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  1. yeah! there's a lot of software to do this out there, but I've only successfully used easeus (I have no affiliation with them though, obviously): link deny any prompts to upgrade from the free version and select disk clone once installed. clone your hdd to the ssd and you should be good to go. Just format the HDD afterwards.
  2. I this would be interesting with laptops and see how like Microsoft and apple would compare to the major companies who sell most laptops like dell and hp
  3. HELP IS ON THE WAY!!!1!1 is your cpu overclocked?
  4. I didn't put this in the main post because it's not really needed, but the video of inside the call is hillarious
  5. I'd really hope so! Although I'm not sure that that's a great excuse though for such an obvious failure in security. I completely agree that it's hard for some users to use another layer of security, but when you're in charge of a somewhat important government, I think having secure accounts / operating 2fa equipment of some sort should be a required skill for the job.
  6. Summary Daniel Verlaan, who works for RTL, noticed that, in a now deleted tweet by Dutch Defence Minister Ank Bijleveld, of a picture of a private conference hosted online between EU defence ministers, the meeting id and 5 out of the 6 digits of the pin were in the picture. Having guessed the last digit, He then joined and said hello. Quotes My thoughts I'm surprised this hasn't happened sooner. So many systems work on outdated legacy software such as windows XP in ATMs, I'm not really surprised this happened. Sure, this conference sof
  7. Thanks! I think they might have been talking about cherry whites, but I've lost that tab now so...
  8. Hello! (And long time no see, forum!) I have a surface laptop that I use for most of my work at school, but they keyboard isn't amazing for fast typing and has not much travel. I tried a friend's keyboard with some blue switches but when I rested my hand on it, the keys already started to press. I'm not entirely sure if this is because of his keycaps, but I didn't really like the feeling because I couldn't rest my fingers. They're also quite noisy but I don't really mind. So what switches should I get for a mechanical keyboard I'm planning to buy? I've seen oth
  9. Mad153


    She got to say "how you like that?" as well
  10. does that New Zeland place even exist?
  11. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but there's something that makes me feel that this device isn't that great. Maybe i would say the execution - two screens bolted together with hinges isn't that pretty or seamless and IMO it seems worse done than LG's attempt. Coupled by the fact that Samsung + Microsoft integration announced this unpacked means they don't have many extra selling points over a more typical phone, say a note or S series.
  12. *starts debate about the amount of countries there are*
  13. Can i ask why you want to use a VPN? There's a lot of BS out there (VPN companies spread it on purpose) about how it helps privacy. If you're using a home internet connection using a VPN does not make the internet or your privacy any more secure.
  14. Tried this? https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/42440-readme-how-to-respond-to-a-no-post-or-no-power-up-situation/