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  1. No, when you use Https all your traffic is already encrypted when it leaves your computer and your ISP is not seeing it. They may see the title of the website like linustechtips.com but that's it. They don't see the rest of the address like topic or any information on this site or any other site that uses Https. Just the main address.
  2. As I said previously. Encyption, https, Tor whatever happens IN your browser INSIDE your computer BEFORE it leaves your computer. You are still trying to claim that the encryption happens outside of your computer. You are even saying that Tor does not provide encryption. Are you kidding me.
  3. Why not contact PIA and ask them what they meant with that gmail thing? And with everything else. And then tell us what they answered. I am interested to know, and maybe they even change their website, who knows.
  4. The encryption happens IN your browser. It's not done by your ISP. HTTPS encrypts your data between your browser and the websites server. While visiting HTTPS site your traffic is encrypted between your browser and the websites server.
  5. If a book store is selling books doesn’t mean that everybody working there agrees with every book. I don’t thing owners of book stores read all their books to make sure they agree with them. Amazon selling something doesn’t mean that everybody working on Amazon has tried or read the product. Streaming in Twitch doesn’t mean that you has to agree with everything Amazon happens to sell. Working at Twitch doesn’t mean that you agree or need to agree with everything Amazon sells. A book Amazon sells does not necessarily represent ideas and beliefs of Amazon as a company or ideas or beliefs of its employees
  6. If I remember or understood correctly he was recommending him and told his ideas are eye opening or something and told he's going to buy his book.
  7. Why would Linus help a random person? There are maybe tens of thousands of channels getting banned or getting content removed or whatever. What makes your channel more special than those? You already asked that in UFD Tech topic and then you made your own one hour later.
  8. The malware list is most likely just a list of sites that are harmful or scam sites, fake tech support etc. Not the sites that are questionable for example clean and safe site that host movie downloads. It's not about something being illegal or not it's all about safety and security. And about requesting ”taking down” sites. It may take a long time before anybody even see the request, and then investigation or something happens and... It takes time.
  9. The salepage shown in the first post together with that ”fake” discount counter is very similar to NordVPN website, NordVPN does similar mass advertising thing as well. NordVPN even has similar popup but without counter. At least last month they both had similar fake sale. It always resets, nordVPN sale has been going on for years maybe, always about 70% off. No, it's not my real IP address