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    Going sideways since 86

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    On a comfy chair.


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    i5 4690K @ 4.2Ghz
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    MSI Z97 PC Mate
  • RAM
    4x4GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer
  • GPU
    Powercolor Red Devil RX 480 8GB
  • Case
    Antec 1200
  • Storage
    128GB 840 Evo and 5TB of hdd drives
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    Ocz ModXStream 700w
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    Corsair H100i
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    Razer Blackwidow with MX Blue
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    Logitech MX Performance
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    Windows 7 Professional x64

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  1. samcool55

    Would a X99 waterblock fit an 1151 board?

    You also need a backplate, the part that goes on the back of the motherboard where you screw the block into. X99 has an integrated backplate (sort of), but 115x doesn't.
  2. samcool55

    Would a X99 waterblock fit an 1151 board?

    Well the mounting screws on the X99 one are stuck in the position for X99 sockets. The block itself is basically the same. The normal one has bigger holes that allows you to mount it on both X99 boards and 115X boards. There is probably a difference in the backplate as well. The block itself is exactly the same.
  3. samcool55

    Looking for a monitor that is 120 or 240hz

    That's a wiiide range. You have 1080p144hz monitors for 200-ish bucks. What gpu/cpu do you have? What games do you play? At what resolution do you want to play?
  4. If it has one of those post code displays, yes it will. What motherboard do you have?
  5. samcool55

    How powerful is the Vega 11 iGPU (Ryzen 5 2400g)

    It's decent, as long as you get 2 sticks of ram so you can run dual channel. Sticking with 1 memory stick could cause a massive performance hit (as bad as 40-50%)
  6. The problem is that they don't really care about this. The only thing that matters is profit, money. That's it. It's not because devs want to, it's because they have to, the crunch culture is real in the game dev world and it's awful. Why do you think microtransactions are a thing? Why do you think the big guys mainly keep selling basically the same game as last year? Because it gives them the most amount of profit. Ubisoft, EA and Bethesda are all going this route, and it's a bad one. I'm not saying they are all like this, CDPR is like REALLY good when it comes down to being consumer friendly (GOG store) and creating actually decent games. An old but great example is simcity vs cities skylines, simcity was absolute trash and clearly a cash grab, cities skylines was an indie project by passionate people and it really shows.
  7. If the wrong people have the private keys then yes, it wouldn't be a good system, but that's not the fault of the encryption itself (assuming it's still classified as safe) but poor key management. It doesn't matter how good an encryption is if the key gets into the wrong hands.
  8. samcool55

    does anyone know how to use AHK

    TARAAAN @TaranLMG He is like the autohotking, insane what he does. I would take a dive in Taran's archive, it's full of AHK gems. https://www.youtube.com/user/TaranVH/videos?disable_polymer=1
  9. That's encoding, not encrypting. The letters you see aren't stored as letters, they are stored as bits, as we all know. Your computer needs to decode those bits first to letters before we can see it. Encoding is when it's publicly known how to encode/decode stuff. Encryption is when it's not publicly known how to do it (because you need private keys which are clearly not public). You can encode as much as you want, because it's publicly known how to decode it, which is fine because it happens all the time. ASCII is a way of encoding/decoding stuff for example. If they ban encoding, you can throw away every digital thing with a display, simple as that. Well you will if you have the right key. Seems like you got a bit carried away there in the argument O_o
  10. samcool55

    The gaming PC days are NUMBERED! (Sponsored)

    Only 256 gigs? it's probably SSD storage but, that's nowhere near enough for most gaming libraries. Like, games that use 100+gb of storage aren't that rare anymore. Also, forget doing stuff like adobe premier. While it does have the raw power, there is 1 massive problem: actually getting your stuff in the cloud. This is actually getting a bigger and bigger issue in general as time goes on. The low upload speeds cause people to stay away from the cloud because it's too slow and too big of a hassle to get everything there. It's not just an US thing, it's a problem that is getting more and more common in Europe as well.
  11. Well, that's simple. Different cpu's require different mounting pressure. 115X socket requires different mounting pressure than the 775 socket. To avoid people putting too much or too little mounting pressure on their cpu, they changed the holes just enough so it's dummy-proof. Funny thing is that the mounting pressure guideline stuff changed with skylake, the max amount of pressure went down, but mounting stuff stayed the same so people actually bent their cpu to hell because the cooler pushed too hard on it and caused the substrate to bent. edit: basically if they didn't make the change stuff like this would happen: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2015/12/intel-skylake-cpus-bent-and-broken-by-some-third-party-coolers/
  12. Afaik you can discuss stuff that's out there, even if you are under NDA because it's public information at that point. Hardware Unboxed made a video about the leaks and he is probably also under NDA. And they talked about it on Techlinked sooo yea... As long as they stick to the information that's in the article, it's fine.
  13. I doubt it will. There is a disconnect with what the community is talking about and Linus cares about. Few months ago when the benchmarks from Principled Technologies got release and was such a mess GN went as far as knocking on their door to ask wtf was going on, Linus clearly didn't know anything about the subject. He basically looked 10 seconds at it, did an educated guess and moved on. He clearly never looked into it because he didn't even saw why it was a big deal. There's a reason why it got so many dislikes and Hardware Unboxed responded that Linus clearly missed the problem with it (and that comment got a bunch of upvotes as well) WAN show used to be a decent source for journalism but these days it's just rambling about BS most of us don't care about. I just watch GN news atm because it's imo much better. edit: also WAN-show in its current form is redundant anyway because we have techlinked. What they should try is bring back WAN-show in its original form. Talk about very few topics and use the rest of the time to answer questions from the community. I mean GN has "ask GN", great video's and gives you the feeling they care about to the community and want to help them. WAN-show used to do that as well with twitter but once WAN-show got full of topics, it sort of went away and never came back, since then it went only downhill but oh well.