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Vega 56 Pulse RX Multiple crashes

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So just bought this thing about 2-3 weeks ago looking foreward to the upgrade and the card randomly crashes all the time sometimes it crashes to desktop other times it crashes the entire comp.


I've tryed everything i can think of to get it to be stable with out super screwing clock speeds.  But to be honest its not even stable on balanced.  I cant even run my steam link anymore it instantly crashes the gpu drivers.

My system
I7 2600k OC to 4.4 ghz
16 GB DDR3

Crucial 250 GB SSD
Vega 56 Pulse RX

Corsair HX850

I did read something about splitting rails for power delivery which seemed to make sense but then i looked in the case and realized the power was already delivered from 2 diffent sources from the PSU  I have tweaked my overclocks here there and everywhere.  So yeah I am out of ideas

side note crashes happen only while gaming itself never during the benchmarking programs even if i try to stress it.

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9 minutes ago, Shishkbob said:


You tried both of the bios on the card? You could try flashing the unlocked one to the newest bios.

Otherwise what happens if you drop the power limit to 50% to rule out the PSU? Or lower just the memory clock speeds?


You could try running a live linux USB to see if it's windows, or just reinstall windows to rule out any software issues.

I edit my posts a lot

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Ok so.  I have NOT tryed the bios due to me being inexperienced with ever touch bios on a GPU
My psu is +50% atm as every OC guide says to do in order for your card to reach the 1600 ish clock speed area consistently I tried lowering it down to the "balanced" where it is + 0% crashes still occurred randomly.
I actually have not only a fresh install of windows but i also ran the DDU in safe mode to give it a fresh driver once this card was installed windows was only up less than a week before i got the card I still DDU'd because of said crashes also i swapped from a 380X nitro


Side note im honestly fine with not even Maxing this cards potential out at this point i just want it to run stable at a consistent clock around 1600 MHZ  the card is a massive improvement if i could just get rid of these restarts and driver crashes

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54 minutes ago, Shishkbob said:


You get more performance from undervolting as well.

Also you can flash the bios to Vega 64 pulse I assume, to get more performance as well. One of the bios is write locked so it's nearly impossible to brick the card doing that.



I edit my posts a lot

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