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  1. Yes you should. Although AMD has better price to performance in gaming, Nvidia just generally has better performance in anything work related and you probably will have more luck with CUDA optimizations in newer software not to mention you also generally get better driver reliability.
  2. @Samfisher I don't think WD makes any 3.5 HDD's that are above 8tb that are SMR.
  3. Try reseating the memory (RAM)
  4. @blueyy Its soldered onto the motherboard to reduce size from the retention mechanism and just general thickness.
  5. I am trying to access my plex library on a Raspberry Pi 3b. I have LibreELEC 8.2.5 installed. When plex launches i can see it for a second and then it go into a black screen.
  6. Its kind of like squeeze to summon google assistant on pixel devices.
  7. Gloves yes, not sure about hats. It's pretty hot where I live.
  8. Pretty sure its only pressure controls.
  9. Can you see the 570 in device manager when running of VGA?
  10. I would buy from amazon for 186 than some sketch site for 2 dollars cheaper.
  11. The LED's will last longer than the mouse unless they short.
  12. Don't worry about loss of data I have used it many times with no problem. Just get the latest drives from nvidia before ddu and install them after.
  13. So undervolting is your best bet, and repasting. Even the cheap Chinese stuff is fine.
  14. Don't get a laptop cooling pad its absolutely useless you can get the same effect by lifting your laptop off the table with a book on each side so try that first then try my suggestion to undervolt.
  15. Undervolting seemes to be your best bet besides re pasting. Download and run throttlestop, click on FIVR under cpu core voltage click unlock adjustable voltage, click on offset voltage then reduce it in small incriments untill you get a stable undervolt then do the same undervolt for cpu cache voltage.
  16. @SupaKomputaI mean I can use the same drive on windows on the same machine and it works fine just does not show up in freenas or ubuntu vm.
  17. The CD reader works in windows. Ok i tried another CD and the errors did not pop up I think the cd was dead but i still cant see the drive in either freenas as a disk or in the vm.
  18. Side mount your bottom fans so they don't suck up all the dirt when you keep it on the floor,
  19. I have an old Dell Precision T1600 as my home NAS, it is running freenas and has been working great. I want to be able to copy file from a ton of old cd's to the server. I setup an Ubuntu VM but I am unable to access any CD I insert from the VM . The picture is of the errors I get. Thanks in advance.
  20. Shit I was not port forwarding. It should be there now
  21. I have an old desktop running freenas. I have created pool with 1 4tb drive in it. My second drive just arrived I was wondering if I can add the drive to the pool without loosing any data that is already stored on the first drive.
  22. Hopefully the server is back up now. If you face any issues you can reply to this thread of message me. But 1.14.4 now