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Laptop continuous crashing

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi, I have a laptop Lenovo Legion Y520, 8gb ram, nvidia 1060 MaxQ(3gb). I seem to have a huge problem with either software or hardware, i'm trying to solve it without sending it to a service for the moment, i have posted this message on other forums as well, but, unfortunately, there is no response. The laptop keeps crashing, sudden shutdowns which are barely registered in the event viewer. This problem occurs, from what i can tell, in two situations, first and most common: when the nvidia driver is enabled; second: if i close the lid of the laptop in order to put it to sleep, sometimes when i open it, the laptop crashes.

When the laptop crashes, it does a somewhat clicky sound and everything stops, all at once, black screen, no fans, nothing. If the nvidia driver is enabled, i can start the laptop and about 1 min after i log into windows, it crashes, so i can't do much testing on or with the nvidia driver enabled.

What i have found: if i disable my nvidia driver from the driver manager, the laptop works mostly fine, but this is not a very good solution since i can't use my nvidia graphics card and i have to use the intel one.

What i have tried until now: I have updated my windows and all the drivers. Uninstalled and reinstalled different drivers from either the manufacturer or from nvidia/intel sites, i have tried older versions as well (all of the uninstalls were done in safe mode with DDU). After all of these did not work, I did a clean install of windows.

Could someone with a lot more expierence and knowledge than me, help. Please ! 

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