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  1. I recently made the jump to a laserjet printer but I need some help. The printer I have is the HP LaserJet Pro M101-M106. The printer's ports consists of power in and that weird USB port. Now the printer is NOT a wireless model but I was wondering whether I could plug into my router's USB port and sorta make it wireless? Is that possible or do I have to have to plug into my PC's USB in order to print? Thanks in advance
  2. I recently bought a HP 245 G7 for WFH. The thing is this Function keys are so GODDAMN ANNOYING, to put it simply they most fn keys laptops have function like increasing brightness, volume and so on. Normally you would have to to hold FN+F(insert number) in order to activate that function but this laptop focken UNO reverse card and everytime i go to press the fn keys i keep getting reminded of this. The most annoying thing is that F1 is directly mapped to open microsoft support page in Edge. Please tell me there is a solution to this!!
  3. I'm looking for some kind of software that can restore data of my phone, say after i accidentally deleted some vital documents. Also it would be useful if the software can restore everything from apps and whatsapp chats/media (big emphasis on this). I remember one of the LTT channels doing a sponsor for a recovery software related to restoring whats app chats, I just cant remeber the name Dr. something or another.
  4. $12000, 10 hours and a degree in cryptography and engineering. yeah there are much more easier ways to get that info
  5. Understood thanks for the heads-up
  6. @dizmowasn't there some news that Samsung removed this setting in an update?
  7. Is there any Bluetooth settings I should change?
  8. Never mind it seems to auto switch to aptx I'm just an idiot. I only ever checked the setting when the earbuds weren't connected. And I just checked and I feel so dumb
  9. I have a pair of wireless earbuds that have aptX (edifier TWS1). However I have come to realise you actually have to switch your phone's audio codec as well in order to take advantage of aptX (I was having connectivity issues with my buds and I was severely disappointed in the aptX branding before knowing this). I've found the setting in the developers option but my phone (Samsung A50) keeps reverting to SBC so how do I get my phone to stay/set aptX as the default codec or is that just not possible?
  10. Quick question regarding the S20 FE's Holepunc is there a software toggle that enables a software based notch or black bar?