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phoenix flame studio

$50 Mechanical Or Corsiar K55 ( membrane ) Which Is Best

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Mech board is probably better. It has actual switches

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What mechanical board?


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Laptop: Dell Latitude E5470 upgraded by my store (i5 6300U, 8GB DDR4 @2133, 500GB SSD)

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Looks to use Kailh switches. If legit, it'll definitely be better than membrane.


Overall, the reviews look optimistic.

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1 hour ago, phoenix flame studio said:

I need a keyboard For Gaming Which One I choose $50 Mechanical Or Corsiar K55 ( membrane ) ?

Mechanical one, but get the brown switch version if you don't hate your family, blue switches are a lot louder than brown. Take a look at Reddragon keyboards also, cost around 50$ or less, but they are very good keyboards for the price, built like tanks, and many versionz to pick from.

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never get gaming membrane boards.

Membranes can be pretty good, but gaming stuff is overpriced.

Best membrane you can get is probably some office-oriented stuff.

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I got the Corsair k65 (tkl keyboard) for $75 on sale. I'd honestly wait to find a keyboard on sale that is a good quality one. I had a Razer Ornata Chroma which is their "mecha membrane" keyboard. Its better than a cheapie you get with a normal pre built, but the mechanical keyboard like the K65 to me was well worth the price. This is my first mechanical keyboard and these Cherry Reds are really nice honestly. 

My First (Current) Build:

Ryzen 7 2700 (3.90 1.35v OC) | Asus Prime X470 Pro | G.Skill Ripjaws V 16gb 3200 | Inland Professional 512gb M.2 NVME | Cruxial MX500 Sata M.2 1TB | Corsair H115i Platinum | Corsair ML 140 RGB Fans | Fractal Design Meshify C | PNY GTX 1050 (yeah I know lol)

Changes to GPU coming... Super 2060 looking good!

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On 6/16/2019 at 1:13 AM, phoenix flame studio said:

I need a keyboard For Gaming Which One I choose $50 Mechanical Or Corsiar K55 ( membrane ) ?

Try visiting a retailer in your region of India to try out a K55 RGB and see if you like the membrane keys.  We have a couple options that might be close or in your budget if they are on sale you might be interested in with mechanical switches.  K63 wired and K68 are both solid options with Cherry MX switches.  Let me know if you have questions about any of the keyboards, and I can help you out.

Looking for more details about a product, or experiencing technical issues?  Visit our support page below, and one of our Technical Support staff can help you out:


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