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    MSI Z97 PC Mate
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    4x4GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer
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    Powercolor Red Devil RX 480 8GB
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    128GB 840 Evo and 5TB of hdd drives
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    Ocz ModXStream 700w
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    Corsair H100i
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  1. A physical keyboard, android and affordable (max 200 dollars) Specs, don't care, size, don't care. All i want is an android phone with a physical keyboard. I have an old LG C800, tweaked the sh*t out of it and it has been running solid for years and it has like 4-5 days of battery life. And it charges in like 2-3 hours because it's a 1500mah battery even with a crappy charger. I even went as far as ditching the browser and everything that's wifi related, google is nowhere to be found anymore. If i need something updated (which i don't really because it's permanently disconnected from the internet) i just download the APK and install it via the terminal. The reason i haven't replaced it is because i don't have an option... BB has some but holy crap they are expensive (300+ dollars) and already getting old. The only "option" i have that's "new" is the Samsung Folder 2, but i have to import the damn thing from south korea because that's the only place where it's sold...
  2. The school computers

    I played openTTD for HOURS. No installation required, runs on a potato and stuff like directX or .net weren't required. It runs on a brand new install of basically any os out there. Including XP
  3. I don't think FX is a good example, most AM3 boards were cheap and not at all designed for 200+w cpu's so imo it makes sense to block support because it could cause a lot of blown up am3 vrm's. Also this time AM4 is more versatile. You can get an APU (didn't exist for AM3+), cheap and good enough for simple gaming, add a dGPU later and get a new cpu 2-3 years later without swapping the motherboard. You can basically go from an "ok" system for eSports to a decent workstation/gaming machine. FX cpu's were crap to game with regardless which one you got...
  4. What is this?

    Seems like an old AP. It's a device that only sends out wifi and probably has 1 ethernet cable connected to it that provides both the ethernet connection and power with POE. Nothing interesting and very common in businesses, schools and other similar places where a lot of people would use wifi in a small area.
  5. What about vans? They will basically appear like a fancy cube, also busses and other commercial vehicles will basically be worthless for the system because they don't know who is on it (yet ) But i guess in the case of a bus they would just show an ad of a cheap store or something...
  6. So we are all going to drive cars like this in the future? If you guys are wondering why, it's REALLY difficult for camera's to focus on this car and to figure out what's the shape of the car. That way they won't really know what you drive so the system would be quite broken And don't worry about it becoming illegal, it's a big deal for car companies and actually more cars with such design would actually help them
  7. Where i live there's something called the CCU (computer crime unit), split into RCCU's (regional CCU's) and FCCU (federal CCU's) What they do is support cops when there is tech involved. When they for example raid the house of a pedophile the CCU helps in gathering/collecting digital proof. Everything that's digital (camera, pc, microsd) is taken care of by them. They go really far tho, when they raid a house for example and there's a system running, they get a full dump of the RAM. If you for example looked at some kiddie porn and just closed it when the cops came in, the RAM dump has likely some leftovers from the porn left which can be used as proof. These days they even teach dogs to search for PCB's. Motherboards, SD cards etc because they have a unique chemical smell and these days dogs are teached to search for them similar like they are already used to search people today. Also when the house is searched and a hidden pc is found (like the pc in a jewelry case) the CCU does forensics on it to possibly find proof about whatever crime you might be accused of. So, what i learned is when the cops raid your house, pull the plug on your PC (because RAM is volatile and loses all data the second it loses power) and destroy the platters of the HDD (use a nailgun to pierce them and shatter them into small pieces for example). SSD's aren't as "reliable" to destroy because 1 survived nand-chip is enough to do forensics on and could provide enough proof.
  8. Cops came to our school to talk about ethical hacking (learning to hack is part of my education) and that was one of the many stories they told us, being an "IT-cop" is actually quite interesting but not my cup of tea.
  9. ITX Z97 Motherboards

    Honestly i would just sell the mobo, cpu and ram combo and get something new in that case I mean it's not bad and you could convert it to an ITX build but if you are going to throw money at it, why not do it properly. That way you can be sure it will at least last through college. 8GB for example is starting to be classified as "not enough" and 16GB is getting more and more common
  10. Most awesome i've seen was a tiny AMD APU-based system that was built in a jewelry box, it was confiscated after the police got in to arrest the guy. (i think he did unethical things with kids ) I have to give him props for originality tho.
  11. They aren't extensions. They are replacement cables for the standard cables that come with the PSU. Extensions are easy to get, if you know a website that can ship watercooling gear they usually also have extensions. However if you want to have your cables sleeved and you are a bit handy it might be a better idea to just sleeve them yourself. Much cheaper but it does take some time.
  12. AMD OneDrive crashing Windows 10.

    I would just OC from the BIOS, much more reliable and it's the only way to be sure about voltage control.
  13. Any game of evolving civilizations?

    Spore? It's old but that's basically as good as it's going to get evolvement wise.
  14. What the hell LMG?

    The blurring was indeed awful, i was able to read most of it as well, enough to figure out what they were talking about But then again these kinds of mistakes happen, somehow... (audio out of sync, audio level low, text wrong, etc etc...) They really need better QC and even tho they have floatplane to catch these mistakes they somehow still end up on youtube!
  15. 5 VR devices 1 PC?

    You can't duplicate 5 VR screens because the head tracking would be wrong. If 1 person would look to the left, everyone's vision would follow. Not ideal when you (person 2 for example) looked to the right... Baiscally 5 VR headsets = 5 renders = 5 pc's.