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  1. Target audience = Gamers None of Nvidias marketing indicates their cards are aimed at crypto mining.
  2. I don't think i'll be buying anything Nintendo for a while, fuck them. Selling my Switch for a PS5 as soon as I possibly can.
  3. Makes me think of the new Watch_Dogs Legion game.
  4. While I condone hacking completely... all I have to say is this... Good. Ubisoft hasn't been painting themselves in a good light as of late. Only people I feel sorry for are the devs that worked hard on this game.
  5. I think its pretty cool, for about £100 you get everything you need. Comes with the keyboard/pi combo (computer), power brick, mini HDMI to HDMI cable, mouse, 16GB memory card, even a programming guide.
  6. Purely depends on the signal strength and whether the phone mast in your area is congested. Put your phone in different locations in your house and test, thats my best advise. Not really much you can do as other than doing those few things its out of your control. Potentially check what signal is like from other networks in your area and move networks would be the last option.
  7. I swear as soon as LTSC hits 1903 (next year I believe) I am moving to that. I am done with Microsoft and its "lets fix something that doesn't need fixed, and also ignore the stuff that does need fixed".
  8. Apple does this ALL the time, its only until they're caught do they go "Oops our bad, here is a update that fixes it" before they get a lawsuit sitting on their doorstep.
  9. That was an issue with DLSS 1.0 DLSS 2.0 doesn't have artifacting issues. Also performs better than 1.0
  10. "Should be paying publishers"... No actually i'd massively disagree, why? Because free publicity, advertising etc. If people see some dude on Twitch with an absolute crap ton of followers playing your game they're very likely to also want to buy and play it. Just today I was watching someone play the new Doom Eternal DLC and I decided to buy the new DLC... In fact I am fairly sure publishers give away free copies of games to these streamers on purpose for this exact reason.
  11. Glad I don't use Facebook. Yet sadly I really want a Quest 2 and if I decide to get one I unfortunately will have to make a Facebook account. Accepting creative names for my throw away Facebook account.
  12. Apple, forever has to be the "We're doing something different" even though its so dumb. "Lets make a lightning to USB-C cable but not include a charging brick in the box". Worst thing of all? Apple crazy fans will lap it up and buy a separate charger directly from Apple when previously it was included in the box at no extra cost 19 Dollars for a 20W Fast Charger?? I doubt that any previous owners of an iPhone even have a charger like this. Also this does not reduce e-waste like many might like to think, if anything this will only increase it as now people will thro
  13. https://i.speedof.me/201007231009-527 Just done this speed test now. It's between 14 and 18 and no higher. I am with Zen as my ISP. Your ping/latency can be heavily impacted by which ISP you're using as your ISP can either take a shorter or longer route vs another ISP. For example when I was with BT as my ISP my ping was around 20, but thats because they took a longer route to reach the server.