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  1. I did see a thread with a similar issue back in 2017 but as per the message below the thread, it recommended I make a new thread. I am making a gaming setup for my partner and I have my old Razer Blade Stealth 2016 and an Aorus 1070 eGPU. I have verified the eGPU works on a separate computer (that computer has 2 lanes for Thunderbolt), the USB-C cables, and the GPU itself all work. The Stealth's Thunderbolt bolt also works as it can be paired with a Core without issue. When I plug in the Aorus eGPU to the Stealth is when the wackiness starts. It will constantly connect and disconnect until I u
  2. I did find a list of surround sound enabled games through a link on the PC Gaming Wiki, and all the games I tested were from there, but I didn’t have time to actually play through the games but instead just check the in-game audio settings. I have played through it with my G933 and it’s definitely a game that needs headphones. I only mention it since I know 3D sound is a core aspect of the game which is why I figured there’d be a dedicated setting for it. I’ll just have to play through some games to see if anything is different. I’m going through The Evil Within with my fiancée which
  3. I have a console PC in my living room and finally took the time to configure it with my 4K TV properly. After some googling, I figured out I could get 5.1 surround sound enabled with my sound bar if I hooked it up via an HDMI. It’s a little hacky since my PC thinks it’s a second monitor, but I was able to test the 5.1 sound in the audio settings. I then decided to start up a game to enable surround sound, but found the audio options limited. Even in Hellblade I couldn’t find a dedicated sound configuration option. Is there a trick to enabling surround sound in games? Do games automatically con
  4. Not exactly. I built a PC console inside a Silverstone RVZ03 that's only a bit bigger than an old 360. It still fits in my entertainment center and has a full sized GTX 1070ti and a 6700K. The only specific hardware I needed to make it fit was a SFX PSU but that's not hard to come by. Unless you really wanted a micro console PC, my build is as small as a console and has good enough specs.
  5. My friend asked me to recommend a gaming laptop for $1500 and I without even thinking recommended him the Asus ROG G14. I told him to wait and I needed to put in a little more time to research, but then I looked through everything and said, "Shoot, maybe there really isn't anything better right now." I just couldn't find anything that competes at that price for the performance.
  6. I remember back with OtherOS on the PS3 was a big deal, and it truthfully was to a handful of people. The issue was I believe Sony only did it to avoid some tax or fit some type of classification of computer for the PS3. I don't honestly know of anyone that used Linux PS3 other than like you said a curiosity. I'll probably go down a YouTube rabbit hole later tonight researching this topic to see what people actually used it for outside of installing Libre Office on. Well, "games without problems" would certainly be dependent on your definition. Tux Kart or a port of Doom (the original)
  7. This really pissed me off to see this not only because it's super scummy to implement a kernel level Anti-Cheat program for a game no one talked about the multiplayer for well after the refund window closes, but also because Doom has been sort of the showcase for DXVK Linux gaming. There was even a sale on the game the week prior to this happening! Confession, I haven't finished Doom 2016 because I have a massive backlog and I began my transition to Linux part of the way through the game. I held off buying it because I've recently gotten into retro collecting as I'm nostalgic for plug and play
  8. So I recently switched my board over to something with a modern NVME slot, and after all this hype about NVME storage on the new consoles I guess I should buy one. ... NVME SSD, not a PS5. Ha, thank Sweeny. Currently my set up is, well, complicated. I have 2 500GB SATA SSDs, one is my Windows install, the other Manjaro Linux. Then I have a 4TB that I've partitioned in half because Steam really doesn't like NTFS on Linux. I've decided that the golden number of drives in my rig is three. One NVME, and 2 SSD drives otherwise I will begin limiting what cases I could use and I've found ou
  9. Yeah I get that sort of thing a lot in privacy forums and chats I frequent. It just doesn't work for a normal person, especially if you work for a big company. I've gone further than anyone I know in life, but honestly deleting Facebook and switching to AOSP is much further than people I know. Once the Librem 5 is a more consumer ready product maybe we'll be there, but it'll be hard. Web Apps and AOSP is the best I got right now.
  10. So easiest safe bet is AOSP with latest security patches and FOSS apps? I try to make it works at least. Doesn't always though.
  11. That's a great idea, also I just remembered they make a Stormtrooper color scheme so I may look at that and think about possibly spraying a design on the case if I can make it look good enough.
  12. I have seen that case and Silverstone is pretty nice. I built my HTPC in their Raven RVZ03(B?) which is a really nice case for the living room. The only downside is my motherboard is too old to support the front RGB so it's harder to tell if it's on. That said, if this for me is more cosmetic than function, than I want to do something to the SG13 to spice it up a little. I'm hoping to move into a house in a year or so, and if my needs change then I may to a transplant then.
  13. Again I do like my Manta case, and with a good air cooler I feel comfortable overclocking. I did however switch to a Ryzen 3600X so I don't really know if I'm going to see any true benefits from trying to overclock it. I've been running my parts through it and to keep most of the parts it wouldn't really shrink down the case that much. The smallest I could fit it into would be an InWin A1 Plus but then I lose my 80 Platinum ATX PSU which will probably be better than whatever InWin packages into their A1. Like I said, the Manta is a good case and I can't will myself to spend money on a
  14. Thank you. I was having trouble finding that section. I'm a little new despite my account being- *looks at account* Wow, 6 years I could've gotten way more educated about building PCs. Hey all of this will probably be opinion so all good. My plan originally was to be a video editor but then got a corporate job and haven't touched my Adobe Suite since. Without need of a bunch of storage drives, I could slim my case down, though I do have a Dark Rock air cooler.
  15. I recently built a HTPC from spare parts and a $200 1070 TI last winter and have sort of fallen in love with it. It's nearly on par with my 4 year old desktop. My desktop is a NZXT Manta which I think is a nice case, although the curved design didn't age too well in my opinion. There's just a little voice in the back of my head telling me to transplant my rig into a smaller mini-ITX case, but it seems a little silly. I think if I was building today (or rather during more normal circumstances like last year) I would probably build my dedicated gaming desktop into a small case. What does everyon