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  1. I have an old TV just collecting dust in the living room and I'd like to repurpose it by putting it in room. But before I do that I want to consider my options first. What are my options for VESA mounts? I'd prefer a stand but I'm guessing wall mounts would be more common for TVs.
  2. Hmmmm what about the other keyboards I listed? Are any of them any good? I'll keep that in mind especially since the Redragon is one of the cheapest on that list. What about the RK61? It's wireless which is a nice bonus.
  3. Hmmm, I do like the sound of being able to hotswap my switches at a later time.... Yeah I'm in college and doing it online so blues are a no go. After compiling my options it comes down to Brown's vs Red's They're both the same price at MYR255 or 63USD Do the red have some tactility? Or are they smooth?
  4. Hotswap means I can change out the switches right? Also they are indeed available in my region but they're mostly blues and about 10USD over my budget (I'm willing to overlook that) Should I go for the gateron browns or the hotswap blues and change out the switches at a later time?
  5. Yeah but I want some tactile feedback, although I have been using the membrane keyboard on my HP 245 G7, I still list after the tacticility of my Dell XPS 15 L502X. Hence I might for browns or maybe some kind of reds that has some tactile feedback.
  6. Hello everyone I'm currently in the market for a keyboard to add to my setup. It's the only missing thing right now. I've already got a mouse and a headset so it seems apt to complete the trifecta. My budget is MYR200 (roughly 50USD) Use case: 60% general typing 40% gaming Switch: Probably Brown's or Red's, I'm not sure about this since this is my first time. Regional availability: Hit or miss, I'll have to check on Lazada or Shopee as these are the biggest E-Commerce platforms in Malaysia. One keyboard that
  7. its a real thing and it pains me to know im related to those people.
  8. Same thing happened with me, in grade school we would have IT classes but they taught us the basic stuff mostly. Half the class was us playing video games . (The teacher allowed us just so you know) These days they are straight up teaching coding to kids as part of their curriculum which is good to know. Indeed the best kind of learning is the one you do yourself. I dont know if my methods are any good but i prefer head-diving into things with no prior knowledge so i learn the hard way how it all works. its what i did with tech and i didnt turn out so bad.
  9. at my school in the 7th and 8th grade we had some it classes where our teacher taught us the concepts of email and how its basically your "digital passport". i actually still use the email i made then to this very day. but only recently i heard computer classes are now moving downwards to teach kids at a younger age as well. which is good to know. i should probably switch to more a secure email but im too lazy.
  10. now hold on just a hot darn minute, ill have you know that while torrenting is far superior.....those websites are just so more convenient.
  11. My mum actually signed me up for this computer "tuition" as a kid, there was just me an a few others, i think was 5 or something back then. We learned how to do simple stuff like making a new folder on the desktop and changing the icon of said folder. That's all i remember. they gave us handouts with more info on basic computer stuff as well. it also helped that my family had a computer early on. so for me i got a headstart with the tuition and the rest i sort of figured it out myself. even now im still learning how to involve keyboard shortcuts like Alt+Tab and so on into my workflow. Maybe l
  12. I can attest that there are indeed students who struggle with basic computer navigation, classmate of mine can't navigate word all that well. For the most part I'm not surprised, this IS the generation that either grew up with the smartphone or transitioned to it entirely. Some people may never even use a desktop OS for a majority of their life.