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  1. I have a mod idea for this that I wanna try.

    Something related to making the side fins actually useful 😅



  2. I need to stop doing things I can't afford..

    1. will4623


      it gets you internet credits though!

  3. I feel like I did nothing on my internship, but then again most of it was spent learning Blender lol


    1. CircleTech


      You aren't really supposed to produce things the company will use on your internship. Both the company and you consider it a learning experience.


      Also how did you find the internship?

    2. givingtnt


      It's paid, I agreed, the whole point was me offering them a project in exchange of doing my internship there.

      It's also somewhere I've worked at in the past.

      This summer I built a system to automatically generate data for their self driving AI

  4. Great, someone tried to steal from my car...

    Luckily I keep nothing but a decent knife and my cheap dash cam.


    But they were too dumb to even take that lol

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    2. givingtnt


      No, it's unplugged and only records when I'm driving.

    3. Pascal...


      Would have been cool if you would have had it setup like sentry mode in a Tesla.

    4. givingtnt


      Well, if it wasn't for winter I would have gotten the model with a battery.


      But with it being -30°c at times, sometimes colder, I picked the one with a capacitor. 

  5. No, most of them (for example the K70 keyboard) will have what appears to be 1 cable, but in reality it breaks off into 2 usb cables. You could however, use a usb hub to achieve the same effect. (Although I'd say pick a decent one)
  6. Build was retoasted to builds.gg https://builds.gg/builds/thinkpi-old-chassis-new-tricks-24747 I have begun the process for the batteries.. news to come
  7. So uh.. my internship is done in 2 weeks and also maybe they talked to me about 2 contracts for right after we're done 👀 3D animation ofc..


    On top of the 2 photoshoot they booked me for xD


    This is fun

    1. lewdicrous


      Nice! Keep up the good work dude.

  8. Oh and I also bought a new lens yesterday :D


    i'm selling the lame stock 55-250 EFS and buying this neat (not) little 70-200 f/2.8 :



    It needs a bit of cleaning on the outside, but at 400$ (-150$ for the lens I'm selling, which cost me 0$) it's a steal.


    + It's really good for high speed photos of say, F1 cars 👀

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    2. MEC-777


      @givingtnt Didn't know you were an F1 fan. Have you been watching testing this week? I'm all pumped for this season! :D


    3. givingtnt


      Yeah ! Did you see Hamilton's wheel !?!?

      This is sick

    4. MEC-777


      Yeah, the DAS. Pretty innovative. Mercedes is looking so fast already. but the mid-pack is gonna be a good battle.

  9. One last, them I have to upload them to the build log xD




    Also : here's the finished build /s


  10. IMG_2467.jpg

    1. greenmax


      why oh why?


      a camera zoom with a octua fan on the lens?

    2. givingtnt


      It's got something to do with filters. But I have the composure not to say it.

  11. Who said Noctua's color scheme didn't fit with anything ?



    1. greenmax


      Get a can of spray paint and it will match!

    2. WoodenMarker




    3. VegetableStu


      is that a lizard at the background o_o

  12. Hm, the more I think about it, the more I think doing water-cooling on the pi is too much, I know it will work on the normal case, the pi case is just too small.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. givingtnt


      Imagine trying to weld 4mm of copper tubing lol in a 180° bend that's like, 2cm high xD


      I might try to bend a few and if I can, I will. But I might just ditch it for the first version..

    3. lewdicrous


      How about having them be heat pipes instead of water cooling?

    4. givingtnt


      It wouldn't work, I have to cut the pipes to pass them through the radiator. Can't cut heatpipes.


      And even then, if it's just routing to the top fins, it won't make a big difference.


