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    CS student


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    I5 4690k 4.5Ghz
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    GIGABYTE G1 Gaming GA-Z97X-Gaming 7
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    16 gb (crucial + corsair vengeance)
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    Gigabyte gtx 1080 G1
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    Corsair 760T
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    WD 1tb blue, samsung 850 evo 250
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    Ax 760
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    h110i gt
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    Logitech g602
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    G4me One Headset
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    Windows 10

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  1. Honestly kinda disappointed at the single resolution choice of 4k.
  2. It's weird because it's not like the lights/monitors are dimming the PC is the only thing affected either way I always kinda just wanted a UPS. Not looking to spend a lot, I was thinking the APC BX line instead which is advertised as in-line and 600W, would that be an offline type? One thing I noticed is every brand has the same problems, reviews of people saying it smoked or blew up on them, APC having common F02 codes (solid state damage needing a new battery). Is a lot of this user error or are faults somewhat common?
  3. Lets say I buy a 300 Watt UPS and I am playing a game drawling lets say 400 watts does this mean the UPS will just cut all power no matter what or is the 300 watt rating for battery only mode like during a power outage? I get only a few major outages a year but the main reason why I want a UPS is because I get frequent PC crashes due to a mini fridge, window AC and various other electronics causing power drops.
  4. You guys are crazy a 10400f is the choice hands down unless you are doing compute stuff. The only games a 3600 is faster in are the ones that no one plays like total war. Heck it even beats it in Tomb Raider, GTAV, PUB G, Assasins Creed battlefield ETC. This AMD ball licking needs to stop.
  5. You can't trick me! As a true PC enthusiast I know far to well the maximum limit you can spend on a PC where an additional dollar does not amount to any added benefit and it is far far under 60K! Additionally high end resolutions are far too problematic and subtract many important gaming qualities and principals.
  6. Look for the group called 5600X: DTS and make sure everything is on Show and Monitor
  7. As long as you don't put it under any extreme loads it will be fine just download a cpu temp monitor asap. Preview the temps in bios and let it sit for a bit to make sure its safe enough before moving on to any OS install. Keep in mind parts of the cpu may be perfectly cool but others warm/hot due to the uneven compound spread.
  8. Nothing is more satisfying than dialing in adaptive voltage overclocks mmm baby 

  9. That will definitely help a bit but personally I would recommend going 1440p first then pick up a 5600x once bios drops and supply picks up. You are going to have to anyway once you decided to get a new GPU.
  10. I think it might just be normal. 1080p a very hard resolution to run any modern gpu at full potential. the 2600x has 6 cores but relatively low IPC and kinda meh clock speeds. For games that don't use all 6 cores to 100% it becomes very mediocre and can't run modern GPUs. Upgrading to a 1440p monitor should shift more load on the GPU and possibly even give you more FPS in some cases.