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    Intel i7 6700
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    Asus ROG G20CB
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    16 GB
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    Nvidia 1070
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    Asus ROG G20CB
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    Asus ROG G20CB
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  1. Credit goes to Farrukh Aleem that found this and posted it on YouTube. I'm typing it up so that others can find it through Google as I had to search for hours to find the YouTube video. Heck, I actually went as far as to have someone make a modded BIOS for me, but luckily I found the YouTube video before needing to flash a BIOS from a stranger on the internet. The steps to access the hidden, advanced BIOS on a Lenovo Y50-Y70 (and some other Lenovo laptops): Step 1: Power down the laptop and plug it in. Step 2: While holding down the function key press each of
  2. *Solution in fifth paragraph.* **Results updated** The Lenovo Y50-Y70 came out years ago and if you've searched for a solution to the screen flickering problem in the past then I'm sure you likely found the solution that had you reduce the speed of your CPU to stop the problem. And yes -- this works, but you also lose performance. Also, the most often found solution involves reducing the CPU speed through adjusting Maximum Processor State from 100% to something less in your Windows Performance Plan. That solution should be ignored as it gimps the CPU much more than you need
  3. The Startech USB PCIe card with UASP came in and seems to allow for much better simultaneous HDD write speeds. Oddly it doesn't seem to perform as well as the USB hub, but it's definitely much better for moving files between drives than the onboard USB ports. I also replaced the HDD sleds that had deteriorated mounting grommets so I have two less external HDDs to hook up via USB enclosures. I am still curious if a multichannel USB PCIe card would have been the ultimate solution though.
  4. Good news. The sleds I ordered have arrived and the grommets on it haven't deteriorated. The rubber washers and screws haven't come in yet, but when they do I guess I'll have them as back up for when the grommets do crumble apart.
  5. I guess I feel a little less dumb after posting this and folks not chiming in. Please . . . if anyone knows the answer then it would help me quite a bit.
  6. Stuff some dry rice in a sock and put it in there?
  7. I ordered something @Radium_Angel recommended last night. They're longer screws with rubber washers and I'm hoping that does the trick. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DFXN4X3?psc=1&smid=A8CV72D2OP6QC&ref_=chk_typ_imgToDp
  8. I'm trying to figure out how I can get all (4) of my external HDDs to run at full speed (~150 MBps). They're plugged into a Lenovo P300 which is about 6~7 years old with an Intel 220 chipset and a Xeon E3 1276 v3. The USB 3.0 ports on it don't seem to have UASP support and the latest Intel drivers are from years ago and for Windows 7. The behavior I am seeing is when more than one drive is plugged directly into the USB 3.0 ports on the PC then one drive will run full speed and the rest drop to about 20~40 MBps transfer speeds. If I plug the four HDDs into a USB hub then that re
  9. Sorry, it looks like I wasn't clear that I already purchased two more of those. My concern is that the grommets on the replacements will suffer from the same problem and they won't be delivered for a few more days so I have to wait to find out. Thanks for looking it up for me though.
  10. @Radium_Angel I apparently got the last available https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DFXN4X3?psc=1&smid=A8CV72D2OP6QC&ref_=chk_typ_imgToDp so that worked out.
  11. Where in the forums should I ask about external USB HDD speeds in regards to UASP versus multi-channel USB PCIe card support? I can't figure that out. And thank you again for your help.
  12. @Radium_Angel Having found this Lenovo P300 with an Intel E3-1276 v3 and 16GB of RAM for $150 was awesome until I found that I couldn't install actual HDDs because of the sh*t sleds/caddies it comes with. Currently I have two external HDDs hooked up with the new HDDs in enclosures, but the USB ports on the machine don't seem to support UASP and unless I use a USB hub the drives suffer diminished speeds when using more than one. I've since ordered a Startech USB PCIe card with UASP to remedy the external HDD drive problem, but I don't know if UASP will solve my problem or if I ne
  13. @Radium_Angel I also found these from the same company, but no "dampers". https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0159MSHPS/ref=crt_ewc_title_dp_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1THAZDOWP300U
  14. I found those Gametown ones, but the first solution seems like it will work. Thank you so very much for helping me.
  15. @Radium_Angel Do you think these will work? https://smile.amazon.com/uxcell-Laptop-Computer-Shockproof-Phillips/dp/B073ZC6MHW/ref=pd_sbs_6/145-6447613-2990755?pd_rd_w=ffM9U&pf_rd_p=a5925d26-9630-40f3-a011-d858608ac88b&pf_rd_r=JM0WB7QNM3Y7J5N32T8B&pd_rd_r=15d91aea-1aad-4650-a911-042d32be974c&pd_rd_wg=LN9UJ&pd_rd_i=B073ZC6MHW&psc=1 I can't tell from the picture of the head is wide enough to fill the holes on the sleds/caddies.