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    Taking things apart, modding things, thermals, filling laptops with copper, ĉ̴̛̛̼̈̒͊͆̀̈́̈̐̈̕͝͝ͅy̵̔̀̎͐́͠ͅa̸͕̟͈̫̤̼͚͌̈́͗̅̅̄̈͆̊͝ņ̶̡̡̭͓͚̰͕͔͔͔͆̀ͅs̶̛̘̟͒͋̚̕͝é̵̢͍̬͕̞͊̈́̃͌̈́̇̑̅͐͌ͅͅ
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    I probably won't type much right now because I'm going to pop open my rig right now and probably mess something up and
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    Exhausted HS Junior


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    Ryzen 5 2600 Succ Edition @3.25 GHz
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    Modded AssRock AB350M with VRM heatsinks on the back of the board
  • RAM
    16 GB T-Force Vulcan DDR4-3000
  • GPU
    "Modded" (read: massacred) Sapphire Nitro+ 5700 XT
  • Case
    Cougar MG110
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    256 GB PCIe x4 NVMe with custom heatsink
    3 TB WD Se 7200 RPM HDD with custom heatsink
  • PSU
    Coarse Air CX500M semimodular
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    LG 2560 by 1080 Extra THICC
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    Kewl Master ML240 AIO, 5X Arctic P12 PWM PST 120mm fans, custom VRM, HDD, SSD heatsinks
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    Aukey 87-key mechanical keyboard that keeps repeating keystrokes for some reason
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    $5 cheapo logitech rodent mouse
  • Sound
    Realteck ALC887 integrated garbage
  • Operating System
    Miachelsoft Binbows 10 Pro Education
  • Laptop
    Modded Bell Longtitude E7470 (6300U, 1x8, 1x2 GB DDR4-2133)

    Mods: three huge copper sheets covering every component

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  1. A few months back, my dad bought a UVC lamp, which is basically a standard mercury fluorescent bulb without that coating that keeps UVC from being emitted. It's super scary and we basically treat it like a vampire treats light when it's turned on. It's pretty cool as well--it leaves radiation burns on any fresh groceries which are exposed to the light. However, I am a bit concerned about UV degradation over time.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Drama Lama

      Drama Lama

      I don’t need sterilization for my Amazon packages because they take so long that it could be considered quarantine for them ;)

    3. Grumpy Old Man

      Grumpy Old Man

      @Drama Lama This is Amazon prime package delivery. Use this to shorten delivery time.



    4. Drama Lama

      Drama Lama


      This is Amazon prime package delivery. Use this to shorten delivery time.

      I have no Prime

      no Prime, no Human beeing

      ( I  rarely order stuff from Amazon, especially hardware )

  2. image.thumb.png.30990be862e5b73e2c41089e62cee1ad.png

    You Truly Are the Lowest Scum In History | Know Your Meme

    1. Windows7ge


      And when those consoles no longer hold their value in the market because they're not rare or one of a kind we will laugh when you're holding onto a fat stack of units you can't sell because the manufacturer caught up to the demand.

  3. 3 am American cuisine in a nutshell:





  4. me: awake at 3 am





    to that guy who stole my copy of microsoft office: i'll get that copy back someday, you have my Word


    1. Drama Lama

      Drama Lama

      Don’t worry it’s not the real Microsoft office he just stole a copy 

  5. Customer: "Oh yeah my computer's really nice, I got it watercooled recently, but I don't know why it stopped working"


    The watercooled device:


    Spilled Water on Your Laptop? Here's How to Fix It | Digital Trends

  6. Those are some nice heatsinks. As much as I like the professional grayscale theme of many motherboards nowadays, I miss when boards would flaunt their copper.
  7. Bus drivers when they see each other:



    Pilots when they see each other:


  8. Fun fact: Volkswagen actually sells sausages (yes, same company), and they sell more of them than cars.


    I guess that means that their cars' emissions are scandalous, but that's not the wurst thing they sell.

    1. BlueChinchillaEatingDorito



      If you don't produce sausages, you don't produce cars.

      That could be the most German thing I've heard. 

    2. Drama Lama

      Drama Lama

      Fun fact Volkswagen was originally the name of a car not a company

  9. Customer: "Oh yeah I treat my PC pretty well, it's just that someone spilled orange juice on it, wasn't me though"


    The device:



    r/LinusTechTips - solutions?


    (again, not mine, but I've seen conditions inside a computer that were more than viable for a mushroom farm)


    1. soldier_ph


      This brings a whole new meaning to Server farm.

  10. I saw someone online who sawed notches into a PCIe card to get it to fit into an AGP slot... Gore aside, your 6800 looks amazing! Kinda looks like the 7800 GTX you sent me, but dual-slot.
  11. no one:


    the school computers from 2008:



    1. Techstorm970


      "BREAKING: Core 2 Duo dies of heat exhaustion during marathon"

  12. Me: buys literally anything


    Also me, 1 second later:



  13. me: awake at 3 am





    bread in captivity:

    Caged Bread by Scarlet-II on DeviantArt