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RX 5700

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I bought the RX 5700 yesterday and tried some benchmarking and even some gaming. One thing that really bugged me was the super loud fan noise under gaming load (it almost sounded like a vacuum cleaner). Also when i tried lowering the fan via Afterburner it slowed down to my given percentage over the course of 1 min...not instantly as you would expect. Anyone else having the same problems or is it just me?

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Welcome to the world of blower style coolers. Should have waited another monthish for the AIB cards to come out with the proper coolers. 

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i don't know why you're expecting a blower-style card to be quiet. They're inherently noisy things, especially given it's having to take away a lot of very focused heat from that small process node navi uses.


The slow ramp-down is called fan-speed hysteresis and is designed to make transisions between fan speeds smooth, so the fan doesn't instantly ramp between 80% to 85% to 75% to 83% and so on, which would make for an absolutely infuriating experience.

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Posted · Original PosterOP
1 minute ago, Skiiwee29 said:

Welcome to the world of blower style coolers. Should have waited another monthish for the AIB cards to come out with the proper coolers. 

This is exactly what i am doing:) I am planning on returning it when these come out next month (or so..);)

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I quit gaming for a year after buying a blower style GPU...I couldn't stand the noise so much I said F it and quit gaming lol.  When I started back up and heard that blower I through it away (wish I would have kept it, HD 4770 2 gpu blower lol or whatever that series was with 2 GPUs on one PCB)

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Posted · Original PosterOP
2 minutes ago, GekkePietert said:


Well, might not want to void the warranty in case I am going to return it and replace it :/

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