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  1. Introducing the Surface Book 2

    -"by giving mobile professionals the power of a desktop" -core ix-xxxxU CPUs pick one
  2. HP Envy x360 with AMD Ryzen & VEGA M graphics

    Single channel RAM
  3. PCIe riser issue with Phanteks Evolv Shift?

    So, after running my system with no issues on the motherboard box for a while (Ryzen 5 1600@ stock, 16GB LPX3000@2133 ASRock AB350 Gaming ITX/ac, Vega 56 UV to 1050 mV@ 1530MHz) while waiting on the case I got my system finally installed in my new Phanteks Evolv Shift and I ran into problems the moment I turned it on. First it wouldn't boot at all. Then it would sometimes boot but the screen looked like a dia show with massive tearing left and right, even in the BIOS and finally it would sometimes take ages to even get to the post screen, even though the monitor was showing a green light (aka GPU is sending data of some sort). Took the system out of the case again, plugged my V56 directly in the motherboard and whaddayaknow, no issues at all. Put it back in the system, it works for a couple of boots, but as I'm typing I can definitely feel the system being sluggish, and booting up PUBG (which ran at a solid 100+ fps most of the time on stock CPU, 2133 RAM and UV GPU) it was barely braking 40 fps average, jumping up and down between 20 and 60 multiple times per second. Running Unigine Superposition (which also run fine before case installation commenced) and GPUZI can see the GPU clock jumping up and down between 1530 and 1300-ish and power usage jumps between ~200W (normal for UV Vega) and 130W, indicating some form of power delivery issue, and that's with 50% extra power limit. I checked the riser cable with a multimeter and every connection gives that highly annoying beep when you touch the contacts of the multimeter, so no cable breaks or shorts are present to my knowledge So I can currently think of two things here that could be wrong, both have to do with the cable Panteks ships with the Evolv Shift. Either it's something in the data transfer from the CPU to the GPU making the whole thing feel sluggish or the GPU isn't getting enough power over the PCIe slot due to bigger-than-expected power losses in the cable causing severe power throttles. Is there something else I forgot here that coule be it? Browsing the Phanteks forums I can see more people with other cases that have a Phanteks riser cable with issues, which is why I think this is a similar issue.

    No headphone jack, no thanks.
  5. RX Vega 64 Crossfire... not working AT ALL

    One word. Undervolt.
  6. Can't wait for my SSD to return from RMA so I can install the thing again.
  7. This is Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer

    It's not like you could update the older game with these new features rather than have it all in a new game with a new-game price tag.
  8. I Knew It. Intel Doesn't Want To Support Kaby Lake On Z370

  9. Intel is planning to release a 2 core i3 for x299, i3-7360X

    At this point they might as well re-release the 8084 on LGA2011 and nobody would be surprised.
  10. Basically this: And don't try to scroll over to get the handles, it'll just make you stuck on the image selector and scroll that in and out.
  11. So I DDU'd some AMD drivers because of an audio-over-HDMI issue, went to reinstall the drivers but it blackscreened halfway trough and never came back. Hit the reset switch, was put into the BIOS immediately. Saved changes and exit, booted into BIOS again. Saved changes and exit, but now it doesn't boot into anything. I've cleared the CMOS, went as far as disconnecting the CMOS battery (to truly reset it to stock) but no dice. If I remove the 960 Evo from the M.2 slot the PC boots into the BIOS just fine. If I plug my W10 boot USB into the back, it boots into that just fine. But as soon as I connect the M.2 960 Evo the PC posts only to the initial motherboard manufacturer logo and that's it. It doesn't respond to any key presses to get into the BIOS or boot menu or anything, it just sits there unresponsive. I don't have an external NVMe drive enclosure to put the 960 Evo into to wipe it via my laptop, so there's that. What are my options here? Have some way to reset it while it's in the PC? Or at least a way to get my motherboard past the logo so I can reformat the drive and start a fresh W10 install?? Motherboard is the ASRock AB350M Gaming-ITX/ac with a Ryzen 5 1600 @ stock, 16GB of Vengeance RAM running at 2133 for the time being and a reference Vega 56. EDIT ok so now I have another W10 Pro install onto an USB hard drive working. Thought I could maybe boot from that and have the NVMe SSD as a secondary storage options so I can have it at least boot and show up in Windows, but it's the same situation as before where the system won't go past the ASRock logo when the 960 Evo is installed.
  12. My 960 Evo is bricked, can't even get past the motherboard logo screen

    Well thanks for that. RMA it is. Backups are nice but I didn't expect a 3-week-old SSD to become corrupted after a driver install. Will do.
  13. My 960 Evo is bricked, can't even get past the motherboard logo screen

    Yeah I'd rather not if there's a way to at least get it to go past any BIOS post stuff and visible in Windows so I can at least get some data off of it before reformatting it for a fresh install.
  14. My 960 Evo is bricked, can't even get past the motherboard logo screen

    bumpy the bumpy for bumps, gonna need something soon.
  15. Show off your latest purchase!

    On top: my old temporary GT220. On the bottom: MSI Vega 56.
  16. Vega shader count has almost no impact on gaming performance

    With rendering and compute tasks the extra cores do matter since that bypasses the front end and ROPs. Vega is (like Fiji) bottlenecked as balls on geometry and frame pushing since it's still 4 shader engines. SPs aren't properly fed so the extra SPs are just sitting idle most of the time.
  17. iPhone 8 and X officially announced

    Indeed it isn't which is the entire problem. Good luck unlocking your phone with winter clothing on your face or with a rain coat in stormy conditions. You'd have to go half nude before your phone will unlock. The FaceID system is basically nothing more than Apple's excuse for not having an under-the-glass TouchID sensor in time.
  18. iPhone 8 and X officially announced

    Nah, only the really dumb idiots will. Even people with cash to burn will take a second look at these new phones just because of their prices. I mean $1000 for a piece of fragile glass, nobody in their right mind buys that.
  19. iPhone 8 and X officially announced

    Honestly, at this point, if you truly want an iPhone, get a new 6S and be done with it. It does everything the 8 and X can while being somewhat affordable. If you want some really nice high-end features, go Android.
  20. iPhone 8 and X officially announced

    So the 8 is basically a 6s with a glass back that you can't see because you'll want to put a case on it, and the X is the same as an 8 (so a 6s) but with a bigger screen and because Apple couldn't make a fingerprint scanner under a screen they went with a facial scanner. And they want to charge $1000 for that? So basically get the 6s for $450 and you're good to go.
  21. Graphics cards for under $100

    Get something from the 2nd hand market. Don't get new cards at that price point, their price/performance doesn't make any sense at all.
  22. Low GPU usage, graphic card not permforming well

    Could be a couple of things. -Bad PSU giving crap power to the GPU. -Old drivers interfering with 1080Ti drivers (use DDU to uninstall all previous drivers before downloading the new ones)
  23. Ram xmp problem again

    Well your i5 might have a sub-par memory controller. It's also part of the silicon lottery. It doen't only dictate core speeds at certain voltages but also applies to quality of other CPU components such as the IMC or I/O.