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    Zilog eZ-80 @48MHz
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    Texas Instruments SG92A/F-10-2
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    1,200mAh Li-ion battery + Modded Wireless Charging
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  1. New news! The Nspire jailbreak, Ndless, has just been updated for not only the old Nspire CX, but the new Nspire CX II as well! It has been just over 3 years since the last Ndless release so it's super exciting to see another one after so long! You can learn more or install it here: https://github.com/ndless-nspire/Ndless Although this wasn't related to the TI-84 Plus family, it's still related to the whole slew of jailbreaks being released so I decided to include it.
  2. Another day, another exploit! This exploit is similar to Cauldron except even more powerful but a lot safer! The exploit called BootSwap was made by commandblockguy and has the ability to change the BOOT code of a calculator to whatever you want, so long as the BOOT code is 5.3.6 or below! What's special about this tool is that you can get features on a TI-84 Plus CE that TI reserved exclusively to the TI-83 Premium CE. Not only does this mean you could get an Exact Math Engine (which can display answers in radical form instead of just decimal), you can get Python support as well w
  3. That design looks fantastic! Also very delicious and moist. Happy birthday!
  4. Just yesterday, I wrote an article on Reddit asking what teacher's and exam proctor's opinions on the removal of assembly were. I got a few responses back and, as I expected, few people knew that Exam Mode was a thing and that calculators could be updated. It appears they just don't think that there's enough cheating going on to look into using Exam Mode, and they don't seem to care if Assembly stays around or not. For better or for worse, I know there's a lot of students cheating using TI's built-in program editor (which is easily defeated using an updated Exam Mode) so you're one
  5. For those who want to jailbreak, run ASM programs again, and potentially downgrade; I've just released a detailed tutorial on how to do all of that!
  6. More news! If you're a person who doesn't like using shells and software like Cesium or you just want the OS to act like it use to, then you're in luck! User Jacobly recently released a program called Asmhook. After you install it using arTIfiCE, it will allow you to run assembly programs from the program menu just like it use to work! Unfortunately, it doesn't bring back commands removed from the catalog like 'Asm(' or 'Asm84CEPrgm'. However, unless you want to program or compile ASM directly on the calculator, they're not really necessary anymore.
  7. Actually, the TI-84 Plus CE eZ-80 is already clocked at 48MHz and the maximum the chip supports is 50MHz so there's little to be gained there. Yes, you can send programs via USB; that's been a thing since the TI-84 Plus I just got word from some of the developers pushing these exploits and boy, I can tell you it's going to be a rough week for TI and an amazing one for consumers.
  8. New jailbreak news! As of yesterday, user Ne3s2-3p4 posted on Cemetech a new exploit called Cauldron. This exploit is significantly more powerful and dangerous than the arTIfiCE jailbreak I mentioned in the first post. There's a few really useful things it can do: It will remove OS verification so you can install custom OSes! You will permanently be able to downgrade to any OS higher than 5.3.0 It'll make the calculator slightly faster at doing anything. They claim about .3% However, it is a very new, very powerful tool that replaces boot code which is a very tricky
  9. It didn't take long for community member CommandBlockGuy to release the first video on how to use the jailbreak!
  10. Good news! The first jailbreak has been released! Because it was such big news, I decided to make a new thread which you can find here:
  11. Summary: A few months ago, I reported that Texas Instruments had removed ASM programming support from the TI-84 Plus CE and TI-83 Premium CE in the latest OS. Despite the overwhelmingly negative feedback TI received from consumers, ASM was not brought back officially. Instead, developers behind the YvanTT account posted on Cemetech the very first jailbreak that will allow users on the latest OS 5.6.0 to run ASM programs and games! The jailbreak is called arTIfiCE and the instructions for how to install and run the exploit are explained on the arTIfiCE website. It relies on an
  12. It's been a while but I have another update. TI recently released OS 5.6.0 for the TI-84 Plus CE and OS 5.5.2 for the TI-83 Premium CE. There is virtually no difference between 5.6.0 and 5.5.2. Besides the fact that OS 5.6.0 is the first publicly downloadable OS (for the TI-84 Plus CE) from TI's website that removes ASM capabilities, TI changed very little in these updates. Basically there's now the option to disable the numerical solver during exam mode, and there's a bug fix that now lets the Python app properly display outputs. Unfortunately, TI did a pretty poor job documenting
  13. Important Update: After not listening to anybody, TI has released the TI-84 Plus CE -T Python Edition with OS 5.5.5. This means that there is now an OS compatible with the TI-84 Plus CE family that bans ASM programming right now! What changed? OS 5.5.5 banned ASM on the regular TI-84 Plus CE and changed nothing else. The new TI-84 Plus CE -T Python Edition (which I'll abbreviate to 84PE) has the python app found in the TI-83 Premium CE Edition Python (83EP). However, TI seems to have strangled the 84PE's capabilities. Unlike the 83EP, there is no exam mode which allow
  14. The apps will stay. If you're in the USA, there's a very slim chance a teacher will require students to use one of the apps. Most of my teachers didn't even know the calculator had apps at all. The students will eventually figure out themselves which ones are useful, which ones are good boredom killers, and which ones are useless. @Jotoco I think TI has a factory in China but the vast majority of the TI-84 Plus family and Nspire family is made in the Philippines.
  15. @lepa71 It doesn't really matter. The bundle includes OS 5.3.0 and all compatible apps, but 90% of the apps you'll never use and are just a waste of space.