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  1. I admittedly want a nice OLED with VRR and 120hz but I figure I'm going to just run this 2016 TV into the ground first and see what the pricing landscape looks in 2026. If you can't get at least a decade out of a TV anyway, you wasted your money.
  2. I call it 'Gamer Vision', when someone follows so much gamer oriented media, especially about hardware, that they lose touch with the idea of what most people are actually gaming with. The high end products make good content but when LTT is instead looking at three cheap 4K TVs, that's the kind of product most gamers are buying. It's like reading a lot of stuff about performance car and you forget that most people are driving blue sedans or hybrid SUVs.
  3. 1) Well over 90% of American homes own televisions. Ther has been a slow decline from it's peak around 97% in the mid 90s, this is mostly due to competition from 'other screens' but the classic 'Livingroom TV' remains, by a large margin, the dominant display in the typical American home. 2) Your '1080p 43inch from a bygone era' and 'Integrated graphics on a laptop', those are both description of unremarkable TN panel displays. None really has a major advantage over the other. Thinking you need a high end 'Gaming TV' to play some Xbox on, is just you forming tunnel vision based o
  4. I found it varies by ISP. Years ago I had an ISP bust me for running an AnalogX SImple Server just to host images for some forums and such. Meanwhile right now I have a full FTP, and bunch of web interface controls all running in UnRAID dockers and my current ISP cares not. I wonder if it's just because none of them are on Port 80...
  5. Can it though? I can only speak for my Asus X79 boards but they beep all angry if I boot them without a graphics card. I installed single slot, single PCIe lane Radeon HD 5450's in one of their PCIE x1 slots.
  6. I didn't even really appreciate this, I'm older and used to the late 90s and early/mid 2000s where when you bought a 'computer' that was big ol desktop taking a big ol desk. I knew laptops and mobile/tablets had really taken huge market share, but I was blown away when my entire industry moved to WFH just how many people who, while sitting at computers all day at work, really don't have one at home. Maybe they have an old laptop they use when they need a full desktop experience, or maybe the focus on using a tablet/iPad or something for most situations. I use a computer primarily, even for
  7. Sorry, are you attempting to argue that the only viable television to play a video game on is an OLED?
  8. I mean, the router isn't even essential for the process of local traffic other than for DHCP. I use a pfSense box in my apartment so all switching is done on physically separate unmanaged switches and an access point. Since most of my hardware, that is not on wifi, is on static IPs, I can power down and even disassemble the pfSense box, but local traffic between my media servers and HTPCs and the likes continues to work fine. Only the wifi devices, since Windows won't let me configure a static IP on one wifi network but to use DHCP on other wifi networks, are on DHPC and they have problems.
  9. Every time someone says this, they ignore the following caveats: Not factoring in the cost of the OS (unless you use shady $5 Win10 keys), not factoring in the cost of peripherals, not factoring in a cost of a display (People who don't already have PCs would need monitors where as you can safely assume that most people already own a television for non gaming purposes though admittedly not all). Also a lot of people don't have a space for a PC. I'm sure a bunch won't get this, especially if you don't work in an office, but if you worked in an office in March 2020 when most offices
  10. Wow, the 800D is a much worse NAS case than my 750D. o.O The 750D ships with two internal 3x3.5" cages, but there's four possible positions to install them, so you can order two additional cages from Corsair and boom, that's 12 drives. Add a cage in the 3x5.25" bay and you're up to 16 (Maybe 17 depending on the cage you add) The 800D does have four neat hot swap 3.5" front cages, but other than that it's only got 5x5.25" drives to add some cages too. I guess it has 2.5" mounts elsewhere but so does the 750D. If you want a tower with just 'a lot of drives' this is, fr
  11. For sure. Since this isn't a 'recreation'. That mess is not the Vickers/Curtis mess at Borden, it's 'Let's fine a neat piece of real world architecture and base a mess on it. Find me photos of a military mess that does not look like a high school cafeteria build in the 1960s. Wow, look at THAT one. Canadian's got a nice one there! Ugh too much blue there and needs better tile...'
  12. There are def some changes, but that's creative choices. The anime has different tile, different ceilings, 'metal cladding' where the wood comes together at the pillars, and there's extra hanging lights. But a lot of the very specific details are right there, including the strange ceiling fans.
  13. This mess hall seen in Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway's Flash? Well, my GF is in the Canadian Armed Forces, I sent her a copy to watch while on deployment and she recognized it. ...Welcome to Canadian Forces Base Borden.
  14. Anyone who thinks Bell and Rogers would allow Pfizer or Moderna to compete with their 5G networks in Canada is kidding themselves. They lobbied the CRTC to only allow 5G free vaccine in Canada.
  15. Second shot completed in Canada, I'm now invincible! Test me, give me a squirrel and I'll lick it, nothing bad will happen! I may have not fully read the label on that vaccine!