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Bayonett Priest

Are byski and barrow good watercooling brands?

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The general consensus is that Barrow comes from the same production facility(ies) as Bitspower, but are either held to a lesser quality standard, or are the rejects that didn't meet Bitspower's QC (note that this doesn't necessarily mean, in any way, that they're bad parts). I've used Barrow fittings before and been happy with them.

I've heard of people using Byski, but I have no personal or second hand experience directly with them, so I can't comment.

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I'm currently using some barrow extended and angled fittings, construction quality seems good, paint quality on the other hand is hit and miss, some have small marks or blemishes, nothing extreme and you can't even notice it once they are in your system but you can pick it up when you have them all sitting together on your desk.

Having said that, the paint quality on my EK hardtube fittings isn't perfect either so there's that.

I'm using all white fittings, so your results may vary with other colours.


I read somewhere that bykski may be an oem from some other watercooling brands, eg: EK, water blocks seem very similar so either that or they are copying the design.

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My 1080ti i just got (used) has a Barrow block, i pulled it apart cleaned it .. put it back together and its fine.


In regards to Bitspower and Barrow fittings, i don't think they come form the same manufacture plant (well at least they don't use the same tooling/design), they have very very subtle differences that cannot be accounted for by random variance in quality.


As for Bykski, they are similar to Barrow, neither is a mainstream Western based company but both are now making there way here, and they are a good choice if your budget minded. The only possible downside is the whole issue of dealing with returns and such as your buying directly from China , usually via an Aliepxress market place, i have had no experience with Aliexpress returns or refunds so cant really comment on how it works.

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If you compare barrow and bykski waterblocks to something like watercool heatkiller or aquacomputer, the german waterblocks are better, but the difference between them is a couple degrees. As for their fittings I think they are just as good as any other fittings from ekwb or any other known brand. I used barrow fittings in 2 of my builds and never had problems with them.

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Barrow and Bykski both are pretty solid non-western brands, they are pretty high quality and often are on-par with that of EK or Bitspower. From what I've heard they are held to less of a quality standard, but I haven't had any bad experience so far, got a Barrow CPU block and a Bykski GPU block, in my case they are high quality than the EK block I used to have. I'd recommenced both Barrow and Bykski, just make sure to inspect the blocks before using them.


On a side note, Bykski are responsible for being the OEM behind brands such as Zotac and Gigabyte for their waterblocks, so clearly they are trusted by western brands in some capacity.

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