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  1. So am I correct. People in this topic are making fun of this fire. Just why? Now that we know that three people died. Is it still funny? This place is somehow so messed up. I don't really know...
  2. Startpage uses Google results. I've been using it lately when possible.
  3. Thanks, but I already have a VPN. I am just trying to point out that there are sites and companies who do this kind of shady marketing. And I personally think that it's not okay. NordVPN as a product is most likely okay, but their marketing is not.
  4. Why are all these people getting offended when somebody mentions some stupid thumbnail? People are getting offended over someone mentioning stupid editing on the thumbnail. Or is it just some internet meme thing to say that "oh everybody getting offended nowadays oh why oh why take me back 50 years when nobody was ever offended"? And because it's a meme it must be so so funny so everybody repeats it.
  5. I got a similar variation. They have been doing similar sales for years, but I haven't seen this behavior before. The fake timer was always there, and the sales are always on, always. But this varying discount is a new thing. I haven't seen it before at least.
  6. Using iOS DuckDuckGo browser and removing everything and then going back to the site changes percentage too so it's not tied to IP address or location but is likely random.
  7. NordVPN always has sale going on, but I found something funny. The discount percentage varies too. When I changed my IP address I got different percentage as many times as I wanted. And yes, timer resets too. . .
  8. Blaming LTT is the wrong thing to do. No matter if they had a direct impact or not. They basically just made a video about something they spotted on internet, and showed what it is. The only one to blame here is the website that made it available, not the one who made a video about it being available.
  9. I liked the video. It was very interesting, and I appreciate them making videos like this even if some big company might get upset. If they stopped making certain videos in order to not upset somebody I would be disappointed.
  10. I am sorry but I don't know where the app puts those files. You may try to go through files and maybe you find them. I hope you get it sorted out.
  11. There is this official tool to create Windows 10 installation media: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 EDIT. Oh it's Windows 7 you are talking about, sorry...
  12. If you connect your phone to computer using USB cable it will work as a ”memory stick” and you can copy those files to your computer.
  13. How does it do that? How does it detect parts of a video as sponsored?