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    Graphic Design, Movies, Pc Building, Anime


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    Ryzen 5 2600
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    Asrock Fatality X370 Gaming K4
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    16GB TeamGroup DDR4 @ 2933Mhz
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    Gtx 980 Inno3D Reference
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    Corsair 275R Black [Tempered glass]
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    1TB WD Blue HHD, Kingston 128GB SSD, 10TB Barracuda Pro Seagate HDD
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    ViewSonic VX2263smhl 21.5" + 17.5" AOC monitor
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    Stock AMD Wraith Stealth
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    Anne pro RGB Bluetooth 60% and Quisan Magicforce
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    Roccat Kova
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    Windows 10 pro
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  1. From what I've seen you can get a Steelbook from pre-ordering depending on where you get it from, you can get Dynamax Meowth from ordering the game within a certain time period at the start, so some may consider that a Pre-order bonus. Overall, unless you want some of the smaller items you can get, like the steelbook, its probably better to wait until a week or so after the game comes out, that way you can read the reviews and still get the Dynamax meowth if you care about it.
  2. Barrow and Bykski both are pretty solid non-western brands, they are pretty high quality and often are on-par with that of EK or Bitspower. From what I've heard they are held to less of a quality standard, but I haven't had any bad experience so far, got a Barrow CPU block and a Bykski GPU block, in my case they are high quality than the EK block I used to have. I'd recommenced both Barrow and Bykski, just make sure to inspect the blocks before using them. On a side note, Bykski are responsible for being the OEM behind brands such as Zotac and Gigabyte for their waterblocks, so cle
  3. If this is what happens when its in a different PC, all I can suggest is re-seating the cooler in the event of bad contact, making it overheat. But sadly it sounds like the card is dead.
  4. From what I've been reading, that motherboard doesnt like any other graphics card than what was originally shipped with it, locking out other brands, I'm still not 100% sure on that but it could be true, people report getting three beeps and a blackscreen. From what you've said it does sound abit like the card is dead, the oven method isn't exactly reliable. I'm assuming you've tried the card in another pc?
  5. Do you have the model number for the system? Or a link to the product page?
  6. Yeah I wasn't really clear on what I meant on my original post. I saw an old case for an iPhone 6 that added wireless charging and allowed for the lightning port to still be used for normal charging, I wanted to see if there was a similar case for an android device that I could modify to fit with my own device, not for any practical reasons, just wanted a fun project.
  7. Seen it when it came out, that's what gave me an idea for it. Guess I'll just have to try and DIY it similar to show he did, but put it in a case instead, which could be easier since it would be going through the standard charging port, instead of being added onto the battery connector, which isn't easily done with my device. Thanks anyway
  8. Does anybody know if there are any existing cases on the market for any phone with a micro-USB connection? I'm working on a project to make one for my phone, would be much easier if there is one for another phone that I can simply cannibalise and move onto a 3D printed or existing case. My Goal is to have a Phone with both Wireless and Wired charging options, so that eliminates the use of ones that take up the Micro-USB port on the device, which is why I'm expecting to have to DIY it, just wanted to see if there is something similar already, this would be one that has a Micro USB pass through
  9. Have you checked to see if the cards under warranty?
  10. Depends on manufacturer of the edge router, seen some go new for £50 from sites like Amazon
  11. But your starting a channel, your not a serious channel yet. If people don't like the content you make in the beginning then they won't care about better video quality.
  12. Careful about putting what is effectively your address on forums
  13. Lol what, good luck getting a deal like that again. That was a one in a million