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  1. ok so everything is fine now but i'm even more confused. what i did to fix it was that i remembered i was running my ram at 3200 and i have a r7 2700 so i lowered the speed back to default and no more blue screens. yay pc worked again, bet then because i always like to be certain of everything i decided to set it back to 3200 again and i still didnt blue screen so thats weird. so my hypothesis is maybe somehow after some power outages or something, the bios settings changed/corrupted a tiny bit and after resetting to default then changing the settings it fixed it or something. i dont k
  2. My pc started getting bsod recently with the stopcode critical process has died. All my parts excwpt for my gpu are pretty new around 1 year and my ssd is even newer. I tried ram checks, disk check, cpu stress tests, gpu stress tests, reinstalling windows, reseating ram and gpu, so far nothing has helped or gave me a clue as to what it could be. One thing i did find weird is that when it would blue screen its not instant, like the game i would be playing would freeze or crash then i can see in task manager the disk active time or whatever go to 100% and then it would bluescreen and also window
  3. How sure are you about this, because from everything that I've read you will have full access to their new games for as long as you have the subscription and not only for 5 days.
  4. basically what he said i5 8400 or an equivalent priced ryzen cpu
  5. They main reason they placed thermal throttling is for when malfuntions happens like for example when your cooler stops working or when your case fan stops. so many general consumers have pc they keep without cleaning for years with one small case fan and when one fan stops working you dont want the cpu to just die. And before you start saying its the consumers fault i had my water cooler leak and stuff like that you dont notice right away. my point is thermal throttling is such a good feature thats not only for stupid consumers.Even though i agree with you that most consumers
  6. cant send directly to bank cause i live on a small island and they dont have supports for these banks
  7. im looking for a way to transfer my bitcoins to my paypall. i don't live in na or eu so i cant use coinbase. i found this site (bitmow.com) but i dont know if i can trust it. any help would be great.
  8. the r 1500x would win in basically everything versus the i5 7500 but i would go for the r5 1600 given it's the same price as the i5 7500 plus it will be much much better. and you can oc the ryzen.
  9. btw electrocuted means you died from an electric shock so saying she got electrocuted and died is like saying she died and then died
  10. So my friend is looking for a good non mechanical keyboard for under 100$. it can't be a mechanical board because he doesn't like the sound they make(being loud and all) and i don't know any good quality non mech keyboard. any recommendations?
  11. you can get windows 10 licences on ebay for like 5$, i've bought 3 myself they all worked.
  12. Yo dude i just found this on amazon and i think this is exactly what you were looking for. https://www.amazon.com/adjustR-Mic-Mute-control-playstation-4/dp/B0185CVTDG
  13. i would go with the sli, simply because you get a lot more performance in your case and honestly dual gpu's looks sexy af
  14. oow ok but still i find it weird to give people a fine for working tho, i mean i get it that they want to stop people from being forced to work on holiday (like i see that happens in the US0 but i feel like they go a bit too far giving people fines