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    Going sideways since 86

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    On a comfy chair.


  • CPU
    i5 4690K @ 4.2Ghz
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z97 PC Mate
  • RAM
    4x4GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer
  • GPU
    Powercolor Red Devil RX 480 8GB
  • Case
    Antec 1200
  • Storage
    128GB 840 Evo and 5TB of hdd drives
  • PSU
    Ocz ModXStream 700w
  • Cooling
    Corsair H100i
  • Keyboard
    Razer Blackwidow with MX Blue
  • Mouse
    Logitech MX Performance
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 Professional x64

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  1. samcool55

    HOW is THIS for Gamers??

    1 detail i miss in this review is that the 9900k doesn't have a cooler while the 2700x does. Might not be a big deal but this only widens the price gap. I mean if you need a somewhat decent aircooler for the 9900k that easily costs 30-40 bucks, it's an important detail to keep in mind.
  2. samcool55

    WiFi Networking is FINALLY Getting Interesting

    Am i the only one that thinks this is more bad than good? Like, it's not meant to replace people (that's what linus say) but then why ask the assistant instead of the people at the reception that are there anyway like linus did when he searched for the bathroom? I get the sense that this is meant for people that don't like human interaction (but then why would you have a job where meetings at unknown locations is common) or to track people even more accurately which is quite scary. We also know that "automate everything!" isn't always a good idea, there is a reason why WPS isn't very safe...
  3. Yes you can run them at the same time without ruining gpu performance. The gpu might run at 8x instead of 16x but iirc it only causes a 1-2% performance difference, not something you will notice. Ryzen has 24 lanes so more than enough for your case. By default the lanes are split 16/4/4 16 for gpu, 4 for nvme and 4 for the chipset. It is possible the 1x slots run from the chipset so if you for some reason want 16 lanes for the gpu it might be worth putting the soundcard in a 1x slot instead of the other 16x one. Just make sure the gpu is in the top slot (the one with metal armor or whatever it's called).
  4. Try to connect your keyboard via PS/2 instead of USB if that's an option. It's not really a windows thing, it's more of a usb/cheap keyboard thing. The issue you have is called ghosting, if you want to read more about it this article is a good place to start. https://geekdroids.com/keyboard-ghosting-explained/
  5. Well i guess the quote "you either die as a hero or live nog enough to see yourself become the villain" is once again true...
  6. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Desktop-Mini-Fridge-USB-Gadget-Beverage-Cans-Cooler-Warmer-Refrigerator-With-Internal-LED-Light-Car-Use/32863419281.html?spm=2114.search0302.3.1.453f1fe9mhh9IX&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_0_452_532_10618_317_318_319_10059_10696_10084_100031_10083_10304_10546_10843_10887_320_10307_10548_204_10065_10068_10103_10884_10820,searchweb201603_0,ppcSwitch_0&algo_pvid=9ef5cf39-de31-4428-9f29-4adf11239059&algo_expid=9ef5cf39-de31-4428-9f29-4adf11239059-0 I have one and it won't hold your drink exactly cool, but at least somewhat colder.
  7. They should create a new version of the Desire Z to make at least something that's different than the rest of the current smartphones out there but oh well...
  8. samcool55

    Gaming Laptop Screen Upgrade!

    Well thanks for that, now the mii channel song is stuck in my head... Anyway, even tho it was a short video, it was a damn good one!
  9. I always have mixed feelings with these updates. It's nice they add new features but like, when is it going to end? They can't keep adding more and more stuff because it will eventually be just too much to handle. They need to add a feature to manage all the features so i can get of the stuff i don't care about because this will eventually get out of hand, it's just a matter of time.
  10. Well, a contract is a contract and it is what it is. If he wanted something else he should have negotiated for a better deal, but then again he was offered a percentage of overall profit or sales or whatever which is imo what he should have done, but he didn't. Seems to me he had the chance for a better deal but ended up going after a quick cash grab and regrets that now but that's live i guess...
  11. Well thank god office won't go UWP, that would be a nightmare. Am i the only one that just doesn't like where microshit is going? I don't know why but i just hate it.
  12. I still miss MSN messenger, but skype can eat shit and die holy crap. I'm happy they keep making Skype worse and worse because that will only cause it to die faster.
  13. Well that's the thing, it's not required that everyone does something. It's fine if some people ignore it, even if half of them reduces their power usage by a decent amount, that's probably enough! I'm quite sure they are making a bigger deal of it than it actually is because they have done it before and a bit of help from citizens can probably go a long way. I mean i prefer the gov to be nice to be and just ask if i want to reduce my power usage instead of scaring me for months for probably nothing. They asked us during last summer to reduce water usage because there were drought issues so why can't they ask us nicely this time?
  14. For people that don't live in Belgium, in 2015 we were also told there wouldn't be enough power during the winter and there were also plans of when which part of the country would be "turned off" in case of a power shortage. Guess how many times a part of Belgium was actually shut down. Of course it was 0, not a single time was there an actual lack of power so i doubt there will be actual problems this time. Also, 2 years ago there was a sort of test where 10k households participated in, completely voluntary. The test was simple, reduce power usage when asked but don't go completely dark. So this means turn off lights or devices that aren't really necessary but you can keep your fridge for example plugged in. Test was very succesful and it sort of made the plans to put complete cities dark a bit redundant and unnecessary. I mean how hard can it be to just ask citizens in a country "hey, we are running out of power right now, would you mind turning off some devices and lights?" Can't be that difficult...
  15. So, you can either buy an Intel system, or a threadripper one which performs similar and a car. It's nice to see the competition is back