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    I7 8700k 4,9ghz
  • Motherboard
    Asus Maximus viii hero (z170)
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    Corsair Vengeance rgb 3600
  • GPU
    Asus strix gtx1080ti oc
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    Lian li pc011d
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    Be quiet straight power 850W
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    Custom EKWB
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    Windows 10 pro

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  1. as long as you are not using any alcohol based fluids for cleaning acrylic you are fine.
  2. lian li q37 does fit 2 240 rads, but it was a bit pricy and probably will be hard to find
  3. Ek has 3 different pump-res combos!!! d5 abd ddc use molex for power and fan header for pwm control/tacho reading, there is a small one as well, looks like a ddc, it was rated for around 12 watts/1amp and it can be connected to most of fan headers on your motherboard, as long as they are capable of providing enough current. I have a simmilar pump but a chinese bykski, it is running from the cpu header, however you must set it up in such a way that the upper temp of the cpu has to be below actual cpu temp under very heavy load for example your cpu runs 78c under stress test with 70%
  4. Some pictures of your project will be helpfull, it is best to place it in the lowest point of you loop.
  5. I bought some barrow fittings from them, i used aliexpress for it. The shipping was a bit long but it is the post office not the store.
  6. Unless you delid the cpu. LM under IHS does really helps on 8700k or simmilar monolithic die cpu’s but it does not worth the risk to delid a Ryzen. Otherwise it is a bit pointless, you might shave off a coulpe degrees, but it worth it only if you really pushing the limits of your cpu. a good thermal paste does the job just as well. And do not start a discussion about “best” thermal paste, they all more the less the same except the special sub-zero ones
  7. If you can make a custom loop you can swap the fans around as intake or exhaust. Set it up as front in, top out, run a totrure test untill your tems are stable (usually a aida64+furmark or heaven is good enough) write it down including vrm temps. Next swap the fans around on the top rad and do the same thing again. Based on your observations make your desision
  8. Really no need to watercool. Any 1.2 kilo tower will do. Also from my experience there is no point of running cpu at max overclock, noone can see the difference between 4.8 and 5 ghz without use of monitoring software. And the difference too small to be even noticed. Unless you do some very cpu intensive worlkoads all the time for a business use. But this way you are better off to get a 9900k it used to be on sale for around 320usd
  9. There a few ways you can mount it this way Use a hex head screws and a very short allen key or one with roundish end, it allows to screw it at an angle. You can also use small bolts and a niddle nose pliers. And of cause a good old zip-ties can do the trick!!! Insert one through the radiator monting hole from the radiator side and use another zip-tie to secure the fan to the rad, cut off the ends.
  10. Just get a raiser cable and mount it vertical!!! It is a simple enough solution. I use 1080ti stryx (and this is one big card) in my o11d vertically mounted. I could of gone with a v-mount kit, but used a hand made bracket instead. it is a bit dusty, sorry)
  11. It is just simple physics. The size of cpu die is much smaller than gpu. With less tdp of the cpu it is actually produces more heat per 1mm2 of the die surface, especially on ryzen chiplet, even it has an IHS the heat goes more or less direcrly through it. Thus the CPU has higher temperature.
  12. One of my watercooled pc’s is running 24/7 it is in my kids bedroom so I can be bothered to mine on it due to the heat coming out from it. However it is still on slmost all the time. Did not have any problems with it.
  13. One of my builds is dead sielent at idle or usual office work, it has i5 9400f and vega 56, I is cooled with a monoblock and a vega nano full cover waterblock. It has a ekwb xe240 (the fat one) with 2 nf-a12x25 for the pump - some chinese ddc style pump only 10watts so it runs of the motherboard header. However under gaming load it is the coil whine that makes most noise. the link is in my signature