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  1. @nicklmg The video about the wall-mounted PC is a perfect example why things are clearly different and not how they used to be. A lot of time and work went into it, multiple days and a LOT happened between the idea and the end result. Why didn't you guys took the time to film more of it and make like 2-3 episodes out of it? The impression i got from the video was basically everything quickly thrown together to keep it all as short as possible and to finish it asap. It felt very rushed... There was even enough for a few cliffhangers! But nope, it all got thrown in a 6-7 minute video + a few ads and that was it then... Compare that to the ultimate DIY desk pc build you guys did recently, similar idea but video wise completely different execution. You could easily call the wall one the Ultimate DIY wall-mounted pc and cut it in multiple parts, but that didn't happen... I mean the video isn't bad, you still put time and effort in it and it shows but, there's imo no love anymore in them... When are you guys going to do something stupid again?
  2. Well, it sort of does, but just not equal in every space of the color spectrum because well, those led's aren't perfect. If you want an RGB led where every color is equally presented you'll need quite high-end ones and they are quite expensive. Too expensive to put into most hardware...
  3. Nope, that's basically the curse of not having a white LED in there. RGB can in theory produce a perfect white but in reality it's basically impossible. Tweaking until you have reduced the pink is the only option
  4. What are you planning to do with it and what laptop is it? I would get the i7 and swap the HDD to an SSD tbh
  5. I play sims 4 from time to time. I wasted a LOT of time trying to figure out how to get more performance out of sims 3 and 4. Thing is, if you only want to spend 40 bucks on a gpu and the system is balanced, it will bump into a bottleneck way before the GPU will be the bottleneck. I mean there's no point in investing in a GPU if the HDD or CPU can't keep up and deliver a smooth experience regardless what the GPU is. And it also depends how many expansions are installed and how many mods there are. About a year ago i was sick of sims 3 stuttering all the time, so i took an SSD, fresh windows install and installed the sims 3 with every single expansion on the SSD, no mods. Thing kept stuttering and loading constantly, it just wasn't smooth. The damn thing couldn't kept everything loaded into RAM and even tho it had more than enough GPU, CPU and RAM, it was a horrible experience. The only solution (i think, i didn't test this tho) is to take the complete sims 3 install with all the expansions and whack it into a RAMdisk which is almost impossible because the game is massive... If you add enough mods to sims 4 you can basically forcing it to similar behavior, afaik the sims 4 uses a modified version of the glassbox engine from simcity which is a modified version of the sims 3 engine which is a modified version of the spore engine. I mean the way you can tweak your roof for example looks really similar to the stuff that's in spore, same goes for customizing the body of your sims.
  6. The sims 4 runs on basically a potato GPU, it's mainly the HDD (tbh SSD is heavily recommended for sims) and the cpu that matters.
  7. Every 1080 will work, it doesn't need to be another founders edition. Also make sure you have an SLI bridge, you will need that. Also, why do you want to go SLI? These days it's not exactly recommended. Upgrading to a 1080ti would be more reliable tbh.
  8. It's a standard that defines things like size, mounting hole placement, I/O location, stuff like that. It has nothing to do with performance, as long as it's a decent board it should be fine. If you take an ITX motherboard and an ITX case, it will fit because both are designed to the ITX standard. It makes sure you can buy pc parts and be sure stuff will fit.
  9. insane

    The more reasonable option would be 2 racks with 8 gpu's each. I also think you are underestimating the scale of doing this... You will need to call an electrician and add wiring to your house to make sure those things get enough power. I mean you are basically entering the enterprise world with such setup and looking at a 5000W+ setup under load. (probably 6000-7000W) Cooling is another thing, an AC is a requirement at that point or you won't be able to keep the room cool enough, and they also eat up a lot of power. If you really want this, send an e-mail to supermicro, tell them you need racks with the specs you mentioned and they will probably send you an invoice back.
  10. Well, simple explaination. Market. Threadripper is meant for enthousiasts who like high-end hardware and push it as fast as it can go and make it look as badass as they can. Epyc is meant for the commercial market and comes with a lot of security advantages. But does lack cool motherboards, overclocking and other things enthousiasts care about. If you want pure performance for your money than yes epyc might be a better option than threadripper but then again, it lacks features you might want. Anyway, i'm glad this discussion can be a thing at all. Intel refused to do something similar like this (Xeon's weren't allowed to be a good alternative for consumers basically) and it was annoying AF because there were Xeon's that were actually a better option than an i7 (iirc it was an i7 with the price of an i5 + 20-30 bucks) they would do some stupid artificial locking to stop people doing it. (they ended up locking Xeon support to a C-chipset iirc which made them incompatible with B, H, and Z-boards) So yes it might look a bit weird but imo this is a good thing. It's something i wanted for a long time and it's possible this could push intel into a position where they have to price Xeon competitive and put the prices of consumer cpu's down because if they don't everyone goes AMD or Xeon. It will be interesting, the fact AMD is back in the server market is a sign it will likely be competitive for a while now. For now i haven't seen exactly a big battle between AMD and Intel but as time goes on, things will hopefully change.
  11. Tbh a Q6600 is the only upgrade that would probably be possible. I mean you can easily get a 6950 or something like that in your budget but then the PSU would likely blow up, which isn't ideal...
  12. Ayy lmao fanboy spotted At least they didn't use mayonaise to put the IHS to the die. No, seriously, the ryzen line-up is very good and if you do rendering workloads the R5 1600 and R7 1700 give you more performance for your money. Just check the non-gaming benchmarks, apart from 1 that's RAM related (which is fixed now) the 7700k is behind, also the 6900k gets heavy competition which is a 1000 dollar cpu... The 7700k is only good if you ONLY game, if you also render often, the extra cpu power is worth switching.
  13. That's, quite good actually. The PSU is maybe a bit overkill but that's about it.
  14. No, but for rendering workloads the R5 1600 or R7 1700 is a better option. The extra cores really do help...
  15. Is your bios up-to-date? Newer bios versions come with new AGESA versions which are known to improve ram stability a lot.