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So, I hooked up my laptop to a tv via hdmi and tried to run a game on the tv and turn off my laptop monitor though intels integrated graphics settings but i noticed my laptop monitor is still using up my gpu even though its not displaying anything leaving me only to do half the i could do before. 

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Clone your primary display, don't extend it to the TV. If you're using your CPU's iGPU performance isn't going to be great no matter what you do really. You could try allocating more RAM to your iGPU in BIOS if it allows you to. 

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I don't game with my laptop (just a netbook) but closing the lid does the trick


The laptop screen isn't "off" it's just not displaying anything, which is different, closing the lid does turn it off at least in my computer.

I tend to reply with memes because I lack social skills and don't know how to express myself correctly.

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Just now, Noah1115 said:

if i close the lid of my laptop it shuts down my pc is there a way to get around that?


settings in power options


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