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  1. Which is exactly why i'm still running w7 Yes i know it won't be supported anymore in 3 years. Maybe by then there will be better solutions, who knows. A lot can happen in that time so i'm not too worried about it for now. We'll see i guess.
  2. Umm, if you are going to use anything decent to play it that was built in the last 10 years it's likely it supports normal MP3 files. So get a normal cd and just drag and drop the mp3 files onto it, big chance that just works.
  3. Soon in this case is 3 years soo i guess that's still a while away? Maybe by then we have a new windows OS without ads, i dunno... Would be nice i guess.
  4. Ahem, there is a ryzen system right next to me with windows 7 on it, atm my SO is playing a game on it so it IS possible. edit: anyway, let's be helpful You will need to do a fresh install if you want to use W7 on a ryzen system and install it using a PS/2 keyboard. Or inject the USB drivers in the usb or dvd image of W7.
  5. You have cores, and you have threads. They aren't the same. Linus has a video about hyperthreading on youtube, google is your friend AMD has an equivalent in ryzen cpu's called Simultaneous multithreading btw. If you game + stream, more cores and threads help because it's a very scaleable workload and more cores usually equals more raw power so with a more scaleable workload you can easily use the extra raw power. If you want to know who uses 20+ core cpu's. A lot of people. Science for example has very scaleable workloads, they can basically use an infinite amount of cores Think about protein folding, predicting weather, analyzing earth to figure out where to dig etc etc. Same thing goes for the entertainment industry. CGI, animation movies like frozen. All digital that gets rendered by cpu's. (gpu's can help but that's another story) I think it's dreamworks but i can be wrong but they even go as far as when it's night and nobody is there the computers from employees are added to the render pool and they support the renderfarm during the night. It's more efficient and employees won't even know.
  6. Overclocking cpu's, worth it. Z170 or Z270 chipset? Who cares, if it has the connectivity you want you are good to go.
  7. I would try old hardware first to get familiar with everything. If you are tired of it or want something else after a few weeks/months it's not as big of a deal compared to using new hardware.
  8. Plug something in, open device manager and press the button to search for new plug-and-play devices. IIrc it's a small pc icon with a magnifying glass thingy.
  9. It's a crap CPU cooler and in combination with a 6700k that might suffer from bad contact between the chip and the IHS. It's not unreasonable to think it's just a combination of both. Touch the rad after 20-30 minutes of stress testing with your hand, it should start to feel at least sort of hot. Liquid coolers take longer to heat up. If it's just warm and easy to touch, it's suffering from bad contact between the IHS and the cpu. If it feels hot and almost painful to touch because of the heat, it's just a crap cooler.
  10. You can tag them, for example @Amateur Gamer
  11. Sooo if it's the same hour as ryzen, it should be in a few hours. Well, i guess we'll see
  12. No, it just allows VM's to send commands straight to the cpu instead of going through the host OS. It's a sort of side door you open. Front door is for your windows system and the back door should be shut
  13. If you want an alternative: They also do games and pc software
  14. I would go r7 1700 and OC it You can even get 2 if you have different things to render at the same time. Ryzen motherboards officially don't support ECC but it's not blocked either. It depends if the motherboard supports it but i don't know too much about ECC support on ryzen motherboards. Honestly the price/performance is much better with ryzen so i don't see a reason to go intel O_o
  15. A duckly is like the holy grail of mechanical keyboards, imo It's just personal preference tbh. I have a keyboard with MX blues and a cheap-ass mechanical one with fake mx blues and i both like them. Just get what you think is the best for you. Apart from the switches and possible LED's there isn't much difference between them. Just DO NOT get a razer