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  1. I use FreeFileSync and explorer. It likes to hang especially when trying to move/delete thousands of tiny files at once, which is really annoying.
  2. Amd 5950X RTX 3090 I use the HDD very often to copy over lots of tiny files.
  3. After watching the phone tech support video, tech tip 8, the final one, mentioned the possibility of caching an HDD with an octane SSD. Is it worth it for an 7200 RPM drive like this? If yes, what size Octane SSD do you recommend and how do I set it up?
  4. Maybe I can buy an external screen for my smartphone and connect my phone to that and use Chrome remote dekstop?
  5. I'm going to be programming in Unreal Engine for my Game Design study mostly, I am not familiar with Chrome Remote Desktop, both the host and the client have Gigabit internet, so isn't a direct connection via IP the quickest and most stable method?
  6. I have a beast of a pc at home, What lightweight with best internet laptop or tablet is best with the only use being to connect to my home pc remotely? I don't need it to do anything else, and the resolution can just be 720p to save on battery life and data. Is TeamViewer also the best program for this purpose?
  7. Do any M.2 drives go above 2 TB? I've looked into a few of the ones on your list but so far I can't find any that do.. It seems I might go for a 2 TB 980 Pro in this case as the corsair costs twice as much. (It's a second SSD besides a 970 EVO and it will be replacing my HDD for currently-playing games storage since it makes too much noise )
  8. That won't work, I want small walk-able space, I only have like 4 minutes to show stuff, that's why I loved the Detroit Become Human part because there are actually people walking around the park. RDR2 is just a wasteland of emptiness..
  9. I've looked everywhere for graphical showcases, tech demos (which are all videos unfortunately) to show off to my grandpa how amazing video games can look. I'm looking for a game/tech demo, as long as I can move a camera around, so no 3d/360 videos, I want it to be rendered from my graphics card (RTX 3090) I've tried Flight Simulator, but that gives stress of having to fly, and it's a glorified Google Earth considering you can't really land anywhere you want and look around. I've loved Detroit: Become Human, especially the scene in the park. All the people walking around,
  10. I gave you the CPU-Z ram results, are they not 18-22-22? Did I send the right screenshot? I messed up when I first replied so maybe you didn't get notified
  11. RTX Tuf 3090, Tomahawk X570, 64GB 3600 Ripjaws RAM. (4x 16) running at 1440p. 800 Watt PSU.
  12. I made sure nothing else was running while doing the test, task manager notifies of 100% usage, and I have a Noctua NH-D15 to cool it so there shouldn't be thermal throttling I think. What am I missing?
  13. Yes that's fine, airflow is fine, there must still be some kind of box I can put it in, maybe even some fans in the box.
  14. I have a completely silent pc build, since room space is small and it's very close it needs to be silent. What can I purchase that I can put the hard drive in to make it more silent? I have plenty of space in the case for some kind of contraption, a little baby blanket if you will.