights up, but the computer will not power on at all. No fan spinning at all. NOTHING. Only Asus logo lighting up..... Anyone have suggestions??

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its possible you need to have a fan in the CPU fan slot some motherboards don't like not having one however this maybe fixed able in the bios after plugging in a fan...

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Thanks, but I made sure that the fan was in the right spot and the pump was connected to the pump connector. I did a lot of testing and nothing happened. So I'm just sending the MoBo back.

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