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  1. Instead of people saying "There is an app for that", now it will be "There is a coin for that".
  2. A 1080ti would be ideal if you want 144fps consistently, I only get around 70-80 with my 1070 at med 1440p (Should be a bit better optimised closer to launch though).
  3. Coffeelake lake i5/i7 or Ryzen (instead of Kaby i5).
  4. B350 is best value as it has most of the features of X370 (Save for SLI), but isn't that much more expensive than an A320.
  5. Wherever is cheapest, you still get the same part.
  6. No, income would just be entirely from transaction fees at that point (That is my understanding at least). Not profitable to mine BTC with gaming cards, it was primarily Zcash and Eth that was mined (Among other Alt coins).
  7. Would function, but would be much better to go for a CX or CXM (A 2017 model that is). A B350 motherboard shouldn't be that much more expensive also and would give you ability to overclock.
  8. EVGA is known for their customer service, but otherwise no different really from other manufacturers.
  9. With that old of a card? Would be a waste of electricity. Just display it I suppose, not like you can use it in any modern motherboard.
  10. It's not really a vote, more like a public opinion poll. It has no legal weight or obligation involved, politicians can technically do the opposite of the outcome.
  11. Purpose of build? CL would be better if only gaming.
  12. An 8700k would be ideal, but an 8400 (or 8600K) will work as its at least got an upgrade path.
  13. It would probably be better to wait for Volta since you have a 1060 (That will be fine until then), but no real need for a bigger PSU for a regular model (I guess if you want a lightning).
  14. Be plenty, even enough for a 1080ti (Assuming its of reasonable quality that is).
  15. No, I don't see that much of a point in doing so.
  16. Will run fine at medium (Still not that well optimised yet, should get better performance closer to launch).
  17. Coffeelake is about to launch, get that or R5 instead (Either will be better than a 6600k now). The build seems to also be missing a power supply.
  18. Nothing to be worried about, his example was only if the PSU was drawing more power than it was designed for an extended period. Nothing wrong with your power supply.
  19. Will get better performance with Ryzen, it comes with a capable stock cooler that will allow a decent over clock. Also an upgrade path otherwise with you have nothing to go to with kabylake.
  20. Defiantly wait for coffeelake (No choice since it launches tomorrow anyway), but Ryzen may also be a good option.
  21. Defiantly Ryzen 5 or coffeelake if you can wait a little, no reason to be the 6600k anymore (A 6 core 8600k or 1600 would be much better for ARMA anyway).
  22. The lanes will come from the chipset, not an issue (8x is fine for modern GPUs in gaming anyway).
  23. It's a BGA chip (Soldered to motherboard), so unless you can solder its not that (Even then its useless).
  24. Defiantly R5 now, though the coffeelake i3 could be it worth if you can wait a little.