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    Andreshk reacted to pk-man in LG Mystery Unboxing - LMG Meetup 2015   
    LG should've sent him a firepole.
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    Andreshk reacted to Drakeblade in LTT Slogan Suggestion Thread   
    "There's no place like"
    "The problem's between the chair and monitor."
    "We zip tie, so you don't have to."
    "Only slightly awkward, today."
    "We always leave our Tips  on the table."
    "Your look, into our prison."
    "Still wondering where Brandon went."
    "Zip tie, you must, lost screws we have."
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    Andreshk reacted to MegaDave91 in LTT Slogan Suggestion Thread   
    "Put the thing in the thing, then the thing in the other thing".
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    Andreshk got a reaction from f1ght43v3r in Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc trouble!   
    Hello, fellow Arc owner!  :)
    In my experience filling up the memory (the internal insufficient amount of it) seems to hold back system performance  :unsure: Also, long times between reboots, and multiple background-running apps can make your phone less responsible, and generally slower - no matter the app you're trying to use  :( If your problems are THAT annoying, just backup everything you love and care for, and do a full factory data + settings reset. This consumes time regardless of your phone's speed, but ultimately gives you that feeling of a brand new phone  B) 

    Hope I've helped  ^_^
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    Andreshk reacted to Victorious Secret in New USB 3.0 form factor   
    Slick replied to my comment.
    Life is complete. 
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    Andreshk reacted to Emkryan in Linus Tech Tips Affiliates, Referral Programs and Sponsors   
    Please stop spamming. This is against CoC
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    Andreshk reacted to LinusTech in Paul Tan Painting his Maximus VI (Live)   
    shared on Facebook.
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    Andreshk reacted to LinusTech in Linus's cat may have been found!   
    In the best mood ever right now and I'm about to go out for dinner, but I want to thank a few others as well as our forum community.
    Missing Pets in BC has a great Facebook page that I wish more people were aware of. It's great that I have this huge (and awesome) group of people to help support me with something like this, but not everyone does, so I'd love for everyone who reads this to take a couple moments to find out if there's a similar local organiziation or facebook page or something and give them a like. What they do is so important to so many people.
    They do more than just post the pets, but they can give advice and support about what information to provide and local animal shelters and the like.
    I'm just so glad he's coming home... The last time I went out looking for him I didn't knock on doors... I was actually trying to see if I could smell decaying flesh in the woods near my house because I just wanted to know what happened to him...I tried not to but sometimes at night I couldn't help but lie there and think about how much it must have hurt to die from being eaten alive... And that that's what probably happened to my baby... I'm so glad he's safe. Even if whoever found him decided they didn't want to give him back, I would still be so happy to know he's okay... The fact that I'm getting him back is unbelievable.
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    Andreshk reacted to LinusTech in Follow Linus Media Group   
    It is as legit as the frames he wears with no lenses in them.
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    Andreshk reacted to Edzel Yago in Follow Linus Media Group   
    I do. I just forget my password most of the time.
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    Andreshk reacted to LinusTech in Thank you for not being Reddit   
    I love seeing posts like this. It makes me so happy to see people appreciating and enjoying the community atmosphere we have here, and I believe in the long run that will drive our new members to continue this tradition.
    This is just the beginning folks.
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    Andreshk reacted to LinusTech in Who do you think is the most attractive girl   
    My wife #safeanswer 
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    Andreshk reacted to Dim in What words that if spelt backwards also spell another word?   
    Can it be several words?
    If so, this entire song! :)

    Unfortunately it's not the original video; couldn't find that one. But it'll do ;P
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    Andreshk reacted to AraSarkisyan in HOLY CRAP!!!7990 150 DOLLARS OFF!!!!!!   
    Usually I would be kinda freaked out by something like this, but honestly, I agree. 
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    Andreshk reacted to LinusTech in Need help in career/life path :(   
    I recommend staying at home as long as you can if you can work out a deal with your parents where they don't charge you rent as long as you're in school or something.
    The one year age difference makes far less of a difference than you're imagining I suspect.
    One thing is for sure though. Once you stop going to school it becomes very difficult to go back.
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    Andreshk reacted to SnakeDoc in Sony's 16 sec step-by-step on how to Share Games.   
    Sony has recently taken it upon themselves to release a very short, helpful and deep insight into how to share games on the new PS4 console.

    Well Done.
    Source:  http://www.news.com.au/technology/gaming/sony-shames-microsoft-with-video-detailing-how-to-share-ps4-games/story-e6frfrt9-1226667493475
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    Andreshk got a reaction from Delons in Looking for a Bicycle   
    Excellent then. This bike should be ideal for you, just be sure to get a larger frame size - L, if possible. That's it, and have fun  :)
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    Andreshk reacted to MiracleMan in Where is Slick?   
    i would not shout at slick since he used to throw people at walls :D
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    Andreshk reacted to Stijndopjes in Lecture topics   
    i chose the history of the PAPERCLIP. 
    gonna be epic and wild
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    Andreshk got a reaction from fishymamba in CTRL + V Game   
    Somebody's been exercising sеquence convergence, yes?  :D I hope you've at least added "as n increases to infinity"  :P Some teachers do give crap for these little things, believe me  :wacko:
    Anyway, on topic (in the off topic section) here's mine:
    One can dream, right?  :wub:
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    Andreshk got a reaction from SirReallySam in Why has no one implemented Micro B USB3 ports?   
    Because it's not worth it !!!!!!!!
    The controller is going to be more complex, everything's going to be a tad bit more expensive... and for what, writing on that 20Mb/s capped eMMC card inside your phone (applicable for the majority of devices) ??  :blink:
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    Andreshk reacted to Slick in It's Official?   
    Beep Boop
    Yeah that's my name :3
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    Andreshk reacted to LinusTech in What's In Your Wallet?   
    driver's license, Care Card, magnetic key card for work building, CAA membership card, $20, three bank cards, 3 credit cards, receipts to expense for work, health insurance card, two gym membership cards I never use...
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    Andreshk reacted to jrfox87 in Asus ROG Boards   
    SWEET! Definately getting that mITX ROG board for my Prodigy build!
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    Andreshk reacted to kassman in Best mini-ITX Cases   
    I honestly think the Bitfenix Prodigy is the best.. I have one personally and I can say it is perfect.