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  1. Check the tech spec PDF. This is the only s145 I could find, doesn't list a Ryzen 3 CPU though, would need the full model # (i.e. this is for s145-15AST) to find the proper tech spec sheet.
  2. Have you tried updating the BIOS? At work BIOS updates will often fix lots of little things you probably wouldn't think of, even if it's not listed in the update notes. We often get advisories from manufacturers advising to update the BIOS to fix a particular issue, but on the update page there's no mention of that issue. I've seen updates that address things from fan noise, failure to load OS, screen brightness issues, charging issues, boosting issues, etc. Worth a try. Just make sure you're plugged in and have a decent battery buffer (>20%).
  3. Can confirm, currently run my FreeNAS on a 9700K + 16GB of GSkill Ripjaw. FreeNAS recommends certain things but it's actually very flexible.
  4. Nobody: People on the Internet: Hey I know I asked for help with this thing but I was JK I actually know everything about it and you're all wrong and stupid. Why do I feel like this is 80% of help threads?
  5. GN compared it in their review. 3080 is about 70-90% faster at 1440p and 4k. Looking like a nice upgrade for those of us on 1080Ti that smelled the 20 series scam from a mile away. I'll just be kicking back and waiting to see what AMD does and for stock to stabilize.
  6. They don't have them. So basically they are selling a promise that they will buy it for you or your money back.