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  1. I pay for netflix , I pay for google music, I pay for crunchyroll, I pay for the wwe network (don't judge me, the korean countryside was pretty boring. I would have paid for vessel except this genuinely feels like a cheap shot to keep the platform from bleeding subscribers at the end of the trial year. I jumped on the vessel bandwagon pretty early because Linus has assured us multiple times the content would be available on both platforms. Vessel have made an arse of public relations for LMG time and time again now this time they link this new series to an existing channel that linus had setup a patreon for under the ruse that it is too expensive to run. It just feels like as a company all they have done is ask for donations while accepting corporate cash on the side. Not something I object to but I do question the honesty of mr tech tips when his word means nothing. Mr Tech Tips has also said how 20'000 is nothing for the company if it is the cost of doing business however these CSF videos using 200$ worth of props are too expensive to produce and they can't spare the man power. Honestly I could believe they were short on man power considering how low quality and low effort the videos have been, but hey it turns out they have been screwing over the regular consumers to produce content most of their consumers won't see. Maybe you should stop taking on long expansive projects until you can get your standard quality back up to an acceptable level. Lets just pause for a moment and accept that the team worked overtime to get the job done without breaking the current schedule, can we just observe what happens when staff are overworked and exhausted, quality and performance drop. Why on earth did you take on such an expansive project without the man power to complete it properly. Maybe its a talent pool problem.. You are in BC right? The media industry is huge there, are you honestly telling me you can find people who can help produce content. I have several friends working in the media industry who try to make a name for themselves as hardworking people. Surely you can't have exhausted the talent pool not saying the people I know are right for the job just using it to explain how I know how vast the talent pool actually is. This post is pretty all over the place because there has been a lot of things bugging me about LTT of late and this just pushed me over the edge. As I said in the beginning , I'm not too cheap to pay for content I enjoy. But I don't like feeling tricked or lied to. Sure me not watching this content will hardly effect the bottom line for the LMG accounts but I hope you remember going forward Linus how willing will these companies be to spend large amounts of money on content without a return on investment sure you get an nice paycheck I just hope its worth bleeding fans. I suppose at the end of the day you get closer to that Lambo who cares what the brand actually means. This actually sums up everything I wanted to say
  2. Considering they are giving a pc and xbox copy bundled together with save sync this seems like an obvious business choice. I haven't followed the game at all so my only concern is what happens if I buy this game on console get my windows store copy and then trade it in?
  3. Anyone know why tapatalk won't load my notifications or messages? It just keeps refreshing but browsing threads work fine?
  4. I've never been so annoyed by an ltt video. After wasting money on refurb ups he goes and spends 17k on an enterprise grade one. All while having the cheek to ask for channel superfun donations. The chap really has lost the plot altogether with all this over spending. We have one fuck up due to a bad setup, throw extortionate amounts of money for a start up to fix it rather than just do it right the first time. He really should hire some professionals because he really doesn't have a clue at times.
  5. I think luke needs to calm down a bit though. The intro where he pretended to be pumped and hyped was cringe.
  6. Dell took over 3 months i think it was closed to 6 to send me an 800€ laptop. Wouldn't refund me because it was shipped. Despite not being dispatched.
  7. Malwarebytes and steam. Malwarebytes got into a huge argument with me when they told me I had purchased a fraudulent lifetime license from Amazon directly. (not a third party), a company as big as amazon and they refused to honour the key. So I just told them to fuck off and they won't receive any business from me in the future. Amazon told me they would give me my money back and I got a voucher too. Steam is valve need I say more.
  8. I think so? I think the general rule of thumb if it costs more to buy in your country of origin it's OK. If you used a vpn to buy something for a cheaper price eg Russia I think that is when they start getting pissy. I'm not really sure though
  9. Buying from grey market key sellers can be just as bad as piracy. There is great article from an indie dev about the grey market and how a lot of keys aren't from licensed sellers and he makes little to no money from them. So I wouldn't get high and mighty about using a key seller. In some cases they are worse as they are profiting from stolen goods. But if it makes you feel better about it go ahead. Even now I'm hesitant about sites like greenman as I wonder where they get keys so cheap. (don't get me wrong I use it but I'm often worried.) they have promised to be more transparent about where their keys come from in the future although that promise has yet to be filled.
