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    Dual Intel Xeon X5667 @ 4.188 GHz
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    EVGA Classified SR-2
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    8GB DDR3 1610
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
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    512 GB SSD, 2 1 TB, and 1 512 GB Hard drives in Raid 0
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    52 inch TV 1080P 77Hz
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    Windows 10 Enterprise
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    Lenovo E530 8 GB Ram

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  1. @LittleRocketBoi This can also be done ssd to ssd.
  2. This can be done by shrinking the 2tb partition to 1.5tb and then copying it over, then just copying the 500gb partition.
  3. @StrikerX1360 Try with two gpus 3070/1080ti in top slot and 3090 in other slot see if it shows in windows.
  4. @StrikerX1360 Did you get this 3090 from nvidia or third party if so which one? Have you tried a different display port?
  5. I know you can't get a exact number but how much does this mild overclock decrease the lifespan of the cpu?
  6. So is going from 1.35V to 1.285V and 3.46Ghz to 4.18Ghz, under where the multiplied(v*a) wattage would be?
  7. So if I'm lowering voltage and increasing clock it is still more damaging than stock?
  8. Even if you aren't raising voltage from stock your temps will be higher than stock when overclocking?
  9. The only contributor to high heat is high voltage right, excluding usage levels?
  10. Me and a friend have an ongoing argument and I would just like to see who is right. When overclocking the only thing that can cause permanent damage is pushing the voltage up right? So if you are pushing the voltage down and your clocks up you are actually running "safer" than stock. Is this true?
  11. I have some Permatex muffler and tailpipe sealer, would this be a good thermal paste I saw that it can what stand temperatures upto 2000 F which seems like it would require a good thermal conductivity to be able to do.
  12. This doesn't answer my question I understand it is unstable.
  13. I was just curious if you could in the event you somehow got it stable.
  14. If you have a PCIE overclocking capable board that is PCIE 2.0 at 100MHz and OC to 200MHz would it achieve 3.0 speeds?