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New harddrive(s)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I have an older ssd and 2 veeery old HD (Relic age about 10 years old) and have just upgraded to an AMD Ryzen 5 3600.

So I want new drives too Considering a M2 drive (512gb - 1tb) for the operative system and maybe a Firecuda for storage (2tb) does that sound appropriate ?

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There’s a small argument for nvme in that it helps with productivity stuff, and might in the future help with gaming, but currently nvme does nothing for games that sata 6 can’t.


id personally go with what’s cheap for m.2, and don’t pay more than you would for an ssd of similar size.  If the money is the same as nvme though (and lately it has been) take the nvme.


as for the mechanical drive it’s going to be dirt slow storage no matter what.


cost per mb for both.

Life is like a bowl of chocolates: there are all these little crinkly paper cups everywhere.

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13 minutes ago, Vertigom said:

From Denmark and I have about 2k danish crowns for the drives.

Id say that, if you want to flex with the speed without needig it go for gen 4 m.2ss (gigabyte aorus 1tb or sabrent rocket gen 4 1tb)

If you want good gen3 ssd with good peedsadn its still in the high end get 970 evo plus 1tb or sx8200 pro 1tb.

If you want just big ssd, and not m.2ssd with their high speeds get 2tb crucial bx500 or 860 gvo 2tb.

And 3tb barracude goes for 60 bucks


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The price difference between budget SSDs and good performance ones are rather minimal but here you go :

512GB - budget Patriot Scorch for 502 DKK or performance ADATA SX8200 Pro for 564 DKK

1TB - budget ADATA SX6000 Pro for 950 DKK or performance Mushkin Pilot for 1027 DKK

No need to pay more for SHDD, get regular HDD, 2TB Seagate Barracuda for 479 DKK

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