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    transpizza baconsexual attack helicopter chainsawkin omnispecies
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    I identify sexually as a Churchill VII Heavy Infantry Tank, my armor plating is thick and sumptuous and I have a QQF 77mm gun Mk.II as my main cannon. I'm attracted to squirrels and Barrack Obama but only in a cuddling kind of way.


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    MSI Z97 G55 SLI
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    2GB DDR2
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    Shipping box from Bad Dragon
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    4 30GB SSD RAID 0
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    x2 Apevia Iceberg 680W
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    x2 1024x768
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    Ducky Shine 3
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    Dell laser mouse
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    Harman Kardon GLA-55
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  1. It does, I ran it all the time with my SLI 760's and 960's
  2. The heaviest thing Ive ordered was my desk, it was around 140lbs.
  3. it could be a jump in latency or just high latency to twitch's servers. Being in Vietnam would make that reasonably likely if twitch cant deal with high latency or lots of variation while streaming, I wouldnt know for sure though.
  4. could be an internet/twitch issue rather than a hardware issue, a 6500 and a 1060 is not a weak system.
  5. Ive never heard of them but clevo resellers are a dime a dozen, the pentium isnt a bad chip but 750 is too expensive for that kind of hardware.
  6. Shadowplay as a really low system overhead but I dont know if youre able to do overlays and banners with it like you can with other software. Ive not messed with it since the 700 series so I wouldnt know how its progressed in those areas. What I do remember was streaming in 1080p my games at the same settings I normally play them at without any noticeable performance hit on the 760 that I used to have. Its already installed on your system(unless you skipped the GFE install) so its worth checking out.
  7. I use a 120GB for my OS, a 525GB for games and a 4TB external for media. The SSD's are SATA as I dont have M.2 on my board, though even if i did i wouldnt get an M.2 drive since I wouldnt be able to drop it in another system if I needed to. I'm also not a speed queen like most people, SATA SSD's are still fast as balls. I dont think I would ever bother with RAID again, I had a pair of mechanical drives in RAID 0 but I got really unlucky and both of them failed mechanically. I only bothered with RAID because I bought the drives at different times because I couldnt afford $120 for a
  8. the steelie wheels need to be painted with metallic gold and silver paint, also needs a fart can, a bumper bra and a stickerbombed fender to complete the cancer look.
  9. Ostwind


    ill be honest, when i saw this thread i read it as twinks and thats why i clicked.
  10. Its a refreshed version of the same GPU, barring some minor changes you already have a 580. Getting a 580 when you already have a 480 wouldnt even be a sidegrade, it would be renewing your warranty.
  11. I would get a Fiat 124 Abarth, after the hard top version comes out. The rest is to buy gas so i can drive everywhere.
  12. Chicken and dumplings prolly, shits good as fuck
  13. I think they're all great, Witcher is a great Character RPG with a good combat system and a great story with an awesomely detailed world. I was unsure about getting it originally because i didnt really like the previous games but I ended up playing 16 hours in my first sitting and it was the only thing I played for 2 months after buying it. Fallout 4 is also a good one to look into, its a more free roam type game compared to Witcher, after the intro you can literally just say fuck the "main" story and go where ever. The gunplay is pretty good and the world of pretty good sized. Skyrim is the s
  14. Fuckin this so hard, guy must have hit his head while filming bayformers or some shit hes off his fuckin rocker.