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  1. Here is the whole backstory but the tl;dr is I've been trying to update windows for few month now, wasn't able to do so because of driver issues or at least that is what windows has been telling me, did update the important ones today and tried updating windows with the media tool again and no success.... Now all of a sudden my PC is extremely sluggish and laggy. I thought that trying one more time to update windows the normal way was a good idea but now it's been over 5 hours and it's stuck or at least it looks stuck at "status: installing 82%" and the worst part is that my SSD free space is
  2. 1) so according to crystaldickinfo my drive is in good health 3) checked driver verifier - there are no unassigned drivers and no drivers for old versions of windows, the third option that is about checking all drivers always prompts me to restart and even if I do it still askes me to do it again a.k.a. I can't use it 2) about those error logs I am not sure what you meant
  3. Hey @Radium_Angel I just updated the LAN/chipset/audio driver (there was also the SATA RAID/AHCI driver which I haven't updated but I don't think I need) from the support page for my mobo and 1 more time the chipset directly from AMD. Used the creation tool to go to 20H2 and it gave me the same error... haven't updated the GPU driver but it's more recent than 20H2 so I doubt it's the cause Any suggestion and thanks again in advance.
  4. I haven't had time to update the stuff but when I am done I would let you know, thanks for the offer. I just want to ask if I need to update my BIOS?
  5. @Radium_AngelCan I at least trust DriverFix that those are all the drivers that need to be updated or there could be more?
  6. I've been trying to update windows to anything newer than 1909 for quite some time now, but no success and I've always been given the same error: Today I tried using the media creation tool and going straight to 20H2 but that failed again and I was given a more accurate error 0xC1900101 0x20017 According to the help page, it's a driver issues: About the other stuff, I already had everything not needed disconnected and all antimalware/virus/spyware removed afaik. So I checked Device manager and nothing needed updates there, then I downloaded Dr
  7. @manikyathI appreciate the care but I just need something to be able to turn on my 2nd PC until I can get a 3070 under 700 euros, also if a 1010 appears here I will for sure get that instead, didn't know such a card even existed so thanks for letting me know.
  8. For the people who suggested me to get a 1030 - brand new ones cost x2, starting at 90 euros. About 2nd hand ones - I found few, cheapest one being 50 euros but the 2nd hand market here is overall dead and I don't really trust it. Also I am fine using 1 extension if that's all I have to do.
  9. I will by building a new PC soon but until prices of GPUs normalize I will have to use my current one in the new system and I need a dirt cheap GPU for my old PC because it's a Ryzen one. The GT 710 is the cheapest that exists here for around 40 euros. (yes, I know that the cheapest is never a good option but I literally just need it for using my system, the moment I get a new GPU, my current one is going back in my old PC) 1) Is the GT710 enough for the stuff I've mentioned in the title - 1080p YT, discord, watching discord streams? 1.5) On a side note watching YT in high quality is as ha
  10. Thanks for the info @C2dan88@Levent@Mick Naughty So once I get the new system I will just install the latest drivers with default settings and if I have issues then I would run DDU. It will be a brand new system @Action_Johnsonit will just be missing a GPU once I get it.
  11. @C2dan88@LeventI buy the system from a place that builds, installs windows and tests it for me so they would have to put some GPU in it to do their stuff.
  12. I will soon be building a new system but looking at the literal 0 availability of any GPUs that are better than mine at the moment in my region, I will probably not be getting a new GPU for the time being. So is there anything else I need to do, outside of the steps I've listed below, to make sure that when I am done my GPU would act like it's brand new in the new system? edit: it's a 1070 if that matters 1) delete afterburner profiles to restore everything to default settings 2) install GPU in the new PC 3) use DDU to uninstall any driver 4) install latest drivers with default setti
  13. I really liked that my lock screen looked different every time but while I was changing my desktop background I missclicked and set a specific photo to my lock screen as well. The issue is that I use the free version of windows and the personalization settings are locked. Is there a way I can revert that change or restore those settings to default or something else? Thanks.
  14. My current cable is fine but it's pathetically short so I was looking to get a new one but I can't really figure out which are the good and bad ones and I really don't think price is a good indicator either. So I have few questions: 1) Does it matter if it's 2.0? 3.0? etc. when it comes to charging not transferring data? 2) Does length matter? I bought a 3m long USB cable long time ago that worked great in the beginning but then it started to disconnect, I assume it was a cheap one and that's why it happened but I am not really sure. 3) Any overall good brands? I need a cable for an A50
  15. I laughed at a friend who asked me to build him a system 30 days ago and he had to buy a 1660ti for 330 euros, now the cheapest with more than 1 fan is 450 euros and the one he bought was good model as well, while the 450 ain't.