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  1. I'm still a bit confused about this channel. Linus said in the wan show it's going to be tips and tricks, amongst other things. Coming from mainly Windows, I've seen a lot of bad "tips and tricks". Common ones being disabling mouse cursor shadows to "increase" pc speed and flushing your DNS to make your internet "faster". I know Mac os is different, but I assume there's still this sort of disinformation on how to maintain a pc etc. I really hope it isn't going to be like that.
  2. Hello, and welcome to the forum! Windows XP runs on x86, while your tablet most likely uses ARM. Hence you can't do this without an emulator. Then the performance will be very very bad. What tablet model is it?
  3. Bonjour, and welcome to the forum! My main concern is you have picked parts that are out of stock. (Your CPU and video card). Do you already have these?
  4. Hello, and welcome to the forum! Short answer: not for at least a year. Long answer: global chip shortage affecting everything doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. It's so hard to predict that any answer/ date is a vague guess. Depends on budget and availability and what games/ productivity you want to do.
  5. Help is here. You do need to... Write something though
  6. Welcome to the forum! Firstly, many other brands exist. You might be able to get a better PSU from someone else. Ok so there's an LTT video on this, but not all SSDs are equal. Many cheaper adata drives don't have a dram cache. This means performance will be slower. You pick. Personal preference. More to go wrong in a AIO but should be fine.
  7. Wow. That's a good spec. Especially a 3060. I'd say, though: Why do you have 2 ssds? Can you get a 5600x into your budget? Perhaps removing the additional ssd. Also, you'll need a windows license somehow. It's quite expensive directly from Microsoft, but if you're adventurous, you can find some that work but you technically shouldn't use for less.
  8. Hello budget twitter

  9. I'd say most people on this site are enthusiasts and therefore our perception is slightly skewed. Most people would be fine with a 1tb SSD for games and windows. Personally I think 2TB is probably the best place to start if money wasn't an option but storage is so easily expandable to suit your needs
  10. Hello and welcome to the forum! I can't remember what the default multiplier on that chip is. I'm assuming it is not overclocked, and that the CPU is boosting?
  11. May I ask why? I'm hesitant to believe that people who have decompiled it would throw it out in the open for others to look at.
  12. Wait, people invested in it for money, and not for the meme?
  13. Oh ok. Just to let you know, by default in this forum people aren't notified that you've replied unless you've @ them or pressed the reply button arrow below. Is this a fresh windows install?
  14. This is a good video with an interesting showcase: my friend in Shanghai has been telling me about getting steam. What Linus thought of as excessive personal data collection on valve's end is likely to do with China's real name verification. In china you can't use any major tech software without it and it's easy to guess why. Foreigners trying to sign up for WeChat currently understand this the most: the Google play version of the app seems to point blank refuse any foreign number. The lack of community tools is interesting. I assume valve didn't want to get in the gre