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PC Security: Remember that time Linus and Laser James....

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Remember when Laser James tried to make a "Monoprice Gaming Battlestation" Haul video with Linus?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgyzDUbmAhU&t=9m5s


I have heard about people having their GPUs, RAM, etc stolen right out of their cases at events. I figured the door/window sensor could be put to use monitoring the side panel and alerting if anyone were to tamper/remove it. Seems to be working pretty well.






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Time to pick one up!


At the same time don't they need WiFi to work? Would I need to bring my own WiFi router to LTX with there (presumably) crowded 2.4GHz spectrum? Normally it wouldn't be too bad, but you are going to have 500+ people there on headsets, a lot of witch will be wireless @2.4GHz and I would assume there will be venue WiFi broadcasting on most channels trying to keep up with the load.

Please "Quote" me if you want me to see your response.

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