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  1. Voltage readout points for people to stick their multimeter into and read things like core voltage or memory voltage. Only used in overclocking though, not useful for the average consumer as the overclocks we're talking about are in no way stable enough for 24/7 operation.
  2. For more fps in games that properly support a dual GPU setup either via SLI (nVidia) or Crossfire (AMD). I'd stick with a single more powerful GPU over two weaker ones though. Some devs flat out don't even bother with multi-GPU support which can actually result in lower fps compared to a single GPU setup.
  3. Did you do a DDU driver uninstall and reinstalled the drivers from scratch?
  4. Yup, it's boned. This type of artifacting is usually a sign one of the memory chips gave up the ghost. If it was the GPU core, it would've artifacted and then crashed. RMA it, get a new one.
  5. Why thank you very much. But I'm not the problem in this case.
  6. How is there a 25W limit? Power supplies must always provide a PCIe slot with 75W in total. In that case, XFX has a low profile RX460 in both 2 and 4GB variants.
  7. Or get a regular Fury (X) on the cheap. Or as others said: wait for Vega.
  8. Oh whoops, meant Seasonic.
  9. That's the sound of a PSU going bad. I'd probably not turn the system on until there's a quality PSU in there, like an 800W Corsair or Seasonic unit. edit for a while it said Seagate instead of Seasonic. derp
  10. XFX (and many others) have a feature where the fans just stop blowing air when the card's idling (or under light load up to 65 ºC or so) to make it quieter. Those high idle temps are perfectly fine.
  11. Great. Now make MXM modules for the full desktop GPUs (RX460/470/480, GTX series) and make them readily available at or near the standard desktop card's price. Then we're talking. Cooling these MXM GPUs will be very interesting.
  12. That's to the Ti. Also, it has a single slot version available from XFX, if that's a necessity.
  13. There's a chance an nVidia driver is giving you issues. Use DDU to uninstall all display drivers and reinstall the AMD ones.
  14. Ryzen (hopefully) to the rescue!
  15. If you plan to build it out over the course of this year, there's really no way of knowing what GPU and CPU will be a good option. nVidia has Pascal refresh and a possible 1080Ti and AMD is coming out with an entirely new arch on both the CPU (Ryzen) and GPU (Vega) side of the market. Who knows what does best in the price/performance range.
  16. The Power Color model is known for having sub-par VRM (the power delivery system) so I wouldn't recommend it. That's a stock blower cooler. It's loud as balls and doesn't unlock the full potential of an RX480. That PCB is also a reference design. It's ok, but nothing more than that. I recommend this: http://m.mindfactory.de/product_info.php/8GB-XFX-Radeon-RX-480-GTR-Aktiv-PCIe-3-0-x16--Retail-_1116005.html It's €30 more than the € 250 you get for your 970 but it's so worth it. 1450 MHz should be easy for this card.
  17. FreeSync monitor with about 250 European moneys. 8GB RX480. If you can have some more money saved up an XFX RX480 GTR is the top card to get. Otherwise there's the XFX RX480 RS or an MSI card.
  18. Good retro-looking silver cases with silver insides. There's this one high-end all-aluminium case that was like super high-end back in the day but I can't find it for the life of me. Some Cooler Master thing I think. edit yeah, the Cooler Master ATC lineup look super clean. No frills, or things, oh no. Just super styling with a clean front and all aluminium design. I want that to return. I mean look at it. The ATC 110. Even to this day these beauties go for like $230+. And there was one with a side panel window as well. Black is boring. Bring back the silver!
  19. First PC was an old Gateway from the 1998 era with some Pentium. Then we got a Dell with a Pentium D 820, 2GB of RAM and a nVidia 6800 "Family edition", then that thing died and now it has a GT220.
  20. More likely it went over the 75W power restriction of the PCIe slot and AMD didn't want to put a 6-pin plug on their lower performance card.
  21. That CPU still kicks some ass. Get 4GB DDR3 DIMMs for a total of 12GB and get something like an XFX RX480 GTR. You'd be set for another 3-4 years.
  22. Where's the logic in that? AMD released the RX460 because it would lose them money throwing away bad P11 GPUs with just 1-2 defective compute units. They had the P11 GPUs ready long before nVidia had their 1050(Ti)s ready, so they sold the RX460 as a cut-down P11 chip waiting for yields to improve at which point they'd be selling full P11 GPUs, which is what Sapphire is doing now. Also remember that AMD has a 2nd Polaris revision planned, hence the RX-xx5 naming scheme and there's little reason to believe the RX465 won't be the full fat P11 GPU.
  23. The difference in temps and clocks are also because AMD did a Polaris refresh round in October. Any GPUs produced after that have higher quality silicon. It's why Jay's RX480 GTR only pulls 88W at stock clocks. Earlier samples pulled much more power at stock clocks when the 14nm FinFET process was still a bit unrefined. You were lucky to hit 1350MHz on an earlier RX480. Now you're unlucky if you can't do 1400+ stable.
  24. It's the right idea though. An RX470 is an RX480 with bad cores so they lock them off and sell it as an RX470. It still makes money compared to throwing an entire chip in the trashcan.
  25. This will look like a case of 1060 3/6GB where the same naming scheme still has a very important difference between the two different cards. Didn't AMD themselves indirectly say they'd have a Polaris refresh coming with the RX-xx5 series with a slide showing their new naming scheme? I fully expected an RX465 to be the full P11 chip. Yeah here it is: We've had the first revision in October (hence why RX480/RX470 now pull a whole lot less power compared to the earlier cards), so the next one would be the xx5 revision, which should also bring less power consumption and better yields (thus allowing AMD to have full P11 GPUs). I wonder if AMD knows what Sapphire is doing here and even approves of it, it could create a whole lot of confusion when the RX465 hits and it's essentially this specific RX460. Because this isn't an official AMD product. It's just Sapphire going "well these P11 chips are actually not defective, lets leave all the cores unlocked and sell them as full P11 GPUs".