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Thread For Tech Quickie Video Suggestions

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4 minutes ago, iamdarkyoshi said:

If gmail, here is a guide you can print for them.

Step one. Find file.

Step two. Drag onto email.

Step four. Forget how to count.

Step five: click send

Thanks mate.  Now put it into a video style that screams "I like eating food out of mason jars".  

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40 minutes ago, NanneyGoat said:

Thanks mate.  Now put it into a video style that screams "I like eating food out of mason jars".  

Mason jars ars too high tech. I just use oil cans.

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Well you just released "Amateur Radio as Fast As Possible " maybe try "Amatuer Radio Licenses Explained" because to outsiders Ham Radio is very confusing, and without a friend or a good guide many will probably get lost. 

P.S. the other reason for Ham radio's existence is innovation. 

In search of the future, new tech, and exploring the universe! All under the cover of anonymity!

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it would be cool if you did a thing like tech showdown but instead of bulding computers you build your own cases for your previose tech showdown frome scrap your could also do the same for a laptop.

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Thin clients. How do they work?

I can't make heads and tails of the long documents available on the internet. I am looking into it because I am researching on the deployment of multiple computers in a cost effective way and I came across this.

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Could you look into the different wireless frequencies for wireless keyboards and mice? which has less interference, 2.4GHz, 5GHz, 5.8GHz.

There might be more that I'm not aware of. a vid might actually promote more higher frequency K+M if the higher ones have less interference, freezing and lag issues. 

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Sorry. Just have to post this since it will be buried in YT comments. Saw the Techquickie on Powerbanks. Loved Linus' reaction as he was saying what he's listening on Audible now (at the end of the vid).


Suggestion: microSD classes, speeds and suggested brands. Which one are best for phones, cameras and other devices.


Example: most phones can only be expanded up to 64gb (unless it's a newer model). What's the difference between Samsung's evo, evo+, etc... then Samsung vs Sandisk if using microsd card as main storage for frequent input/output. Like if you move all your apps to it and use it like main memory.



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There are too many vids to check for dupe suggestions so ill just post what i know lol.


1:RJ45 Internet cables, the differences between cat5, cat5e, cat6, cat6e and cat7.

2:Internet over the mains Explained.

3:Active and passive speakers explained.

4:raspberry pi explained.

and finally one that has always confused me the most

5:Luke Explained, what is Luke? a robot engineered to respond to linus? maybe a CGI? Luke is one of the many mysteries of this planet, that confuses scientists who  stay up at night thinking . . . "who is Luke?" "what does he do?" . . . .maybe its too much for five mins . . . .

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Sealed heatpipes with their 'fluid' versus unsealed heatpipes.


Take a heatpipe-based heatsink.  Do some benchmarks and temperature measurements on it.  Cut/dremel the heatpipes open.  Do some benchmarks and temperature measurements.  Tell us if the heatpipes being sealed makes any difference whatsoever. 

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