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  1. F*ck take-two. What they did was complete BS and people are mad because of it. You haven't bought it, speak with your money and keep it in your pocket, or spend it on something else.
  2. That hurts D: Anyway, try to sell it if it's beyond repair or too expensive, i'm sure someone wants it for a nice price.
  3. I still have my RX 480 I did pay 300 euros for it tho... Imo too much but i was sick of using the iGPU and RX 480's were just unavailable where i lived so i didn't have another choice than to pay a premium for the shipping...
  4. I would get the r7 1700. The performance advantage the i7 has is mostly because it can be overclocked to 5+Ghz (sometimes) which results in high single-core performance. However the r7 1700 might be slower in older games than the 7700. Games will start to use more cores in the future (some already are actually), both AMD and Intel are pushing multi-core cpu's harder than ever and devs are already showing that they are optimizing for multi-core cpu's. It will only be a matter of time until the more cores the 1700 has to offer will be used by games.
  5. Come on, it's high-end stuff, what did we honestly expect? An rx 580 uses 150-ish watts which is a solid mid-range card. Adding only 50W TDP and expecting much more performance, not going to happen. Honestly 250-300W is maybe not that great, but that's what you have to deal with when you use high-end hardware. A good cooler is very important but as we seen before it's not impossible to keep gpu's with such high TDP cool.
  6. If you go water, get at least an H80 or H100 or whatever it's called today. I personally would stick with air, a nice noctua cooler should do the job
  7. What i do/did is get a decent laptop for school (i5-i7, simple gpu or just iGPU, 240GB ssd) and game on my rig at home. It leaves a good line between relaxing, gaming, chilling and whatever and serious work, concentrating and knowing what you are doing is important. It's just a psychological thing, true, but it does help me a LOT. It leaves a clear line between school and home (or your equivalent of home). I wouldn't get a 300 dollar thing, school is important and you need to have something reliable that won't start complaning after a few months because it doesn't have enough power or whatever.
  8. Well, in the video of linus reviewing the thing there was also a very short clip of them showing it hitting 90°C+ so it's not exactly a surprise nor an exception. Honestly this makes them look bad, really bad. AMD solders their cpu's so now Intel will look like the power-hungry stupidly hot one of the 2 by a big difference. Imo they deserve it tho, it's time we throw some sh*t back to them, they threw it at us for far too long.
  9. I hate it because it's really inconsistent. They don't feel the same at all. Even my chinese fake blues are much more consistent than the razer greens or whatever. Some feel mushy, some feel sturdy, it's annoying... Also i have an objective reason to hate them, i told this story already a few times (i should whack it into a notpad document and just use that tbh...) but anyway. Let's take the Razer Blackwidow as an example, simple mechanical keyboard, few macro's, nothing special. Anyway, years ago the Blackwidow came with MX blues, and as we know they are really good. Very consistent, no quality issues, very nice switches. Expensive but imo the price was justified, you got a product with a good quality for your money. Let's say a Blackwidow with MX blues was 100 bucks, to keep the story simple. So, a few years ago, the patent for mechanical switches from Cherry, expired, which allowed other manufacturers to develop and sell their own mechanical switches, including cheap chinese ones. What razer did was ditch the MX switches and replaced them with switches from worse quality, so at that point the quality of the Blackwidow went down due to use of inferior switches. But what happened to the price of the keyboard? NOTHING, nada, premium price, still there, still 100 bucks even tho you now buy something worse than before. Razer switches aren't as good as MX switches but they still ask MX prices, which is BS. And they do some other sh*t i don't like so i refuse to give them my money, there are much better options out there...
  10. How is it faster than the SSD's in raid 0? Do you maybe have some figures to compare the system with and without the Optane thingy?
  11. I don't have a suggestion, but i do have a recommendation. Do NOT, i repeat, NOT, get a razer keyboard. DON'T get one of them. Everything else is fine imo. I even have a cheap-ass chinese knock-off for 27 bucks (no numpad, no macro's, fake MX blues but it does have LED's) and tbh it's better than razer crap. I tried a blackwidow once with "razer green" switches, there were complete crap, just awful.
  12. Nope, you will need a dedicated GPU for that in your case. Any GPU will do tho, as long as it's from an older generation.
  13. Honestly it doesn't matter It's what you prefer. A case is apart from a few minor things a subjective decision. I've done a build in an S340 and it wasn't awesome. It's easy to damage the bracket next tot the motherboard when you put it in so it's required to be careful about that and the hole for the 8-pin cpu connector is tiny AF and a pain in the butt to connect. Apart from that it's fine Don't have any experience with the P400s tho. But i personally would get the P400s because it looks better
  14. If it had acces to the play store it has a gmail-account linked to it. Maybe someone knows which email address that is and hopefully has access to it