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  1. Don't know about a 'build guide' but we're looking at doing something for a DAW. =D So far it sounds simple enough. Just the question of DPC latency based on parts that doesn't seem like it can be answered until after it's built and tested.
  2. Ok, so if you exceed your buffer, you'll get artifacting. If you increase your buffer size, you get latency so you want the buffer size low? What does a higher latency turn into?
  3. Thanks for the input, guys! Much appreciated!! So will latency be a post-build thing rather than a pre-build consideration? Would VSTs be fine to be on say an HDD with projects being on the SSD? Do many music/audio peripherals use thunderbolt?
  4. Hey, all. So looking to understand what you need to build a DAW. From what I hear, low DPC Latency is important but I can't tell how you minimize it through parts choices. Does anyone have anything to share? What are RAM requirement likes these days? Is there an advantage to more VRAM? More cores or high clocked CPU? Does a sound card matter? Internal vs External? What peripherals do musicians use and what kind of I/O do they need??
  5. HDR videos on the regular won't be for a while. I'm waiting on hardware to actually get things going on Windows machines. I learned and did the things on our Mac Pro with an Apple XDR and a PA32UCX. HDRX and HDR is not the same and as far as I know, HDRX shouldn't be used to try to make HDR. I'm still testing scenarios indoors and outdoor to start making our workflow with HDR in mind.
  6. Hey guys, If you applied on Google Forms, take a look and see if you can edit your submission otherwise you might have to fill it out again because the form has been updated to include more information! Thanks!
  7. Tinnitus. It helps drown it out. Too many loud noises in my younger years.
  8. I REALLY wanted to do more mice but it was a matter of restricted time. We had rented the camera for the shoot with Gav (day 1) and had to return it the next day. We said we'd return it by 3 (have it leave the office at 1). Which meant we had to do the spoken bit, do the tests, some analysis to make sure things were good, then finish the tests within a few hours AND ingest the footage (which is painfully slow). =P NEXT time though!
  9. Time. Flight in was a bit delayed and he had to leave the next morning. We squeezed another video in the next morning/afternoon as well (without Gavin) while we had the camera though.
  10. Actually, I massively choked too. The cameras, the people, and the expectations that I wouldn't miss. When the cameras weren't on I was relaxed and hitting everything fine. The mind game is real.
  11. I blame the high sensitivity! (2.4 @ 400DPI) and the unfamiliar movement speed (80%). =3 Also, I'm rusty and old.
  12. This except it won't be the summer. I have it on the calendar tentatively but it's not a hard date right now. 90% chance it won't be in the summer though.
  13. Yeah, that's pretty much been my main difficulty.
  14. Vermintide - Co-op? Need 3v3. ARK also sounds more like a co-op. I don't know if it has PVP elements...? It's been a while since I played it. Ashes might be an option but see my post above about RTSes. Chivalry looks like it runs a bit too well. Anthem, co-op. Don't know about Just Cause 2 MP. Sounds jank. Thanks though
  15. Yeah that's what I was wondering too. lol Was going to check benchmarks.