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  1. It might be Adaptive Contrast Management (acm) , but not sure
  2. I just discovered this really cool opensource project. It is a diy virtual reality headset with steam vr support, which seem to be quite easy to make and costs only about 200$. https://www.relativty.com/
  3. I think you plug your fan header in Cpu fan optional instead of the primary header. Your computer now thinks you have no cpu fan installed and gives you an error message. The should be a setting un the bios to bypass this, but you could also plug it into the primary cpu fan header
  4. Nvidia is selling their lower quality tu104 dies as 2060. normally those are used in 2080's. this chip should peform equal to a normal 2060, but i is accutally better in some workstation applications. gamers nexus made a video of this chip in 2060's
  5. Min fps is the worst second that actually happend. While 0,1% and 1% are all the worst frametimes (only the average of the highest 0,1% or 1% spikes)
  6. I dont know how the steering wheel is build up exactly, but the potentiometer is probably just acting as a voltage divider. So changing that to another one that can rotate further would work. Even with the same drivers.
  7. There are 2 types of m.2 drives. NVME and sata ones. The sata drives have the same limitations as 2,5 inch drives: they can only reach speeds of around 550mb/s. The port is also slightly different. The m.2 sata onces won't fit in a m.2 NVME port. Your laptop only has a m.2 sata port Sorry this is not correct as said fully correct as said by Jurrunio
  8. He said it reached 90c while playing rocket league.
  9. Do you know what might be causing it then?
  10. I recently build a pc with for a friend, but I couldn't finish it since not al the components arrived. But now his cpu keeps overheating. And since am not there I have basically no idea what is wrong. Am pretty sure there is no problem with mounting pressure. But I am not sure if there was a plastic sheet on the cooler. If there was I didn't remove that. Does anyone know if the wraith spire comes with a plastic cover on the baseplate? Specs: R5 2600x with wraith spire Asrock b450 steel legend
  11. Aren't those things under the screw heads stand-offs? I think those should be under the bracket l.
  12. Yes, it will. The 8 core ryzen 3 doesn't draw much more power than the ryzen 2700x. Overclocking isn't really a thing on zen 2 btw.