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    winningsince1337 reacted to Wolf585 in Plasti-Dip!   
    Hooray! I just voided my warranty for the great cause of looks. I painted my graphics card orange, with plasti dip, and it looks great on camera and looks pretty bad in real life. I'll re do it. Eventually. Does primer also peel of when plasti dip was sprayed on it? Or will I have to go with a "LTT themed" (probably not allowed to call it that) card if I ever decide to sell it after upgrading. 

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    winningsince1337 reacted to LeapFrogMasterRace in What Happened To LTT?   
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    winningsince1337 reacted to MobFactory in What Happened To LTT?   
    Ok... Just to prove my point:
    Build Log from 1 month ago:  Look at the vlog style in a supposedly studio quality video.
    Build Log from 2 years ago: GOOOOD
    I mean sure, the thumbnails better now. But in every other way the old video is superior.
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    winningsince1337 reacted to SurvivorNVL in Google can overthrow the Greek government?   
    Greece is so far down the hole.  The government is trying to blame anyone for their own mistakes.  
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    winningsince1337 reacted to JoeyDM in Google can overthrow the Greek government?   
    A fucking potato could overthrow the Greek government.
    Dark humor edit: We all know what a potato did to the Irish government.
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    winningsince1337 reacted to Trixanity in Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge announced!   
    Ah, yes: better because of ubiquity; that makes sense.
    We should stop changing technology. Let's stick with SATA drives and VGA ports. Let's also go back to horse-drawn carriages instead of cars.
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    winningsince1337 reacted to CtW in Samsung Galaxy S7: Leaked pictures   
    It looks like a shit cheap android phone from 2011. pls no
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    winningsince1337 reacted to KemoKa in Intel: Chips To Become Slower But More Energy Efficient   
    This is AMD's fault. They'd better tan intel's hide with Zen or we're all totally screwed.
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    winningsince1337 reacted to Paralectic in Error 53 bricks iPhone 6 after updating to iOS9 if it has been repaired by a 3rd Party   
    What Apple does here is illegal..
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    winningsince1337 reacted to MarcoR in Error 53 bricks iPhone 6 after updating to iOS9 if it has been repaired by a 3rd Party   
    Noticed a lot of misinformation around this, here and elsewhere...
    TouchID is a hardware element. Not software, your fingerprint reader and it's hardware are coupled with the phone during manufacturing. The minute you turn the iPhone on and it gets flashed the first time, the two are irreversibly ties together. 
    Its why Apple didn't repair their iPhones up until a year ago. You walked into a store with a broken home button? You got a new phone. Replacing the home button on your own would permanently violate the hardware security and render TouchID (and Apple Pay) null. It was always a security thing, nothing more. 
    It it seems that in the past year, Apple changes that policy and is capable of repairing your TouchID sensor to the hardware, like from factory, though how often they do this is unknown as for Apple it's really that much easier to just replace a customer device either under warranty OR for the core charge on a device swap. 
    Killing 3rd party repairs? Come on guys. Apple has several authorized repair centres, plenty of places that aren't from Apple themselves. They don't stop these guys. They simply provide a VALID way, using OEM parts. 
    Actual 3rd parties who aren't authorized are a mixed bag. Who knows what they're doing, in hardware or software. Apple isn't "bricking" phones out of spite. TouchID is a security feature first, and since a lot of iOS 9 features can work off TouchID it's not like they're being vindictive or unfair in wanting people to have valid hardware in place. 
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    winningsince1337 reacted to Curufinwe_wins in Watch out Intel, here comes Apple's A9X!   
    Sigh... Can people not keep doing this ARM vs x86 comparisons? They don't work.
    Also Core M is super variable on manufacturer, Apple is known to do stupid ass shit resulting in really poopy load performance on their laptops.
    Plus -U is a huge jump up from core M.
    5W TDP isn't very impressive considering that's on the same configuration level as the i5 U series...
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    winningsince1337 reacted to ZetZet in AMD Zen to Bring Greater than 40% IPC Increase, New Reports Suggests   
    40% from bulldozer?   :lol:
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    winningsince1337 reacted to HKZeroFive in AMD Zen to Bring Greater than 40% IPC Increase, New Reports Suggests   
    As always, if it's from AMD themselves, take it with a grain a salt...
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    winningsince1337 reacted to FatPenguin in So Apple lied about iOS 9.2.1   
    no young padawon stay on the iosmasterrace its brighter here. I once ventured out to the land of "android"
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    winningsince1337 reacted to Sack in AMD has unveiled 2 Polaris GPUs and will deliver "The most revolutionary jump in performance so far"   
    As an nVidia fan, yes finally, I hope it's really good. We need competition in the GPU market!
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    winningsince1337 reacted to afyeung in New FO4 patch brings "nVidia only" weapon debris effects.   
    Not nearly as much as Nvidia. Tomb Raider which is the only recent game that uses AMD's code runs well on all cards.
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    winningsince1337 got a reaction from iamdarkyoshi in JEDEC updates HBM standard - press release   
    I imagine this will happen in the future. However unless there's at least 16 Gb on the CPU die itself, there'd have to be some motherboard/chipset or OS kungfu trickery if there was traditional ram in addition to the HBM on the CPU die
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    winningsince1337 reacted to iamdarkyoshi in Parent Gets ~$8K Bill for Child's Xbox Microtransactions   
    I have seen some MOBILE games with transactions over 300USD
    Fuck you too gameloft
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    winningsince1337 reacted to Ostwind in Parent Gets ~$8K Bill for Child's Xbox Microtransactions   
    17 years old is too old to not know about this, kid is lying and he just lost track or just didnt care how much he was spending.
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    winningsince1337 reacted to ZetZet in Valve might be releasing a game with '3' in it.   
    Valve gives no fucks. Gaben already said making games is just not worth the investment. Easier to release more skins.
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    winningsince1337 reacted to sof006 in No more cracked games in two years?   
    I'm not too bothered about this, I have a job plus games on PC tend to be pretty affordable now.
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    winningsince1337 reacted to Whorax in iPhone 7 Leaks 'Confirm' Apple Abandoning Headphone Jack   
    Well I don't have an iPhone, but I can't remember the last time I've physically connected my phone to my car to listen to music as opposed to using bluetooth, so I really don't think that would be that big of an issue.
    I'm sure splitters or whatnot will be made available for those people that still do physically connect though.
    Also, that concept design looks utterly stupid. Someone must not have put much time into making it.
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    winningsince1337 got a reaction from LukaP in MSI Workstation laptops with mobile Skylake and Xeon   
    As an Mechanical Engineering College Student, aside from my desktop, I've used a laptop with an i5-4200m and it's integrated GPU is more than enough for CAD. Is it enough for simulations? No. But then again that's what the desktop is for. I really don't see a real practical use/justification for this. Not to metion the fact that that's the most unprofessional laptop I've ever seen aimed at anyone working in the engineering field. We don't want this ugly shit MSI. This isn't some dank RGB OC SUPER BRIGHT laptop for engineers.
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    winningsince1337 reacted to ThinkWithPortals in Activision-Blizzard buys MLG (Major League Gaming)   
    I don't care about eSports at all.
    I guess this'll make Activision-Blizzard more MLG? (bad joke, sorry)