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  1. My budget is around 100NZD, although I'm obviously happy to spend less. As long as it has USB A ports it will be great, although a USB C output would be an added bonus. The charge speed needs to be the same or better than my old one (see link in original post), and the bank itself doesn't need to charge particularly fast, but if it does that is an added bonus. I don't care about wireless charging, and in terms of form factor it just needs to be able to be carried
  2. Hello people I am looking for a good powerbank to use to charge my phone. I often go on relatively long trips where I only get the chance to charge my phone at night. It needs to be 20000 mAh, and it needs to be reliable, as my last one just randomly broke for seemingly no reason after 3-4 years. Here is a link to my old one,
  3. Hi. Updating my BIOS did work, and the card worked well. In the end it did die on me, but it was an ex-mining card, so no surprise there. Can you boot off integrated graphics? Have you made sure that the PCI-E port works on your motherboard? Test it with another GPU.
  4. I said what my budget was in my original post. And I also know the iPhone 7 is way above my price range from the store, I'm buying it from someone. (Yes its second hand, but I know its been cared for and not used much)
  5. As long as its from the past 2-3 years it will likely be available. Here is a link to a local store if you want. I am simply asking for recommendations, not the be all and end all answer to my problems. Last time I asked (a couple of years ago) I got many recommendations for the Pocophone F1, even though I just said my price point. I just wanted some idea of some good options.
  6. Last time I used NZD I only go told things that were in USD, even though I said it was NZD. I am not buying from the US. I am just looking for some general recommendations.
  7. I am looking for a phone that is $340 (USD) or less that can compete with an iPhone 7 (32GB). I am reluctant to go used, although I am willing to consider refurbished as long as it's from a reliable source. Please also note I live in New Zealand, so I would have to use the global version.
  8. Hi Today I decided to use my PC to contribute to Folding@home. I set up my main PC with an account etc and left it running for a bit. I came back for a bit to check on it and it was running fine with its job. I also decided to get my laptop going. I used all the same things to sign in. I left it as it was trying to find a job. I came back 10 mins later to find that both computers were having a problem with the Web Control Page. Both were refreshing the page, and it was only showing the default stuff, no jobs, points, and my account wasn't there. (See attachment - the URL has an IP
  9. I'm not happy buying used because I have before and that's left me with a $200 piece of useless metal. It broke after the sellers warranty was finished. However, if you or someone else can find a card that I can 100% rely on working, or with a decent warranty I will consider it.
  10. Hi I'm looking for the best possible graphics card for under 230USD. I wouldn't like to buy used or refurbished. So far this is the best GPU that I can find, is it the best option though? I've also seen this, would it be a better option? Or can you guys find something better? Thanks!
  11. Do you mean that you have actually taken the GPU out? If not, try using the integrated graphics with the GPU taken out. I had a similar problem, and it ended up being that my motherboard BIOS was out of date and I had to update it to support my GPU
  12. My PSU also makes those sounds when I do that, not sure if that is normal. It sounds like a dead GPU, similar thing happened to me a month ago.
  13. Hmm I'm not sure then. What are you using to see usage? Task Manager?
  14. What are you using it for? If gaming, what games?