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I could really use some input on arranging my first loop

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'll try and keep this is as brief as possible and get straight to my awesome Paint skills.


Basically, i have a Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic case, two 360 rads one of which is 30mm thick and the other 60mm (this was a poor choice in hindsight) and an EK 140 pump/res combo.


I've kinda settle on the 60mm rad mounted on top and the 30mm mounted on the bottom.  On advice of others i'm thinking of having the fans both drawing cool air inside. Picture bellow.







It has of course been suggested that i put the 30mm rad on side of the case, the problem with this is that i cant mount it with the ports at the top because i'll have about 10mm space between it and the 60mm rad making it next to impossible to attaching fittings and tubing.


I could mount the 30mm with the ports at the bottom but in my mind it looks like the tubing runs from the 60mm rad to the 30mm rad and the 30mm rad to the pump/res situated in front of it would be super awkward. See below.





In the pic above the yellow loop order is pump/res>GPU>CPU>Top rad>side rad>pump/res.



Any suggestions would be most welcome.



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7 hours ago, Goobertron said:


It would be good to configure the airflow so the top rad exhausts as you currently have a lot of intake with the top and bottom rad config but with little to no exhaust giving you a very positive airflow. For the order of the loop it doesn't matter as long as the res if right before and above the pump. 

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