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  1. Mavericks: Proving Grounds pushing into the Battle Royale Game Market

    Large numbers sound great on paper, until you realise No Man's Sky did the same and we know how that turned out. Bigger isn't always better in games. This is one of those times.
  2. Brussels court condemns Facebook for violating Belgian privacy laws

    €250.000 is too low. That's what Facebook makes in like 10 minutes. You fine them €20.000.000 per day or threaten to block their operations via ISP blocking. That will move them.
  3. Vengeance LPX 3200MHz Fail - Ryzen 1700X

    The IMC can just not be good enough to accept 3200MHz. Remember, 3200 not an officially supported speed (only up to 2666 is, Raven Ridge APUs and Ryzen 2 can do 2933 officially) and you're operating the thing out of spec. It's called silicon lottery, you may have a lesser IMC in your CPU.
  4. Someone on Reddit made some discoveries. Maybe, just maybe, the center core is still alive, although not in a great shape and SpaceX decided to cut the video just in case things did go whoopsie.
  5. The core booster was mentioned only by a "We've lost it" in the audio-only stream, so don't get your hopes up for seeing that thing standing up. Other than that, fucking hell that was amazing.
  6. You know you're doing good when you're landing too many rockets so you purposefully crash-land rockets in the ocean because you can't recover and store them. And then of course it's extra showing off when said rocket survives the impact on the ocean surface ¯\_ツ_/¯
  7. Paragon being shut down amid Fortnite's success

    And then they have this thing called Unreal Tournament in alpha stage since what, 2014?
  8. How to intentionally brick a gpu?

    How bad do you want it to be? Sure you can flash a corrupt BIOS to it to "brick" it or you can do physical damage but then it will never ever come back. The more important question really would be:
  9. If OEMs really hate miners they'd start making custom RX cards with custom BIOS chips (which AMD allows) that throttle the card to a standstill when it detects a mining load. Then AMD re-releases the Vega FE for Blockchain Pioneers that doesn't do that and sells that at $800 a pop, no group discounts. They make their money's worth, us gamers get the cards we want.
  10. OnePlus "secure" checkout isn't so secure as it seems

    Please, make some OnePlus news when something about them is actually secure and not dodgy as fuck because then it's actually news.
  11. Ryzen Price Drops

    What's a 2200G for $99?
  12. Add a 60%+ performance hit for Skylake to that. Would also like to point out AMD CPUs aren't hit with this bug at all, as stated here by AMD engineer Tom Lendacky: https://lkml.org/lkml/2017/12/27/2
  13. Sauce: Elon's Insta: Alongside that there are two more just to show the sheer size of the rocket. Spoiler alert: it's massive. I mean I have nothing to say, really. Just amazed by the scale of the thing, even though it's "just" 3 Falcon 9 boosters strapped to each other. First launch is predicted to be January 2018, and if Elon keeps his promise, the cargo will be his own Tesla Roadster.
  14. Because he can indeed. Here's a direct pic:
  15. GPD Win 2, 2.2x GPU performance

    15W TDP CPU? Should've put some Raven Ridge in that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  16. To get to Mars with space ships or to put massive satellites (or space station parts for that matter) in earth/moon orbit. And to show off the giant e-peen.
  17. January 2018, that's all. Exact day and time still not known.
  18. I think the boosters go away at the same altitude as the current one since it's still a stage. The middle booster will come down from higher up. I mean, this rocket is meant to place stuff into Earth escape trajectories so there's a hell of a lot of speed and energy involved.
  19. Yup, it has all the stuff needed for a landing. Probably because they don't allow hotlinking. I'll upload them to Imgur and replace the links.
  20. Big issue with this title: Ryzen 2 isn't coming out in Q1 2018. (Ry)Zen+ is. Big difference between the two. Zen+ is an iteration on the current arch with some small IPC gains and a clock speed bump. Zen 2 is a new arch coming in 2019 according to that slide.
  21. The Chinese MacBook Killer - TEN HOUR BATTERY – Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro

    That's the cleanest notebook interior I've seen in a Windows machine. Looks like Xiaomi copied Apple's internal scheme as well, and it paid off. That battery is quite the presence, and the addition of that free M.2 slot is awesome (are both NVMe by the way or is one NVMe and the other one SATA or are both SATA?). EDIT on the last, seeing the notebook on Gearbest, Xiaomi says it themselves, the standard one is PCIe (NVMe), the other one is SATA based. Now, Xiaomi. Build one with a Raven Ridge APU. The 2700U would be nice.
  22. Please look at the last reply date before you post. You will see that the last reply date is August 1st, 2016 so anything you say or quote here is probably irrelevant at this point.
  23. So apparently, the Intel/Radeon marriage is a thing that's happening

    AMD's Raven Ridge is competing in the ULV-powered space, not the higher-power laptop chips. AMD doesn't have anything in that space yet, getting a GPU in there with a fast CPU will get them some well needed money.
  24. So apparently, the Intel/Radeon marriage is a thing that's happening

    sauce: https://newsroom.intel.com/editorials/new-intel-core-processor-combine-high-performance-cpu-discrete-graphics-sleek-thin-devices/ So this was the semi-custom design AMD talked about a while back. But it has happened. Here's Intel's video: So yeah. We now have an Intel CPU with an AMD RTG GPU in the 35-55W TDP range. Here's how they did that: That's a single HBM2 stack so we're likely limited to 4GB of video RAM. The details of the AMD GPU are unknown at this point, likely to be a Vega-based GPU, but things as SP count and clock speeds are not known yet.
  25. PCIe riser issue with Phanteks Evolv Shift?

    So, after running my system with no issues on the motherboard box for a while (Ryzen 5 1600@ stock, 16GB LPX3000@2133 ASRock AB350 Gaming ITX/ac, Vega 56 UV to 1050 mV@ 1530MHz) while waiting on the case I got my system finally installed in my new Phanteks Evolv Shift and I ran into problems the moment I turned it on. First it wouldn't boot at all. Then it would sometimes boot but the screen looked like a dia show with massive tearing left and right, even in the BIOS and finally it would sometimes take ages to even get to the post screen, even though the monitor was showing a green light (aka GPU is sending data of some sort). Took the system out of the case again, plugged my V56 directly in the motherboard and whaddayaknow, no issues at all. Put it back in the system, it works for a couple of boots, but as I'm typing I can definitely feel the system being sluggish, and booting up PUBG (which ran at a solid 100+ fps most of the time on stock CPU, 2133 RAM and UV GPU) it was barely braking 40 fps average, jumping up and down between 20 and 60 multiple times per second. Running Unigine Superposition (which also run fine before case installation commenced) and GPUZI can see the GPU clock jumping up and down between 1530 and 1300-ish and power usage jumps between ~200W (normal for UV Vega) and 130W, indicating some form of power delivery issue, and that's with 50% extra power limit. I checked the riser cable with a multimeter and every connection gives that highly annoying beep when you touch the contacts of the multimeter, so no cable breaks or shorts are present to my knowledge So I can currently think of two things here that could be wrong, both have to do with the cable Panteks ships with the Evolv Shift. Either it's something in the data transfer from the CPU to the GPU making the whole thing feel sluggish or the GPU isn't getting enough power over the PCIe slot due to bigger-than-expected power losses in the cable causing severe power throttles. Is there something else I forgot here that coule be it? Browsing the Phanteks forums I can see more people with other cases that have a Phanteks riser cable with issues, which is why I think this is a similar issue.