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  1. Parcl? That's not a typo is it? Do you know of any cheaper alternatives?
  2. I thought so. Thanks I wasn't really sure where this belongs.
  3. Interesting I was hunting for headphones and those Anker Q20s kept coming up seems like they're worth it. Alright so now I'm going to buy that if I can. In my region it's $62.5 and ships from Anker Indonesia. So pretty good except for the micro usb. That I really do not like. If I can't buy that I might just get the Sony CH510 which are dirt cheap at $38 and have almost the same battery life. 35 hours Vs 40. it's also Type C The only problem is it doesn't have a 3.5mm jack, so if the battery dies so do your headphones. Which is annoying considering
  4. thanks for the help
  5. I'm Looking for a pair of wireless headphones for casual listening. These will mostly be used to watch Youtube videos, music, anime and taking calls. Main Features im looking for are Battery Life, Audio Quality and Mic Quality. I'll also use this to take calls. I'm okay with either open or closed back. Budget is <USD$70 I live in Malaysia so availability can be hit or miss Some brands that i know are TaoTronics, Edifier, Sony, Mpow.
  6. alright i will go the friend route then. Though the shoes are fairly pricey but probably worth it
  7. Cuz my router has this description for setting it up as an AP. Actually now that i read it i don't lose anything important. Also i have a question about QOS what is it and does it make a big difference? Cuz right now, i have it so that my laptop and my phone are the only devices on the AX50 and the rest of the family is on the Huawei. I have turned on QOS on the AX50 cuz i believe it prioritzes the devices that you select and I'm wondering whether this makes a difference considering im the only on using that router.
  8. As the title implies i would like some help with parcel forwarding service if anyone has any experience with such. I live in Malaysia and a lot of times Youtube sponsors like Vessi or any others don't ship products to Malaysia. I've tried looking up such services but I must admit I've no idea what means what so i would like some advice. Lets take for example Vessi. I want to buy a pair of shoes but the closest they ship to is Singapore. I was wondering maybe i can get it shipped to an address in Singapore then shipped to me in Malaysia. <-- This is what im
  9. Alright i will measure and add a bit of overhead for good measure Does it being configured as an access point limit some of its features?
  10. Hmmmm yeah i think i might go with a similar setup as well since only 1 half of the apartment gets coverage but the other doesn't. I will have to measure the length of cable i need and see where i can place the router. Any advice for figuring out how long of a cable i need?
  11. I bought an aftermarket router the TP-Link AX50 when using ISP A. Recently i switched to ISP B and with that switch i got a 2-in-1 modem & router so now i have 2 routers and 4 wifi networks (each router has 1 2.4GHz and 1 5GHZ band) Currently both routers are sitting right next to each other and i'm kind of worried whether they are interfering with each other. I'm thinking of moving the AX50 to the middle of my apartment to reach 2 rooms that doesn't get signal from the living room. Now my question is how should I layout my networking setup? The modem/router is
  12. now its edging closer to 40% usage. holy shit. at this point literally doing anything would make the CPU rocket to 100%
  13. UPDATE Never F***ing mind its gone back to ~30% usage again.
  14. huh i wasn't aware of this reputation. I bought theirs cuz it was the most affordable option in my region. I'm quite satisfied with it to be honest.
  15. UPDATE I just reset all my settings through the creative app. i just switched to the lowest quality settings then went switched back and it seems to using only ~5% CPU which seems more reasonable