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  • CPU
    I7 8700k 4,9ghz
  • Motherboard
    Asus Maximus viii hero (z170)
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance rgb 3600
  • GPU
    Asus strix gtx1080ti oc
  • Case
    Lian li pc011d
  • PSU
    Be quiet straight power 850W
  • Cooling
    Custom EKWB
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    Windows 10 pro

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  1. It does, however it is not rocket scince to remove it, there is no waranty void stickers on the back plate Here is some pictures from techpowerup All the mounting holes are more the less identical if someone wants to watercool this card it will be taken appart, if you think it will void your warranty there is always a way to remove the cooler without breaking any stickers. A hairdryer a pair of tweezers a bit of accuracy do the job.
  2. Take off the stock cooler and have a look, have a look at the reference board (i think some galax, palit and others make their cards based on the ref design) have a look at ekwb for the complete list of reference boards under compatability button on this waterblock EK-Quantum Vector RE RTX 3080/3090 D-RGB - Nickel + Plexi search the techpowerup gpu database and you will find how the refference pcb looks like. I do not have this card but I assume dell use reference design due to the fact that they are the cheappest ones.
  3. Is the front panel removable? If it is so just remove it and run the stress test again.
  4. It is fine, aluminium is the handle, the body of the valve is bronze, bronze is copper alloy very simmilar to copper in it electrolitical/galvanic proprieties, so it does not make any difference if it is brass/copper/bronze as long as it is not aluminium
  5. A drain valve will not do any harm, a couple 90 degrees and a couple 45 degrees fittings will be very handy. If you go with soft tubes you can always use a diluted antifreeze
  6. Is your cpu delidded? The tems are fine, there is nothing to warry about.
  7. Dell used to use reference design in their gpu’s so i suppose that dell uses reference design in this 3090, do not mix them with the founders edition they are different!!! Have a look at the pcb and have a look at ekwb compatability for the reference block
  8. I have both type of fans running on 2 gts rads. a12-25 are a lot better than their slim brothers) a12-25 are almost unaudible up to 1000rpm and can go up to 2000rpm. Even if the price of a12-25 is a bit high it is still cheapper than 2 slim noctua fans.
  9. You temps look fine, just a bit more info would be nice: especially case and cpu. I run 8700k at 4.7 ghz and 1080ti with 2 240 slim rads with ambient around 26, the d5 pump runs at around 2000rpm and the fans are limited to 1400rpm, I have around 56c on both cpu and gpu and my coolant temp is climing up to 42c. I would not go above 45 on the coolant, but it can run up to 60c without any problems. On the other hand I also have a 9400f+vega56(64) with a single 60 mm thick rad and it is almost a test bench style pc fully opened with no restrictions. On the gpu stress test power hungry vega concum
  10. I’ve run into the same problem a few years ago. I’ve ended to use an automotive fuel filter (it cost me a couple dollars) in order to get all the sh!t out of the loop. I’ve removed all waterblocks from the loop and connected with use some electrical tape and run the loop with it for a few hours with a spare psu (it is possible to use the main one if you can jump start it). That was enough to get it clean. the best way was to use some soft tube, but I did not have any
  11. It was modified! the hard drive cage was swapped to one from my lian li q37, it’s got rubber washers and a bit more solid construction. After I installed the hard drives (once again) I started thr rig, to reduce vibration I placed a sheet of foamy material between the hdd cage and the chassy. The noise reduced drammatically, after that I placed some foam under the chassy. It still produce a noticible hum, but it is much better. set up an remote access on my iphone and it is great. tried to watch 4k LoR rip runs flawlessly. I might install a some dedicated movie server so
  12. All is done, remote access is set up, dlna and shared disks are all working, swapped 3 different lan cables before I found one which was working at 1gb) It is a remote access from my hackintosh. all the stickers removed almost final assembly (so I thought) However it is bloody noisy!!! It did not pass the WAF (wife approval facktor) The vibration from the hard drives is resonating with the case and the NAS is humming. Firstly I thought it was the psu fan. But after openong the lid and stopping all the fans I could hear the hard drived humming and vibrati
  13. I’ve managed to get dual chanel memory working with samsung sh!t dye!!! Plugged one stick, it works without problems, lower down dram speed tp pathetic 2400, save, reboot, swictch it off and install the second stick, and it worked all 16gb (a real overkill for a nas) but it worked. after that I installed the propper cooler. I originally planned to use liquid metal, but tried the thermalpaste, the temps were fine, around -5C idle and around -10C at load. cinebench r15 scored just above 900 points, plenty of performance for a NAS))) after that I installed the hard driv