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  1. So I kinda want to get a second monitor. It would be for non-urgent stuff, like YouTube videos while studying or Netflix while playing Elite Dangerous, etc. etc. However, my desk isn't huge, and I'd like to keep it uncluttered, so a second screen side by side my current one wouldn't be ideal. However, there's plenty of room above my screen, so I was thinking of maybe putting a 23 inch 1080p above my 29 inch ultrawide. Does anyone have experience with using a setup like this, with a secondary screen above the primary? It would solve the space problems, but it seems like looking up s
  2. Well I got my 480 down from 1150Mv to 1062Mv, which I played an hour of Dishonored Death of the Outsider at with no problems so I'm going to call that stable. Even going 2Mv lower to 1060Mv makes my screen flash red occasionally in 3DMark so I reckon 1062 is the best I'll get... thoughts? EDIT: Also my system hard-locked up after I benchmarked at 1060, so definitely unstable...
  3. So I'm going to give undervolting my RX 480 a go because apparently it undervolts quite nicely and lower temps and noise sounds appealing. I've read up on how exactly to do it, but I'm stuck on the stability-testing part - specifically, what software/tests/benchmarks should I use to test if my voltage is stable? I have 3DMark Free, as well as VRMark and SteamVR Performance Test, so is running each of these enough or are there some more stability tests that anyone would recommend? Thanks in advance?
  4. And hot, don't forget hot. For fan profile - been there done that, I've got it pretty much as good as it will get. For undervolting, I could do, but it's not something Ive ever done before and it seems like it could be time consuming. I've literally said that I'm open to the idea of buying a new card, they're not forcing anything. Right now, you're actually being more forceful than they are. Considering it. You said you did it before: how easy/time consuming was it? The performance is secondary here. What I'm really after is a quieter, cooler card, which th
  5. Still produces too much heat/noise in a small case for my liking. What I was also considering was to get one of those GPU-liquid-cooler-bracket things like NZXT makes, but it doesn't seem like any fit the NITRO+ 480's PCB. Elite Dangerous, modded Skyrim, Dishonored 2, Dishonored DOTO, DOOM, Shadow of Mordor, Project Cars... why?
  6. So I've been bothered recently by the GPU in my computer. Being in quite a confined case, and not the most efficient architecture (EVOLV ITX and RX 480, respectively), it tends to get quite hot (low 80s) and very loud (audible from other rooms). I'd like to fix this, and I had the idea of maybe being able to sell my RX 480 (hopefully at no significant loss thanks to the crazy demand of Polaris cards right now), and buy a cheapish GTX 1070 for only about £100-£150 of total expenditure. By doing this, I should be able to get a GPU that is a bit quieter and cooler, with some more power to boot.
  7. I'm not really in a position to use Ethernet, as my router/modem is several rooms away and I'm not in a position to snake a cable through my house, nor drill holes in the walls. I'll try the WiFi (it's pretty good - 5GHz band AC wifi and all that) and hope for the best. Cheers Virtualhere isn't installed on the Link, it's installed on the host PC. It's for sharing wireless devices (ie. the controller) across a network. Here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/440520/VirtualHere_For_Steam_Link/ It's confirmed to make the Link work with the XBOne wireless dongle, but I wanted to know
  8. So I see that the Steam Link is 70% off right now and I'm very tempted, playing Skyrim from the couch sounds great. The only controller I own is my Xbox One wireless controller (NOT the Xbox One S Bluetooth controller, the original Xbox One controller with the Windows dongle thing). I know that the controller can only be used wirelessly with the Steam link if I use some software called Virtualhere, but I'm hesitant to use it as it costs money and the reviews are meh. However, my question is: if I don't feel like using Virtualhere, could I just plug my Xbox One wireless controller (
  9. A family member recently brought me their phone, an iPhone 4S, complaining that it wouldn't turn on. Sure enough, no matter what I tried, the phone was unresponsive - screen dead, speakers dead, (seemingly) whole device dead. It wasn't a power issue, I charged it thoroughly and still nothing. This isn't entirely unexpected, as the phone itself is old and beat-up and the recent heat we've had (28 celcius/82 farenheit, hot by UK standards anyway) might just have done the old thing in for good. However, strangely, one aspect of the phone still functions perfectly. Though the phone initially appea
  10. What @Principis said. A couple of years ago you'd be right, but Norton is seriously good nowadays.
  11. Hey everyone, I'm looking to switch phones this month, but I've been out of the loop for a while so I'm looking to be educated as to what's out now that suits my requirements, and I'd appreciate recommendations for anything that matches what I need. Speaking of what I need... - No larger than 5.5 inches. Thickness isn't really a concern. - Above-average camera (enough for amateur photography). - Fingerprint sensor preferred but not essential. - Nice vibrant screen, possibly OLED, definitely IPS. - Decent speakers. - Not a super bloated version of Android