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USB vs PCIE wireless adapter microstutters [SEVERE]

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Posted · Original PosterOP

i use 2 USB adapters and i get microstutters in online games with both, offline games work fine (as long as they are optimized of course). would i fix the microstutters if i got a PCIE adapter? i have no way of getting a cable to test if it's the adapter unfortunately. i'm loosing my mind over this because i bought this PC like 3 months ago and i have this problem since...


the first adapter (a newer one which i bought with my PC) is Netis WF2190 and the second one is TP-LINK TL WN722N super old and it's latest driver is only for W8.1 and is from 2013


has anyone ever had this problem before? or does anyone know what else could it be?


ANY help GREATLY appreciated.

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It could be USB, but I'd also wonder if maybe its interference from other networks or reception issues in general.

Have you tried using them with USB extensions to move them further away from the PC to see if you get a more reliable signal?

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There are a lot more factors to the equation than what you mentioned. 


1. How far is the wireless adapter from the wireless access point?

2. Are there walls in the way?

3. Do you have interference from neighbors' wireless devices - this is particularly an issue with 2.4GHz operation

4. What access point (likely a wireless router) are you using?


Things I would do - test with other devices in the area, check which channels your wireless access point operates on, manipulate the positions of your devices. 


At the end of the day WiFi is ok but options such as Ethernet and MoCA are superior. If that's an impossibility then it's time to be very thoughtful about how your WiFi is set up - use multiple wireless access points at opposite ends of your property if you can. 

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