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  1. XFR range of just 100 MHz? Seems a little low innit?
  2. oh boi here we go
  3. Oh fuck I didn't even think of making the IMC, ROPs and TMUs as separate wafers as well. Just the CUs, sure, make them in packets of like 8 CUs (512 SPs) but the memory controller and ROPs and TMUs as well? Sure, why not (other than the fact that an interposer does add some more latency but that's not something we can't solve right)?
  4. This is basically AMD's Navi arch but for APUs as a whole. Scalability to bring the cost down by a lot. I like that.
  5. Another hour, another Ryzen thing hitting the interwebs. Sauce: https://videocardz.com/66163/amd-ryzen-7-1800x-1700x-1700-wraith-max-and-spire-coolers-confirmed Pics of the cooler: The Wraith Max is a Wraith-style cooler but with a different look and RGB (it's 2017 of course). The Wraith Spire seems a new addition to the stock cooler lineup resembling an Intel stock cooler, but taller and with a bigger fan (that has a shroud to direct airflow down instead of all over the place) and of course also with RGB. This semi-confirms that even the X models will come with a stock cooler that has a maximum TDP of 140W. If XFR is to be the one thing that differs X models with non-X models, I'd imagine AMD made sure that with a stock cooler XFR would work just fine (maybe not as far as a custom air/liquid cooler but still). Now it's just waiting to see what coolers we're getting with the 6- and 4-core models.
  6. cuz he's Raja
  7. People telling it won't be RGB: Raja's Twitter a few days ago. That's purple lighting right there.
  8. Right in the OP, bro. Same goes for the other ones on the list, and probably for all of the SKUs.
  9. Don't get the reference edition cards. Trash coolers on a trash PCB and nVidia asks a premium for it "for the highest quality components". Yeah right and I'm a goldfish.
  10. Instead of getting something new, go look at the 2nd hand market. You can find stuff like 7970s or 7870s for the same price of a 1050 but it'll be quite a lot faster.
  11. MSI recently released a half-hight RX460, and XFX has a single-slot RX460 as well that'd work in an OEM Dell.
  12. A Samsung 960 pro is pretty mich the fastest SSD right now.
  13. I have: A GT750M in my Mac A dead 6800 ultra A dead GT220
  14. Overclocking now starts at $69. That's pretty amazing if you ask me. Even if it's just a small overclock due to a poorly designed VRM(cooling) or a bad CPU die because silicon lottery, it's still an overclock.
  15. UPDATE AGAIN: Huzzah: These are quite the prices. 4c4t for the price of an i3, 4c8t for an i5 and an R7-1700 8c16t for the price of a 7700K. Now also remember that these are Chinese prices, so there's a pretty high tax on parts (like 15% or something) New list with pricing conversion already done. These are US prices, but I expect EU prices to be about equal or slightly lower than the direct conversion Chinese prices because import taxes. Still flipping amazing deals here. Original post: Source in Spanish: https://elchapuzasinformatico.com/2017/02/precio-amd-ryzen-r7-1800x-r7-1700x-r7-1700/ Reddit thread: That's pretty competitive actually. Also says something about the lower-end 6c and 4c CPUs and their pricing even though they're not mentioned. I'm exited. Intel's gonna have a rough time at these prices. EDIT Typo in the title EDIT 2: This new thing popped up suggesting even lower prices for the lowest-end 8c16t model. http://www.shopblt.com/search/order_id=!ORDERID!&s_max=25&t_all=1&s_all=AMD+AM4&search=Search The reddit thread: The top comment there explains things pretty well: No, not even close to that much. Mom and pop brick and mortar, probably, that's what they have to do to keep the lights on. But the retailers most of us deal with these days - Newegg, Best Buy, etc - they buy these parts for slightly less than what we're seeing here, and then barely put tiny margins on top of that - and it is not uncommon for them to actually sell these parts at cost or a loss, and get their revenue from rebates from the factory. /u/carbonat38 was exactly right when he said "I doubt that margins in the ultra competitive online world are that high anymore, in particular with little actual operating cost." Just from my experience when googling an Ingram Micro SKU back in the day to get to a product real fast (channel vendors' websites are, as a rule, shitty, and so you develop your own methods to get to the product). I'd occasionally find a BLT url or a similar drop shipper. As a rule, BLT would have things in a certain line all the same lazy markup over the Ingram price. If Ingram listed a bunch of new logitech keyboards in April 2015, they'd all be 5% higher on BLT. If Ingram listed a bunch of new CPUs in Feb 2017, they'd all be, say, 1% higher on BLT. Making up those numbers, but that's the pattern. Ultimately, the pattern from BLT that I am familiar with means that the 1800X will be $449.99 - 499.99 MSRP, barring any sort of price inflation if we are under supplied.
  16. Have you read the stories? Even Intel is shitting their pants because of Ryzen. If even a company as massive as Intel is shitting their pants you know they know Ryzen will kick ass in pretty much all departments.
  17. This is what videocardz.com has: https://videocardz.com/65825/first-amd-ryzen-7-1700x-benchmarks-are-here A massive list of some CPU benchmarks that are amazeballs, even with the crap 17-17-17-39 2T memory timings on an A320 mobo (which explain the low physics score).
  18. Well, it seems that VideoCardz has an 8c16t at 4.0GHz. And apparently it does good.
  19. GTX1060 4K Pick one.
  20. Because you're used to Intel's stupidly high prices. That's what you get with no competition. Also, kind of a retoast:
  21. New pricing in the OP showing converted prices to $ without a 15% import tax. AMD's going balls deep with this. It's brilliant.
  22. Use DDU to uninstall the nVidia drivers, then download the latest.
  23. https://videocardz.com/65892/amd-ryzen-7-1800x-1700x-and-ryzen-5-1600x-will-require-special-coolers The only thing confirmed is that there are new stock coolers in the form of the Wraith cooler (as seen on Raja's picture). The other two are completely made up. We might as well only see a Wraith cooler and no cooler at all.
  24. Updated op with a new price sheet with all the Ryzen CPUs on it as well as the Intel pricing equivalent.
  25. Not only that, that fan shroud limits air being flung to the sides and forces it down creating higher static pressure and more airflow.