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  1. Nest Cams are a BIG SCAM

    Umm, 2 things. I can't watch the embedded video (playback has been disabled by the video owner? O_o) And the link to the guide is broken. But it was actually surprisingly interesting. Can you guys insert a table or something with a breakdown of all the parts and how much they cost? It sounds a lot cheaper than a nest but i have no clue how much it actually costs
  2. Razer Blade 2018 Classic Unboxing

    I know what you mean, proving anything in an objective way won't be possible. But i just want to know if i go out and buy a new razer blade, will i get the same razer that linus got or did they mess with something so mine isn't as good as the one linus reviewed? If Linus says a product performs such and such, i expect the exact same results if i do the exact same tests with the exact same product in the exact same scenario (as far as margin of error allows of course).
  3. i7 8700k or 2700x

    2700x includes a stock cooler, 8700k doesn't so you need to add the cost of a decent cpu cooler for the 8700k.
  4. i7 8700k or 2700x

    2700x, will make a noticable difference in editing and streaming and is worth the little performance you lose in gaming.
  5. RPi 3 B+ Too new?

    Well, i would try go get NOOBS going with raspbian or something. Yes that's not what you want BUT at least that way you know the hardware is fine.
  6. Razer Blade 2018 Classic Unboxing

    Yes and no, if their QC is good, there shouldn't be a difference. However, if there is a difference, that means their QC either doesn't check all devices properly or allows such a wide margin of error they allow products to be different, even tho that shouldn't be the case. An objective conclusion won't be possible, true. But if there are clear differences that can be objectively proven, they can at least tell the consumer that there is a difference and they should be aware of that. If there are no difference, they know the review sample isn't cherry picked on first sight because the retail sample is identical (there could be differences that they maybe haven't figured out but still, it's something noteworthy)
  7. Razer Blade 2018 Classic Unboxing

    Well i believe this is actually a reason to go out there and buy a new blade as the review sample razer is going to send you. It will be 1 review sample vs 1 retail sample. But that's all you need to compare them and see if there are any differences. If razer has good QC and doesn't cherry pick review samples, they should be identical. If they aren't, it's a problem and reason enough to at least warn consumers their QC is still not perfect. If there is no difference, there's at least no clear proof the review sample is cherry picked (or proof the review sample is similar enough as the retail model) and if you guys like the new blade and are going to recommend it, you do at least know the consumer is likely to get something similar enough like the blades you got. You called them out, for good reason, but i think it's also fair to give them another chance and see if there is reason to still worry about the new blade getting poor QC or there are signs it is improved today.
  8. largest agp video card?

    The Powercolor Radeon X1950 pro was also a big card. It was mainly a lot wider than the HIS.
  9. You have 4 options. Go AIO Go preconfigured kit like EKWB Go full custom Go chinese cheapskate The first 3 can be done with relatively low risk. Chinese option, make sure you get some experience first in a dummy/too old to be useful system. It's not as easy as it looks. Most of the time maintenance is much more difficult than first assembly so get some experience with that too.
  10. GTX 1180 will setback Budget gamers

    Not only that tho, don't forget optimizing drivers and power usage making them a beast for laptops.
  11. Well, this was to be expected. I won't be surprised if nobody at facebook exactly knows where all the data of everyone is going to and how it's all connected. edit: funny detail. If a non-eu company has data from eu citizens. And they deny access now like LA times, they are also violating the GDPR because you need to be able to ask them to delete everything.
  12. GTX 1180 will setback Budget gamers

    Sad truth is, Nvidia has such a massive advantage they can beat whatever AMD manages to produce. Nvidia has a bigger Pascal chip, GP100, that isn't used in a geforce card, so even if the new AMD cards manage to beat the 1080ti, Nvidia has a little treat left. If for some reason the GP100 isn't enough. They have Volta, if they want they can launch a complete new generation with the Volta architecture and beat the sh*t out of whatever AMD has to offer. To make it worse, whatever the replacement of Volta will be, it can't be that far anymore for being ready for market. Volta is already almost a year old... (first product launched 21 june 2017)
  13. Windows XP Embbeded upgrade to Win 10 embbeded ?

    Well there is W10 WTSC but it's not very easy to get. But the thing is, XP and W10 are so different you should check if the software keeps working. It's a massive jump.
  14. Controller Support .

    I would buy a Steelseries Nimbus, works with iOS very well and is mainly designed for that.
  15. Even tho this isn't completely unexpected, it still hit me like a train. I honestly thought he'll somehow survive. He's a great guy so he has to. But nope, he's just as human as the rest of us and can die RIP John, RIP...