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    i5 4690K @ 4.2Ghz
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    MSI Z97 PC Mate
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    4x4GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer
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    Powercolor Red Devil RX 480 8GB
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    Antec 1200
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    128GB 840 Evo and 5TB of hdd drives
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    Ocz ModXStream 700w
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    Corsair H100i
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    Razer Blackwidow with MX Blue
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    Logitech MX Performance
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    Windows 7 Professional x64

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  1. Windows Based VMWare OS

    Going virtual might be good in a business case, but you might want to avoid that for gaming. Many games refuse to run in a VM...
  2. why arent laptopa built like that?

    Well some of the most high-end gaming laptops have a different config. Keyboard all the way to the front, derpy touchpad and hot components next to the keyboard instead of below it.
  3. How Much Fans in Your PC Build/Case

    12 3x gpu 4x cpu (240mm push-pull) 1x top (200mm) 3x front (120mm) 1x psu (120mm with dying bearings)
  4. Have you resetted the BIOS?
  5. No need to worry about that It will get an IP from the DHCP and ask local devices if it can PXE boot from one. If no device responds nothing will happen. Also it doesn't go outside (out of the local network) because it doesn't have a reason to do so.
  6. HDMI, DVI, should be the same, at least the digital signal. It either works, or it doesn't. Unless you get a black screen you might want to swap the connection but if it just hangs at something it won't do much... For PXE boot i followed this tutorial http://www.rmprepusb.com/tutorials/serva The target system needs to boot from ethernet, the source system that runs serva, just follow the tutorial, the source system can be wireless, a potato laptop should be enough
  7. Need a favour from everyone...

    Done 30 is actually quite reasonable.
  8. I know it might be a PITA to get working but what about trying to PXE boot? You do need a 2nd working system for it to get it going tho. I suggest trying Serva. Also the computer you are trying to fix needs a wired connection. Tbh i'm a bit lost right now with things you can try
  9. If you want a 6-core with 128GB, expensive Intel platforms is the only option. Also why exactly do you need 128GB? You only have 6 cores so you won't be able to run many VM's, also storage wise, it would mean you would have 128TB, how are you going to connect enough drives to get such capacity? It doesn't have a lot of SATA ports...
  10. Have you tried the USB stick in a different system? I would create a bootable usb with pendrivelinux and use linux mint, if you can get it working on a different pc you can at least be sure the USB isn't faulty. Live boot will be fine
  11. i7 vPro

    Does it show the i7 sticker? Every intel generation has different sticker designs so you can use that to check which generation the i7 is.
  12. There is microsoft Teams, something nobody knows about, let alone using it. Slack is also an option, imo it's something like "discord for business". I can be wrong tho but that's at least the sense i get from it.
  13. Tell that to TrustedInstaller... That twat usually denies you hard when you want to do something serious, even if you are admin.
  14. Honestly this might be a good time to bring something like MSN back, i still miss it and there has never been a worthy alternative. There have been decent alternatives don't get me wrong but none of them imo have managed to reach the same level.
  15. Ryzen 5 APU FPS Results

    No, the 2200G doesn't do any GPU work, only CPU work. He did this to compare a cheap ryzen + dGPU with the best new APU because they are similar priced.