  10. This might be the strangest comment I've ever read. You realise in the court system a judge and jury can be lenient based on circumstances. You realise you have just compared piracy something that occurs for a variety of reasons to genocide, rape, child molestation. By being OK with piracy someone has to agree with these crimes? So explain to me how piracy results in a lost sale if a game/TV show etc isn't released in a region? I've a huge subscription for television services in Ireland and Netflix and i would pick up amazon prime if they would let me. But some content still isn't released over here because the rights holders demand more money or want it to air in the US first for example. Because these dinosaurs don't want to release content I can't legally obtain it. This problem is further exacerbated in countries that have a smaller population or don't speak English. Maybe they don't deserve to enjoy these experiences but the fact they will pirate your content should say you are doing something wrong with your distribution chain (some customers want your product and you won't give it to them). Or Netflix, let's take geoblocking as an example. I pay a Netflix subscription ireland's Netflix has maybe 10% of the content the US Netflix has thanks to our small consumer base. I don't actually bypass the geoblock but if I did that is considered piracy as the content isn't available to me. However I am still paying Netflix money who are giving it to the content owners just not the same amount they demand from me for living outside the great United States. Or how about my movies collection, I have a combination of at least 2000 movies on bluray and dvd. In England it is not piracy if I choose to make a person backup however in my country it is. Discs get scratched, dvd drives die to protect my purchase I am committing a crime who is being hurt by this decision? The publisher? He already got my money. The economy? I have to buy additional storage to keep backups of these discs further spending money. Thankfully steam now has a decent refund system which should work as a suitable trial for most people. However perishable goods are not the same as digital distribution. So saying a restaurant needs to give a demo of food is not even close to a fair comparison, that fresh lobster they decided to give out now cost them money to replace everytime. That 2gb demo that got thrown up on your website for free costs you the same in server costs in terms of restocking a digital download. Probably worth noting that these companies are the same ones who make consumers waive their right to a refund in the EU something they are entitled to so they can be guaranteed a working product. It's hilarious that EA was the first that I know of to put their hands up and admit it's a shit move offering at least a small refund window. So they will be guaranteed if I want to check out their game I will buy it. Actually let's go back to the restaurant comparison. If I am paying 200 euro for a nice dinner and the food comes out uncooked or burnt or not prepared to my request you know what I can do as a customer? I can send it back, So I'm still protected. And yet until recently most software companies have the approach once you download it your right to a refund is gone. If they want to have this approach that is fine but you better offer a decent trial or demo or people will resort to pirating. People are always going to pirate things. It's the same with movies why would Jane go and buy a movie when she can download it the moment it's released from a provider. These people don't care about quality, you won't convince them. However some pirates do have a moral compass and would choose to spend money if possible. However without consumer protection or with a method to buy the item in the first place why or how could they part with their money. Consumer protection was the biggest sticking point for me until recently. The amount of shoddy games the industry releases is remarkable. Game breaking bug? Refund. 30 fps lock? Refund. Resolution lock? With the whole gamer gate fiasco the reviews aren't a reliable way to find out about if a game is worth purchasing. I know this is a few years back now but Skyrim is a fine example my game is still bugged running over 60fps physics. Just go bananas the fact I don't remember a single review mentioning this even after I bought it seems like a large oversight. Eventually I see it talked about on forums but this issue just got glossed over by mainstream journalists. To this day this is still an issue. Hell even in fallout 4 lockpicks break twice as fast at 120 fps. This crappy physics issue still remains unaddressed by Bethesda. Of course this isn't an issue that ruins the game for everyone but it was an example of bugs and issues that go unreported and can be considered game breaking. Also something I would not have been able to recreate it the first two hours of the game meaning goodbye steam refund. A demo would let me try the game out on my system see how it works for me. Then you have people with niche hardware such as 6990 or 7990 sure they meet the requirements for a game to run but of crossfire support is terrible on these older gpus finding a review that matches your system isn't a certainty either. I have a straight forward 1 cpu 1 gpu combo and trying to get fallout 4 to launch on release was an issue, one I was not alone in experiencing however no reviews mentioned this. Funny enough I downloaded a pirated copy after just to check and it ran straight away. Can only put it down to drm or some nonsense, pretty sure@krimsin seen me launching the game over and over again on steam trying to get it to start. I wasted hours trying to fix it so no steam refund for me. Or when I bought far cry 3 and decided it was time to move it to my ssd and get flagged saying please purchase the game. Ubisofts drm didn't even recognise my copy as legitimate anymore because I had moved it from one drive to another. This was fixed in a later version of uplay but was an issue at launch the pirated version was not effected by. What I'm trying to get at is without better consumer protection or a legitimate way to trial the program on our hardware software piracy will always be a thing. (although as I said earlier I don't believe you will ever stomp out piracy as you won't convert everyone) but you should try to convert the people who do care and want a legitimate method. Not comparing the guy who just wants a working game in exchange for his money to a rapist. Steam, EA, Gog have come a long way in improving their customer service although in my opinion and apparently the bbb steam still has a long way to go. How they make so much money and still don't have a live chat is beyond me. Tldr : pirates aren't all shit heads. Don't compare them to sex offenders and murderers. Publishers need to convert the pirates who want to spend money but can't. Software companies need to stop ignoring consumer rights. Customer service needs to improve.
  11. I've seen all the memes and highlights I figured its about time I watched it.
  12. God damn it sounds like so much trouble. The tagging worked for me though
  13. @Vitalius what game are we playing for game night?
  14. Really don't like the text box at all. I hate to knock peoples work but this forum just feels so bad now. Seems testing was less in depth than an EA beta test