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  1. 247 runs only during rush hours and in mono direction only so it is not reliable at all. The most direct way is take Canada Line to Waterfront, then seabus to Lonsdale Quay, and 236 bus. Even then, it's a trip that requires 2 transfers so it'll take more than a hour for sure. that is true, but IMO, for any North Shore locations besides Lonsdale Quay, it's better to drive because transit is not convenient or reliable enough with the exception of seabus.
  2. Renting a car is NOT a bad idea. It just DEPENDS on where you are staying and what you plan to do on the trip. There are some tourist places that are not transit friendly such as Capilano suspension bridge. Heck, even LMG HQ is not transit friendly as it is pretty far out near Langley. (That's one of the reason they chose the oval, even though renting the oval is not cheap.) I mean, if your hotel is near the skytrain and you only plan to do LTX and hang out in the downtown area, then sure, you don't need to rent a car. There's no one size fits all answer.
  3. That mindchop channel...wow. Just a bunch of click-bait "top 10 list" videos. Last video was 3 months ago and only had 23k views. 23k views doesn't seem that bad. right? Well, somehow the channel has 1.2m subs so it does make you wonder. Last 10 videos uploaded did not reach 25k views. The bids for the auction were mostly crazy. Tons of people overpaying for stuff for no real reason. best quote at 5:58
  4. I hope this is the first and last time we see ijustine on LTT. She clearly is a mac user and has no clue what she's talking about in terms of PC modding or PC in general. The mousepad comment is pretty ridiculous. Steve is the only one who actually examined everything up close.
  5. I like how he completely ignores the wide angle lens on the camera, a useful feature despite how everyone else is going with telephoto lens. Way to be thorough Linus!
  6. Overall, it was an entertaining season, but episode 4's quality feels unpolished. First, as mentioned already, the audio quality is very inconsistent. Then there's lack of breakdown of both team's system. The text appears and disappears too quickly. No thoughts from the team on why they chose the parts they had? No final budget breakdown? How much did both teams spend? Who spent less money? No reaction to other team's system? Overall, it felt incomplete. I think this season does not paint Luke in a favourable light. Don't know if it's the editing but at times it makes him look li
  7. lol it makes sense they moved their base of operations to vancouver, as Langley is too far away making travel a nightmare both in terms of time and expenses. (you can figure out where their starting location is if you are observant enough) However, ironic that Langley to Pitt Meadows is actually shorter distance. Linus forgetting day pass exist is also funny because then they wouldn't have to buy another ticket at the skytrain station. (tip: Cash fare at buses are not accepted on skytrain) God damn it, Linus, don't eat on a bus!!. and lol Jay and Luke just sitting at a coffee pl
  8. There's this weird black line at the bottom right corner of the screen lol. I think the regular ipad can be a good device for many people, especially those who're computer illiterate. I bought one for my mom so she can watch movies and she's enjoying it. However, the ipad pro makes no sense as product other than to bait the diehard fans into spending more money. Despite it's "pro" name, it's not really targeted towards the prosumer crowd because it's still running iOS. You might as well get the Surface Pro since it has full fledged windows so at least you can run the programs yo
  9. $649 CAD for the 6GB model is a "budget" phone now....smh I think they spent most of the resources on the dual camera as the hardware design is straight up burrowed from their sister company's Oppo R11.
  10. I still can't get over the fact they actually spent money on a GPU when they already have a APU...... like wtf?
  11. feels like a rushed ending. There's should been a rundown for each system not only for Jay but also for the viewers as well. The benchmarks should've been done live at Jay's studio imo for better transparency. I think it's ironic that Linus got all salty about them cheating when he and Luke only managed to get the parts they had because the sellers knew who they were. As I said in a previous post, there needs to be a rule where Linus, Luke, or any participant who's a youtuber, cannot contact the seller directly to avoid getting deals that a normal person wouldn't have been able
  12. There needs to be a new rule where Linus and Luke cannot call any potential sellers because the people who sold them the parts clearly knew who they were and only pretended to not know so Linus could get the deal. I find it hard to believe that that guy would sell his 980ti to anybody else for only $250.
  13. Linus should've been disqualified. The employee clearly knew who he was, especially when he's wearing a LTT T shirt....
  14. TIL Linus leaves 1k in cash on the bathoom counter in his hotel room and thinks it's a good idea to fly to SanFran when shopping for a $500 pc.