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  1. I can see no historical precedent for how this could be a bad thing. ...Oh wait... Dec 22, 1993 Domino's Ends Fast-Pizza Pledge After Big Award to Crash Victim For nearly a decade, Domino's Pizza has enticed customers with a sure-fire marketing gimmick, a promise to deliver pizza within 30 minutes. But stung by a jury verdict in St. Louis last week that awarded more than $78 million to a woman struck by a Domino's driver in 1989, the company said yesterday that it would no longer promise such speedy delivery.
  2. Someone needs to ban 'Protracted Crypto Bro Libertarian Bitcoin Arguments' under the guise of it being 'politics'...
  3. Erm... The maximum possible bitrate on a remultiplexed UHD BluRay would be 144mbps... And this is a 10 000mbps network... That's 1.4% of the total network bandwidth. (And that's assuming that the path to both machines from their sources even goes along the same links, with how it's switched, and what machines are involved, one PC accessing the NAS and another accessing the internet for updates may never be using the same links). I think that the network will be fine providing data from the NAS and let another machine run Windows Update or a Steam update without issue. I'm running
  4. You can get 'modified' drivers for most onboard RealTek chips that enable DDL. The chips all support DDL in hardware but there's no software license so the legit drivers refuse it. I have DDL running from optical out of my Asus TUF B450M-PLUS GAMING for example. This required some 'modified' drivers as well as a breakout bracket that connects to the SPDIF header on the mobo. The bracket is a single output but does both SPDIF and TOSLINK concurrently.
  5. Shopping for 'high end retro capable PC parts' is fun. One of my retro PCs dual boots WinXP and Win10, mostly for a mix of 'retro XP games' and 'modern source ports of retro games'. The GPU I was using was a Radeon HD 6850, but I had to find a blower style one, as this PC is built in a case from 1999 designed around a 125w PSU and it does not have much ventilation. I wanted Vulcan support and a few other things when in Win10 mode but I finally found a blower style Radeon HD 7870 for only CAD$60 on eBay. ...I tried an open air cooler GPU in this case once and the PSU, also bein
  6. Was anyone else like 'Damn this is super cool, I don't care about them putting it into a computer tho.. But damn it's cool!'?
  7. Is this that soft rubbery coating stuff? Erm, hate to say it, but it's quite possible it's just the material breaking down with age. A lot of that stuff ages as well as fresh fruit over time.
  8. Your main problem with those Chinese boards is that they are half assed. I've seen some YT channels that do deep dives on a wide range of models, they can have shoddy wiring for the RAM so instead of Quad channel the dimms are wired in as dual or in some ITX machines, single channel. Even though they'll like to CPU-Z and state that the memory is in quad channel. Sleep/standby mode often doesn't work. Turbo may not work. No OC functions or unable to change RAM settings and it runs below spec and such. Some are good but you basically need a third par
  9. I understand this... But you won't be doing that with this laptop...
  10. You can just get a third party Windows XP ISO that had additional drivers slip streamed in. Or slipstream them into your own drive. I'm here running both Windows XP and Windows ME on Kingston SSDs, no problem.
  11. Let's take a peak... AMD Athlon II Dual-Core Mobile Processors Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium RS880M+SB820M DDR3 1066, Max: 4GB 15.6” 1366*768 HD Ready ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4270 Er uhh,umm... ...Have you considered getting into classic PC gaming? Lots of stuff from the 2000s would be lots of fun...?
  12. I'd just upgrade the GPU. I had a B85 mobo with a i5 4590 in it, just runs media and gaming on my bedroom TV. I opted to upgrade it to an 4790 (Non K since it's a B85 mobo) to give it a slight speed boost and the multi threading advantage. That's it's last CPU for years. I'll just hand-me-down GPUs to it from other machines. It's currently running an R9 390X for example which makes it a pretty mean casual bedroom TV gaming machine.
  13. That's just about the fastest CPU it can take. The only other options are the 4770K (Just an overclockable 4770) or the 4790 and 4790k, which are 'ever so slightly faster' and 'ever so slightly faster and also overclockable'. So, really? No. For the costs involve you'd make the CPU negligibly faster, it'd be a nearly lateral upgrade. Graphics, well, that's a big wild card. You can put anything in there. Wanna drop $2000 on an RTX 3090? That'll fit. Might be a bit lopsided performance wise but it'd kick ass.
  14. When your computer is asleep it draws like less than 10 watts, meaning it can produce no more than 10 watts of power... So, no. The entire PC is cool to the touch even.
  15. It's uhh... Interesting. I think the only 'valid' complaint of LMG I've seen is that the company def leans harder towards 'entertainment' than 'education/informative' but let's be real, that's what the market demands. I wish it leaned more education/informative but it still entertains me. The rest is some weird conjecture. Having a friend who works at LMG, I'd say that as employer the company probably deserves 'Unicorn' status in terms of much it doesn't treat it's employees like garbage when compared to many others. I got a tour of the office on a Saturday, it was empty, b