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  1. Ads On Netflix?

    Few options. Some of them are just music with their clips and some of them are subsidized by the gov. Non-commercial tv channels do exist and watching tv without commercial breaks is really underrated. Once you are used to it other channels that do have commercial breaks are so annoying i usually just give up watching TV completely for a few days/weeks.
  2. Ads On Netflix?

    Well not all TV channels have ads and not all website have ads... And internet is more than just websites. Thing is, TV isn't managed by 1 company and neither is the internet. A lot of companies work together to make it work. Netflix however is managed by, netflix... And you pay netflix to use netflix, and netflix decides to make this change i can understand why people are angry at netflix because consumers believe netflix shouldn't do that, which is fine because it is indeed only up to netflix to decide to revert the change or not.
  3. We don't even see games with DX12 or vulkan support so i don't expect to see raytracing stuff anytime soon. But then again i think nvidia will create gameworks tech that works specifically with the raytracing stuff and causes anything else to take a massive performance hit but whatever.
  4. When is Ryzen Pro?

    Ryzen pro is not the 2200G or 2400G btw. Ryzen pro are for the commercial market and come with extra stuff and go through tougher tests. 2200G and 2400G are just normal ryzen APU's.
  5. Samsung giving up on mobile?

    No, not anymore at least. The last numbers i can find are from 2017Q4 and apple overtook them. https://www.idc.com/promo/smartphone-market-share/vendor It could be different again but i cant find more recent numbers. If you have more recent numbers that show samsung is back in the lead, let me know. Or a source that tell us how the actual marketshare is, like the phones that are used by people would be more accurate.
  6. Samsung giving up on mobile?

    I doubt they will. They don't have the biggest marketshare but i do believe they make a LOT of money from it. Like, the note and the S-series sell very well every single time and those are really expensive phones that come with big margains.
  7. When will SMS be replaced...

    Because it works on everything. You have android? SMS works fine. You have an iphone? SMS works. Your granddad has a 10-year old nokia? SMS works. Your grandma has one of those senior phones with massive buttons? SMS works. You have a weird embedded project and you want to send information from and to your device? SMS is an option! Some people don't have messenger or whatsapp or whatever but they do have a mobile phone, so you can either text them or call them which is plenty for them. If they want to ask you but don't really want to bother you, they send a text. If it's sort of urgent, they call you. That's all they need!
  8. I know, it's stupid and flawed but that's just the law i guess... There is a similar stupid law for drugs. I don't know the exact numbers but let's say it's legal to have 5 grams of weed at your house. But it's illegal to transport it. So if you go to the netherlands; buy 4 grams of weed (which is allowed) you can't legally transport them to your house, but once they are at your house it's fine again. Like, how are you suppose to get the weed at your home in the first place if transporting it is illegal? Stupidest thing is that the cops do regular checks for this at highways that are near the border...
  9. Im actually not sure about wireshark, i guess it technically isn't illegal but good luck explaning that. Also if you combine it with other tools it could be seen as something that is a form of assistance when hacking and making other illegal tools more effective. Its also illegal here to pentest systems from other people unless you have permission. Funny thing is that it IS legal to pentest your own devices...
  10. I just used kali as an example because it comes preinstalled with a bunch of hacking tools. But having those tools at all is illegal where i live. Doesn't matter if you use kali, windows or another linux distro. Stuff like aircrack are specifically designed to hack wi-fi networks which isn't allowed... If i install kali or whatever and add aircrack on a usb drive, go outside and the cops pull me over and find the USB drive, i might end up in court and eventually in jail and/or a fine. Even if you never used them or only for ethical stuff. It's still illegal. Just having it is illegal.
  11. You can hack wi-fi access points, brute-force passwords, inject payloads in python scripts or exe files and a LOT more stuff that could do real damage. Sounds like hacking software to me. Kali is marketed as a pentesting tool and ethical hacking software so i think you can be sure it IS hacking software.
  12. Overclocking Ryzen 5

    Just something to keep in mind, it's possible the CPU can't do 4.2Ghz on all cores. You can try it, but overclocking has no guarantee at all.
  13. I guess that depends where you live. Where i live it's illegal to have hacking software with you like kali for example. But then again 100+ students at my school had kali because it was part of a course and nobody ever got in trouble. Unless you did something illegal they basically never check for hacking tools because they have no reason to do so. Tbh the cops barely do anything these days because there aren't enough of them.
  14. Yes, yes, valve do it. I mean there is already a DX12 to vulkan translator on linux and the gpu drivers are getting better as well. Like, win32 isn't going anywhere soon and the UWP isn't exactly the best friend of game devs.