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  1. I totally agree. Got the 2070 and ray tracing either slows down fps or dumbs down quality a bit to keep the same fps. Also I was in the same boat as you but I couldn't wait for the non reference 5700xts to come out.
  2. You only need to add texture pack on launcher. You cannot add it into the server as it is console based. At least that's how it is for Feed The Beast and Tekkit
  3. Lets just hope that is soon! These reference cards run hot... big surprise.
  4. I wasn't looking for exactly what you are. But I went with the Gigabyte Gaming X. I would say you can't go wrong with the Taichi ?
  5. Where was this advice when I bought the Gaming X and 3600x...
  6. I wouldn't think so. But they did rush them so who knows ?
  7. Likely reconfigured your boot drive after the bios flash. Try changing OS drive to boot first. Likely nothing to do with the CPU change.
  8. You should have no issues with compatibility. However make sure if you choose HyperX ram it's the Fury or Predator series as they are tested for AMD Ryzen CPUs.
  9. Where I would agree with you. I wonder if the added TPD will give a more stable overclocking window. That was my thoughts anyways...
  10. Well I'm the moron who bought a 3600x ?