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  1. nobody wants A4tech nowadays but they are too damn good when comes to optical tech and dpi precision anti wiggle stabilization tech.
  2. hi there we play the same games! any ideas of this ordeal of mine? check this link up: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/347293-random-fps-drops-during-gaming-pc-restart-fixes-issue/
  3. check these out ~ http://www.bloody.tw/EN/products.php?pid=10&id=32 or https://ametech.us/store/a4tech-q1100-gaming-keyboard-mouse its in my currency its about $29 or less ~ headshots through the eye precision.
  4. check these out ~ http://www.bloody.tw/EN/products.php?pid=10&id=32or https://ametech.us/store/a4tech-q1100-gaming-keyboard-mouse its in my currency its about $29 or less
  5. how to maximize 8gb of ram hmmm. thinking :huh:
  6. looks like valve titles are somehow in need of that extra headroom ram, hmmm :huh:
  7. Thanks vortexs what games do you play? I use bitdefender antivirus plus 2015, I will set it to default mode as you said. looks like vsserv.exe is from bitdefender its gaining ram usage as i set autopilot or something so i disabled it, do you have any ideas about paging file and windows aero settings and how it works best eliminating micro stutters and fps lags?
  8. ~ just an update I also checked my event viewer it also seems that my event logs show warnings and errors of "Video memory resources are over-utilized and there is thrashing happening as a result..." ~omg sam you're right something is hoarding my ram when i do gaming. the only thing left is how do i explain the slow bios startup associated with the lag stutters well eventually leading to the video memory resources over-utilized warning/error message shown in the event log. anyone? bump please thanks :huh: I am currently thinking come on brain! work!
  9. SO yes, i checked the memory usage and seems to be normal (not all the bar is green and proper memory allocations are displayed i reset my bios config to default the issue did not seem to happen anymore) when it does i will monitor the memory usage and temps again and oh, temps are like they used to be. and one more thing i disabled the bitdefender profile autopilot and set bitdefender to game mode permanently i think that helped too. i was just wondering how is disabling speedstep help in fps drops like these and i also read about unparking cores and what not but i have no idea can anybody sh
  10. being said vortex are there any other drawbacks of bitdefender what mode should I use?
  11. fingers crossed thanks sam the best precise answers i ever got! commend this guy > samcool55
  12. to follow up on the fps drops ~ games happen like laaag 1 frame delay and another with 30 ms frame delays. in 10 ms increments. Sort of like micro stutters laaag edition lolz.