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  1. Can you maybe try the ram in a different pc? Maybe it's broken O_o Would be odd but it's a possibility.
  2. I'm a bit confused tbh, it's also just the text and not the icons. Maybe there's some form of compression or something causing it, i honestly don't have a clue how to fix it. I would just live with it tbh... In the end it's a cheap capture card....
  3. Does the beeping pattern change if you try to boot it with no ram at all?
  4. No, the difference is minimal and is so insignificant it doesn't matter in a PC. Getting the right rad and the right fans for it is much more important.
  5. Well, it's quite insane to document everything but anyway, i got some suggestions cd-rom: broken laser damaged laser (scratches for example) dusty laser broken motor (cd doesn't spin) gearing broken (doesn't open or close) No power Wrong laser (blu-ray cd can't be read by a dvd reader, more of a user error tbh) hdd: weird noises random freezes corrupted files broken motor hdd unreadable due to physcial damage by the read/write head (scratches) broken due to user dropping it. (more common than you might think) psu: burned down house, obviously Jokes aside, it is a possibility a house actually burns down due to a bad psu. Human death, also possible, the thing can short out and if a human was touching the case at that point it's possible the short kills the person. Or you are stupid, open the psu and short out the cap, if the cap is still charged it could release a deadly shock. PSU's are dangerous things and by far the most scary part of a PC. You might think it's fine when it's unplugged but actually to keep it simple, usually there's some electricity hidden in it ready to leap out and shock you to death.
  6. For video editing the 2 monitor setup will help a lot with being more productive and efficient. Also 1080p at 24" does still look quite good imo.
  7. Is this what you see from the HDMI-out port? If this is the recorded footage it's normal because there's compression. If it's from the HDMI-out i honestly don't know why that happens... Is it still runnning at the same resolution, refresh rate and color depth?
  8. Is it just me or has this the potential to backfire insanely hard? We know knowledge means power. Hackers like to get their hands on knowledge because they can use it as leverage to blackmail Just imagine a bot buying information from people and then blackmail them with it to get money from them. If they don't pay they will just make the information they have public. Sounds like a great time for criminals tbh and i don't even know if this is completely illegal because you got the information legally O_o It's going to be interesting!
  9. Nice to see they admit there is an issue and are working on a proper fix. Some companies can learn from that
  10. Someone should do this for GTA V Anyway, i hate that devs do this and even if it's an insanely good game, i won't buy it if they want to clearly rip me off.
  11. Maybe glasswire is something for you. It works with the windows firewall and i use it all the time. I recommend trying that
  12. Do they still use a bird to send mail or something? I mean E-mail exists and is a decent alternative to communicate, oh yea it uses the INTERNET. How stupid do you have to be? honestly.... Communicating is the foundation of the internet, even before it was the internet at all it was a phone line, which is used to call other people to talk. Oh that's also communicating! How odd.
  13. I want to see them test it again with an i3. One of the good things about DX11 is that it puts less load on the cpu in the same situation so i'm wondering if there are performance gains in a scenario with a cpu bottleneck.
  14. Get an r7 1700, a noctua NH-D15 just 4 lolz (there are better options) and OC it as far as you can. Tadaa, stupidly good price-performance and stupidly silent (i guess)
  15. HWmonitor is sadly unreliable when it comes down to checking the clock speeds, it does funny prediction math that can cause weird results (i personally saw it reporting max cpu speed at like 8Ghz sometimes which is impossible). CPU-Z is the best option if you want to be sure.