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  1. cpu-motherboard-ram upgrade for 800 bucks with ryzen, no problem You could probably get the 1800x if you want in that case. 300 bucks for motherboard,ram and a good cooler is perfectly possible.
  2. Serious question: how did it feel when you knew how much ryzen costs? Anyway, parts list sounds quite nice, hopefully it all goes well
  3. Nope! It's according to AMD exactly the same 6900k max turbo: 4GHz. 1800X max turbo: 4Ghz. 6900k cinebench R15 1T score: 162 1800X cinebench R15 1T score: 162 Looks the same to me. You can always read their disclaimer thingies at the end of the video if you believe i'm wrong. Maybe you have no idea and should stop, just a suggestion >_>
  4. 800 bucks is a bit tight and if you are prepared to give up imo too much on the gpu part of the build, you can pre-order one
  5. use this one: It has the cinebench world record in it edit: yes quality is poop i know, and vega is also mentioned
  6. Tbh i think the impact has on ryzen might even be underestimated atm After watching this video i really believe their future doesn't look nearly as good as most people think. It's basically mistakes and fails all over the place and with intel being unable to stay ahead for years now and especially AMD catching up to them, i don't know...
  7. I have a steelseries kinzu and it's a good mouse tbh. Does exactly what you want as a gamer without any gimmicks
  8. Daaaayum that's nice! Sadly no news about the cheaper ones, i was hoping to get a 6C/12T cpu but it seems like that's not going to be the case At least as far as the launch goes.
  9. You should wait for ryzen If the rumors are true they should release cpu's with similar performance of an i5 for the price of an i3. Again, if the rumors are true. Ryzen will release 2-3 march iirc.
  10. I'm running a cheap led strip from ikea for i think 2 years now and it's still fine sooo... I can't see any issue with it.
  11. now this is what you would expect from LMG. Trying to do something properly and good because the smallest issue could end up in a disaster, mistakes all over the place and ends up being a dodgy af solution anyway Well done Linus.
  12. Linus should do a TQ on load balancing on servers, at least people would know now complete youtube isn't down but just a few of their servers >_>
  13. Ignoring the fap part, if there is something you like to do and she tries to keep you actively away from it while you don't see any harm in it. Get a different GF. You 2 sadly don't seem like a good match and it's very likely the differences between both of you will only cause more arguments, sadness, angryness that's just not necessary.
  14. It's just a derpy server, keep refreshing, eventually a working server will respond properly
  15. I have them sometimes, a couple refreshes usually fixes it:D