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    Jaxseven reacted to Thaldor in Denuvo Anti-Cheat, another new StarForce   
    After very successful launch with (and without) Denuvo DRM Doom Eternal gets its brand new and shiny anti-cheat system made by Denuvo. And the fun part is, just like upcoming Valorant's Vanguard anti-cheat system, Denuvo Anti-Cheat digs into the system like a maggot into a corpse (although Denuvo one runs only while game is running, so it's kind of "better").
    So thoughtful of them to not even bother the players with a tray icon, almost as thoughtful as to not bother the players by giving any warning of installing the driver that seems to be quite hard to uninstall (while it should uninstall at the same time as Doom Eternal, you will need to go through couple extra hoops just because the Doom Eternal cannot uninstall the primary exe-file because its dependency on Denuvo Anti-Cheats dll-file which then cannot be deleted because its dependency on Doom Eternals exe-file, reports some users here). Also because the thing runs in ring 0 it does update itself and do whatever it does silently without even Windows knowing what is going on.
    Except apparently the game cannot be played even in single player -mode without the anti-cheat system running, updating and stalking in the background. Problem with these ring 0 anti-cheat and DRM systems isn't that they would do something only when certain criteria are fulfilled, it's that they are running in the first place when they are not needed and Denuvo Anti-Cheat doesn't make exception here because it does run always when the game is run, not only when the multiplayer mode of the game is run.
    That sounds nice but can we see those audits somewhere in the public? Probably no because "reasons" and we just need to take their word for that it has been audited correctly and fully and those audits didn't find anything alarming. In second part of the quote, Michail does have a good point except those drivers usually run transparently and have linked services running in user-space which is a lot better for trust than running completely silent beyond any monitoring, also that those vendors aren't known for products that currently are hacked open in days, some even in hours.
    Steam runs in user-space (ring 3) and while GPU drivers run in kernel-space, they are not updating themselves silently in there and they are also made by companies that still have quite a lot trust to loose if their drivers start leaking or are badly made. Also again that "no annoying tray icons [and blah blah blah]", the point of that "annoying" tray icon is that it shows something is running in the background and something is going on which is kind of important when things go south that you can start to diagnose what is going wrong and one software running silently in kernel-mode is kind of big suspect especially when it's made to be as invincible as possible. Also that "annoying" tray icon gives nice information like "Hey! The game might take a bit longer to start because I update myself before letting the game start" or "Hey, it's your friendly anti-cheat here, the game might run a bit slower because I'm doing my thing here in the background, so, nothing to worry about".
    But the true gold in the article:
    Nope, you don't get my trust as long as I don't see openly, publicly and easily accessed those audits and a lot more info about that software other than few bullet points about what it does and even if they were to ban every player in the world except me (I don't even own Doom Eternal) it wouldn't build anymore trust. Again, it also doesn't really help building trust when their primary product is constantly cracked open like a it was nothing while probably the same persons market it as "the best product in the world of its kind".
    Problem with the trust isn't that I wouldn't trust Denuvo or Irdeto about them not collecting my data or having any malicious intends.
    What I don't trust is that they have really build bombproof software that some 3rd party couldn't use for malicious things and that some white hat would find their mistakes before black hats. And we have concrete, factual and very real example what can go wrong when wrong people go marching in the kernel-space, StarForce is the example and it wasn't never used as a backdoor into Windows or with any "malicious intent", it just was made so it really messed up Windows and specially the CD-drive drivers. At best you couldn't use your CD-drive ever again to play music CDs independently, quite often some other CD based DRMs refused to work correctly and some CDs just didn't work at all and, not that rare, worst case was that the Windows itself started to go into kernel panics and throw BSODs because StarForce was poking into wrong memory addresses. And the best part of all of that "fun" was that the only way to get rid of it was to reinstall the whole PC and in some late cases get a new CD-drive because StarForce had dug into its firmware also.
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    Jaxseven reacted to Fasauceome in High End SFFPC or High End Mid-Tower?   
    In my opinion, adding a single LED 120mm fan to the front is the best move. Doesn't need to be RGB, just pick your favorite color and it'll look really cool under the front mesh, so no need to worry about RGB control.
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    Jaxseven got a reaction from TVwazhere in High End SFFPC or High End Mid-Tower?   
    Thank you. I was having trouble finding that section. I'm a little new despite my account being- *looks at account* Wow, 6 years I could've gotten way more educated about building PCs.

    Hey all of this will probably be opinion so all good. My plan originally was to be a video editor but then got a corporate job and haven't touched my Adobe Suite since. Without need of a bunch of storage drives, I could slim my case down, though I do have a Dark Rock air cooler.