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    Taking things apart, modding things, thermals, filling laptops with copper, ĉ̴̛̛̼̈̒͊͆̀̈́̈̐̈̕͝͝ͅy̵̔̀̎͐́͠ͅa̸͕̟͈̫̤̼͚͌̈́͗̅̅̄̈͆̊͝ņ̶̡̡̭͓͚̰͕͔͔͔͆̀ͅs̶̛̘̟͒͋̚̕͝é̵̢͍̬͕̞͊̈́̃͌̈́̇̑̅͐͌ͅͅ
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    I probably won't type much right now because I'm going to pop open my rig right now and probably mess something up and
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    Exhausted HS Junior


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    Ryzen 5 2600 Succ Edition @3.25 GHz
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    Modded AssRock AB350M with VRM heatsinks on the back of the board
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    16 GB T-Force Vulcan DDR4-3000
  • GPU
    "Modded" (read: massacred) Sapphire Nitro+ 5700 XT
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    Cougar MG110
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    256 GB PCIe x4 NVMe with custom heatsink
    3 TB WD Se 7200 RPM HDD with custom heatsink
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    Coarse Air CX500M semimodular
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    LG 2560 by 1080 Extra THICC
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    Kewl Master ML240 AIO, 5X Arctic P12 PWM PST 120mm fans, custom VRM, HDD, SSD heatsinks
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    Aukey 87-key mechanical keyboard that keeps repeating keystrokes for some reason
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    $5 cheapo logitech rodent mouse
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    Realteck ALC887 integrated garbage
  • Operating System
    Miachelsoft Binbows 10 Pro Education
  • Laptop
    Modded Bell Longtitude E7470 (6300U, 1x8, 1x2 GB DDR4-2133)

    Mods: three huge copper sheets covering every component

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  1. Some of the male guppies in my tank are starting to develop orange spots on their bodies. Apparently females like more orange males, as the pigment, carotenoids, can only be acquired from the food they eat, and thus a more orange male implies better physical health. Tagging @RorzNZon this.


    Also, some of the females look like the Pregnant Guppy. That's exciting, since I may have fry soon. I don't have a sponge filter for the tank, so I'll turn off the filter when I see fry.

    1. RorzNZ


      No idea about zoology. How exciting though !

  2. I think the Rainforest Cafe takes the whole rainforest thing too far. This one time I was sitting there eating my chicken tenders and they bulldozed half the restaurant.

  3. Me after downloading a new game and immediately cranking the settings to "Ultra" to see if my PC can handle it:


    Rest Days are Important. “If he dies, he dies.” -Drago | by Matthew  VanSumeren | Medium


    1. Skiiwee29



    2. Schnoz


      @Skiiwee29 That's not fan noise; it's the sound of my CPU slowly vaporizing!

  4. me: awake at 3 am





    meltwater is technically mountain dew


  5. My middle school had a school news program where segments would be made by multiple groups of people, then edited together to make the broadcast. We used Canon T5i and T6i cameras to film (with SD card slots). So two of the most important rules to follow were to 1. eject the SD card from the computer before removing it and 2. never edit off the SD card There were multiple instances where people just completely ignored both of those rules, and yes, Jared (not real name), pulling out the SD card when Premiere Pro is exporting your completed project after you finished editing on the S
  6. me: awake at 3 am





    we all know the messenger pigeon. now introducing the instant messenger pigeon which is fed on pure sugar and caffeine and flies at mach 3!


  7. The Nurtec ads have finally subsided. Now I'm getting this ad:



    Woman: "Cluck..."


    (uncomfortable pause"


    (zoom in uncomfortably close to face)


    "Y E A H."


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. themaniac


      you must be watching some really weird hentai at this rate

    3. Schnoz


      @themaniac It was actually an ad for chicken soup, which was weird because the woman was making such a "weird" face.

    4. themaniac


      suuuure "chicken soup" you say

  8. Customer: "Yeah, I dropped it on the floor recently, it was just from like three feet, but it doesn't turn on"


    The device:



    Post image


  9. me: awake at 3 am





    cows wear bells because their horns don't work


  10. brought to you by the Fruit Company Magic Mouse:

    Post image

    1. Den-Fi


      That really was an impressively stupid limitation.

      Almost like they did it on purpose as market research to see how many people would still defend the decision.

    2. Drama Lama

      Drama Lama

      *laughs in Apple 1. generation magic mouse which uses batteries*

  11. Tom's Hardware posted a teardown of the new M1-equipped Macbooks and posted this image as the M1:



    ...that's a PMIC. Did they really miss the biggest, flashiest chip on the board?




    1. themaniac


      plot twists they are apple shills and are trying to go "Wow look at how tiny this chip is, so amazing"

  12. This video is pretty nice:


  13. Continued from the previous two statuses:

    This pair of forcepts look nice, until you realize that this this is basically just two pieces of steel wire bent and flattened at strategic areas and then riveted together. Like, it works, but it just looks cheap.



    Some pH paper, coffee filters, and a few index cards, because that goes in a $239.95 lab kit...



    And last but not least--here are the fancy chemicals. One of the bottles is distilled water. Yes, distilled water in a $239.95 set...



    The textbook is also pretty nice, but it's not that interesting as to include a photo besides in the first image.


    Is this kit nice? Yes. Is it worth $239.95? Probably not. I'll give it a 3.5/5-star rating.


    Also, thanks to Quality Science Labs for making this kit. Customer support tells me that they've been working around the clock to build these kits for customers. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Nup


      Nice kit, what will you be using it for?

    3. Schnoz


      @Nup I'm using it for AP Chem--I just did the properties of molecular/ionic//metallic/network covalent materials lab.

    4. Nup


      fair play getting the kit, chemistry is a lot more fun when youre doing it.

  14. Continued from a previous status:

    Aforementioned noninteresting bag:



    And a multimeter, again of passable quality:



    Distilled water squirt bottle. It has a design flaw where, if the nozzle is filled with water, it acts as a siphon and allows water to flow out even if the bottle is not squeezed:



    Disintegrating steel wool that fortunately came in a resealable bag:



    Here's a 24- and 96-well reaction plate. They stack loosely on top of each other, which is good for organization:



    And here are some beakers, a scoopula, and an old-looking wet-erase marker:



    Some laboratory glassware and plasticware:



    They also included some disposable containers (ignore the glass one in the bottom row) and a foam block for some reason. I paid $240 for this...




    Onto the next status, because I've yet again exceeded this forum's 20 MB limit.


  15. My DIY meth lab AP Chem kit arrived today!




    Here's the first thing I saw when I opened it. Some bottles got knocked around in transit, but everything is in good condition.



    And here's all the contents of the lab kit spread out on my desk, which is still full of glass shards:



    Here's the stopwatch/timer that looks like it was made in 1995. The build quality is terrible, btw. The buttons are extremely wiggly.



    The scale is pretty nice though. It has some bulk to it and it came with a nice phone credit card holder and cleaning cloth:



    Here's some nickel, copper, and zinc and some sandpaper (not that I needed any  more copper):



    And here's a thermometer of acceptable quality:



    Some plastic stir rods, a measuring spoon, some Q-tips, and chromatography paper. Nothing interesting here.

    (File size has exceeded 20 MB and will be continued in the next status)


    1. The_Vaccine


      everytime I see iFixit stuff I get ptsd from Jay's Ad on his videos (Jayztwocents)