      Although I guess I could do that 

  13. It would be ok, however they might not be thick enough for this.. gold leafs are insanely thin, way too thin to make any significant difference vs dry.
  14. 0, never got a spark. Here's the thing though, it's not really welding, it's brazing. Which is much simpler. Especially because the rods melt at a significantly lower temperature than the aluminum. So there's almost no risk of ruining the parts.
  15. Fittings exist lol it won't be a single tube ! I'm already using washers.. The issue with rods to keep the fins in place is the endings, I don't want it to come outside of the case I might just weld them to the main box under it tho
  16. My bad, I ment 90$ https://www.amazon.ca/Raspberry-Pi-Computer-Model-4GB/dp/B07W4JM192/ref=sr_1_4?crid=1629VS06DB4OI&keywords=raspberry+pi+4&qid=1582089225&sprefix=raspb%2Caps%2C137&sr=8-4 or I guess the 1gb is 54$ but who wants that lol
  17. Well, the model is a 4.. but I own a 3b+.. It literally changes nothing if I want to switch except the cables going to the back so.. eh ? I don't want to spend 80$ just to get the newest model... (Although, that does mean I can't the Pi in my laptop
  18. New build log !


  19. Project BoomBerryPi The thing just might explode with all of that water.. also thanks to @Den-Fi for the name ! Oh yeah, it's that time of year again ! Come, have a seat, and join me on this new Raspberry Pi custom case project ! As some might recall, this is not my first Pi case. My previous project the ThinkPI is currently on hold due to part unavailability. This Pi project however, is merely the start of a new bigger project : Project Radinator (Build log to come). This project will mostly serve as a prototype for it. Link to Level1Techs version of this build log : https://forum.level1techs.com/t/boomberrypi-new-chassis-new-tricks/153771 So, what is it ? It's a custom case with intergrated watercooling.. For a Raspberry Pi I know this makes little sense for a Pi, but it makes a lot more sense for the full case. the water cooling here is just for fun. Enjoy most likely the most overkill Raspberry Pi case out there Entire cost (excluding the Pi) should be under 200$ Now that might sound like a lot, but that's because I have yet to get a quote for the case. (I estimate 100$ cad but I doubt it's gonna be anywhere close to that, more like 50$ tops) Components : Raspberry Pi 3b+ Noctua NF-A4x10 (x2) Alphacool DC-LT (and likely top) or this Copper tubing (4mm OD) Aluminium welding rods Aluminium for the case (duh) Link to the updates : Updates to come.. The plan : So, the plan is to draw up the case in 3D (photos below) and to have it laser cut out of 1mm aluminium sheets. the sheets will have holes in them (they're 1cm wide, the holes are 4mm in diameter) for the copper tubing to go through. There will be a spacer between each fin, however I am still undecided on how to hold them all together (I'd want to avoid welding, considering the size) Here are some design renders as of today : The side I/O (as seen by the top opening) will be routed to the back on the other side of the panel. I will probably end up with either another metal plate or a 3d printed block. Now, here's the (slightly) troubling part.. For the copper tubing to go through to the front radiator fins, I have to cut a hole in 2 of the fans (in and out).. Owell Featuring a double 90* bend : For some help understanding how the copper goes through the fins, have a look at the bigger case : Note that there will not be anything on the top for the pi, only the front : Note that there will be a side panel like on the bigger version : Oh and speaking of the bigger version.. here's a size comparison The left is holding an E-ATX motherboard.. more on that later That's all for now. I hope to have some news soon !
  20. Maybe it's time I do a build log for the Pi case xD 

    1. Pascal...


      Yes ! But with the Pi 4 ofc.

    2. givingtnt


      I already got a pi 3b+ tho

    3. Pascal...


      Hmmm, Ok. Then with the Pi 3b+ first and then with the Pi 4 if you're getting one in the future.

  21. YES


    240/240 FRAMES

    Ugh, this was so annoying.


    Time to rush the other animations and get it rendered before Friday 😶

  22. Walked around the city taking photos.

    It's not a good idea because it's -20c and windy AF


    But like

    Photos 👀



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    2. dizmo


      How did you not get frostbite 😛

    3. givingtnt


      I'm used to it lol
      and I was holding a coffee >.>

    4. dizmo


      ...frostbite doesn't work like that.

  23. So, funny thing about water-cooling this thing, the water lines need to go through the fans.. twice.. (top and bottom)


    This is.. interesting xD

    Hopefully noctua doesn't throw me in the ditch for it >.>


    1. VegetableStu


      *dremel spinning sounds*