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  1. my raidmax psu has been running strong since 2011.
  2. https://alpha-t.net/ no butterfly labs, sorry. 5mh/s for 405 euro is amazing.
  3. I read somewhere butterfly labs was working on them
  4. Instead of getting a 7990 start investing in ASICs.....
  5. OFC I would! Then while everyone is dancing i would hop down into the walmart and steal all the xbones and the ps4s and then sell them on craigslist for 50 bucks more.
  6. In America we would dance on Wal Mart and big macs.
  7. Woman dances on 20 blocks of butter. And it's called art. I don't even...
  8. @Ghost dude stop tangling other people's stuff. Yeah, hit the nail on the head. OP, Strip the cable and sleeve it with paracord. Helps a bunch. I think lutroo had a guide to flat cable sleeving somewhere....
  9. all alt coins can get big enough, but whatever i mine i just switch to ltc on cryptsy. Litecoin is better for investments because it follows btc (usually). If I see btc drop 40 bucks in a day, ill dump my ltc because they 85% of the time will drop a big margin as well.
  10. You guys, it gets 30% ish harder every two weeks to mine, right? you will probably only make like 30 cents a day if your electricity is over 14c per kwh. If you want to mine a crypto currency for fun, and want to make the most money you can, check this out. http://www.coinwarz.com/cryptocurrency Also you can sell your 5870 very easily now because it is one of the best mh/w cards out there. And also for a lot more than you would expect. Also start mining lottocoin. relatively easy to mine right now.
  11. has anyone ever told you the guy in your avi looks like lewis hamilton?