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  1. Yeah they can be swapped out, but tbh if you really want to do that the only worthy option is the noctua industrial fans they have, they are black, expensive AF but they are really about as good as it's going to get. I agree with the love-hate color scheme they have going on tho. Or maybe you can get some LTT limited edition fans, they are also expensive and rare tho I think you can't even get them anymore.
  2. Add 80% fps to whatever you get right now. If you get 50fps in a game, expect 90 fps in crossfire when it's optimized properly. edit: no idea what single-gpu you can compare it to tho.
  3. If the NH-D15 you get doesn't come with AM4 mounting brackets just contact noctua. You can request AM4 mounting stuff for free! As long as you can prove you bought one
  4. They would perform quite well, but then again the games that are capable of using both properly makes it imo not worth it. I wouldn't bother with crossfire tbh. I had it for a year and it was fine but tbh i don't miss it.
  5. Probably not soon, i mean iirc there are a few years between the NH-D14 and the NH-D15 and it's not exactly a big improvement. Just get the NH-D15, if they release a newer one in a few years the difference would be barely measureable at best unless they figure out something amazing.
  6. Rust is a POS, try a decent game Have you installed the drivers for the 1070?
  7. Lol, if nasa won't do it someone else will! It's just a matter of time before we are just casually mining from space, no big deal. Even if it's worth a buttload, where is NASA going to put it? I mean it looks so massive on the toddler drawn diagram it's not exactly something you can put in your garden...
  8. Yeah i thought the same when i was looking for one, and it turned out there was one that's like a 3 minute detour of my daily commute There are probably more around than you think actually, just make sure they can make a sticker or something similar.
  9. What you can do is get a custom printed sticker from a local marketing/flyer printing thingy. I don't know what it's called D: they print marketing material, usually they can also print massive stickers or something. At least that's what i did when i wanted a custom designed sticker for my notebook.
  10. Just wondering, how the hell did you get a flippin case back home? Motherboard, cpu, ram, k that's not big, but my god a damn case how do you do that? Nice discount btw, i sadly haven't seen much of the world so i have no idea how prices are... But i'm not exactly old either so who knows. No idea how border stuff is in belgium tbh, i guess similar
  11. Ooh you are looking at the UK page! I was talking about the silicon lottery page. They have the numbers i was talking about.
  12. Wut? you can't? i didn't know that... But can't you print your own? I thought that there was a design out there that prints a delidder you can use, i can be wrong tho. Maybe not great for multiple uses but still, if you just need 1 it's a much cheaper option, at least if you can get it printed somewhere or have a 3D printer. Also, did you go to japan and bought the locally or imported them from there? At least in belgium you pay import taxes for everything from outside the EU unless it's cheaper than 22 euros. When it's over 150 euros you pay even more tax crap
  13. cooler master silencio 550 isn't a bad one, and maybe quite cheap as well. I got mine for 50-60 bucks i think, tbh not bad for what you get