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  1. Further developments... for some reason before I reflash the v-bios back and forth it shows as PCIE 3.0, which this board only has 2.0, more interesting is that it goes down to 2.0 after it starts functioning. Perhaps the flashing of the v-bios is just making it recheck what pcie speed it can run at... then it turns it down to match the board... maybe, still working on a permanent fix nothing yet.
  2. They appear to be the same on techpowerup.com in gpu specs... something interesting to note though is that the DirectX versions for the cards are different. The K40c has 11.0, while the K40m has 11.1. When the card is functioning it shows with 11.0 in gpuz.
  3. No clue... But this is how I've gotten the card to work thus far and there aren't any graphical errors or random crashes.
  4. The original plan was to trick the board into thinking it could use 64 bit BAR, but what I've managed to do is more based on tricking the card into thinking it is the c variant of the card rather than the m variant of the K40. This may be wrong, but I think what is happening is it is getting some of the information mixed up when reading the card's v-bios due to the fact that it is only able to communicate with the first 32 bits, so some of the 64 bits of the BAR may be interfering with the v-bios getting read. This is a huge stretch, but because I have no clue what's going on this makes the mo
  5. So the next reasonable step was to pull the v-bios from the card after getting it to work. This confused me a little... So the v-bios with the card enabled in device manager is completely different at the end than the v-bios pulled with the card disabled in device manager. So then I checked for consistency... I'm finding none even just writing to the disk and then verifying is giving different results at this point. I'm lost. Also, sorry I haven't posted in a while I sprained my wrist in a track and field meet Tuesday, feeling a little better now. Edit: I've found over 7 different v-
  6. How do say this... I stand corrected... The driver shows up without any errors after a reboot / shutdown however it doesn't function... I suppose this is still a step in the right direction however, disappointing.
  7. More awesomeness... not sure what I did tbh, but for whatever reason it survived a reboot. The only change I recall making was enabling memory integrity in windows defender. Edit: It has also survived a shutdown.
  8. @ShrimpBrime Issue 3 is addressed in windows 10 build 20190. Still working on having to reflash the v-bios.
  9. @ShrimpBrime Figured a few things out... you no longer need to reinstall the driver every single time you reboot just reflash the v-bios between the two versions, also fixed issue two, my gpu was in tcc mode instead of wddm. So just modified 1 and 3 are left. Edit: After figuring this out I got a game (World of Warcraft) to detect the gpu. (Had to switch to directx 11). Went from maxed 4k at ~10fps to maxed 4k ~30 fps. Edit 2: Don't overclock.
  10. You have to reflash to the modded version either before reboot or start reflash to the modded version then reboot assuming your not previously on the modded v-bios. Then, flash the regular v-bios and reinstall the nvidia driver. Really weird but it has worked multiple times on both windows and linux mint.
  11. All good I understand, however I should tell you the drawbacks I've found so far... 1. You have to reflash the v-bios from the modded version to the normal version every reboot 2. OpenGL and Physics seem entirely broken (CUDA works) 3. So far I haven't been able to get the gpu to show up as a selection under the gpu per app graphics performance preferences However I'm working on fixing as many of these as I can. I have a feeling they are all linked to not having the gpu set up at boot.
  12. Don't know if you still have that K20 and still have a use for it, but I'm willing to make you a modded v-bios for it... if you want.
  13. Kinda weird but if you reflash the normal gpu bios after flashing the modded one and reinstall the driver it just works no clue why...
  14. Hate to revive an old thread, but I figured you'd want to see this... I managed to get it to work!